Update 2.2.A Patch Notes


We need time… the numbers are posted above on how long each level takes. And that doesnt mention the gear each hero takes and the amount of gold needed for skills, theres no way we can max these heros out. The drop rate for gear is ridiculous however reduced stam cost wad nice. Tournament lost diamonds as a reward??? Why if i fight hard those diamonds were always great. War could really use new perks. Hero ex is not easy to come by. Max level is when you even out your heros and if a ton of people nevet hit the cap then the same top payinh players will continue to destroy. Let us grind


For those of us that actually check, you should actually post a reply or new thread when you decide to change the update time you announced by 6 hours instead of silently editing your post. Thanks. @Etesian


I’ve just started the game after the brief server restart. I’m in server 7. Sparkle Pony isn’t in my Heroes to level up but is still in my lineups for Arena etc… have they removed Pony from Server 7?