Update 2.2 Discussion


Update 2.2 is here with a new Boss Dungeon, and a huge list of fixes and improvements! What do you think of the new Update so far?


Don’t lie to us and call this a bug! It’s a cash grab and you know it!
It’s not like it was free before if I retreated from a fight because I spend light to get back to the spot that I was.

You could at least have the decency and respect for your paying customers to call it what it is


My heroes all still die when i enter epic dungeon! I don’t get to even pick a team!


Still cant open my epic dungeon! It says all my heroes are dead before i even get to pick a team!


Did you reset the dungeon before re entering after your whole team died?


Well said. The player base is already dwindling…this will kill it for the ones that stuck around that could stomach dungeon. Now it’s enough to make one puke


Okay, I was pretty angry when I made my last post a few minutes ago. I’m no longer angry.
But if this torch light things stays I’m done. Like uninstalling today done.


But look on the bright side. That’s one less paying customer that’s angry at you. LOL


I like the bug fixes.

Reaching floor 70 at epic isnt an option for the normal people.

It should be achievable


just Did the update and doesn’t Wana load anyone else having issues


Retreat cost for dungeon was always intended. Fleeing from battle should be used when necessary not as a general strategy. We have removed the cost for now to fix the issue but it is planned to return in 2.3.


I have done the restart, and get the same message. I have orange heroes with black stars, but only level 91. If i try to revive heroes, it says no heroes to revive.


I done with buying until all these horrible bugs are fixed in the new dungeon…I have spent a ton…and I’m done…wasted a ton of resources on the clutch azz dungeon


Skills wont work 90% of the time…heroes die with full energy…pitiful…u guys had extra time to make sure this was right too…


I myself am not a dungeon diver. I only do Dungeon to unlock new epic skills (and for the time being, 5 starring Dragon Heir) but I can understand the anger of many people here. Retreating has always been a viable option in Dungeon but now people are suddenly being punished for it.

In Dungeon, you fight many enemies who stand in your way. There is a lot of team compositions you can make to ensure that your team survives. Retreating is just a part of the strategy. If you are able to decide that you cannot win a battle, you logically run away from that battle, so you retreat. Retreating is a tactic, which should not be punished (especially since really high floors get ridiculous with stat magnification). The enemies just stay there awaiting for the chance to stop you again (and when you fight them again, they have full HP again, as if untouched).

I can imagine the active dungeoneers will have a much harder time doing their thing with this update, since it probably already costs them a lot of torches to go back to where they retreated (or somewhere near where they retreated to try another path). People being punished for avoiding unwinnable battles is not really how Dungeon should work.


It’s difficult to participate in a discussion on an update when your posts are deleted. I understand my first one, but the second one, not so much. It is clear that this discussion is closed, at least for my voice. My only hope is that a dev read and at least considered the input. I probably won’t be around much longer to be a pest anyway. Good luck all.


Anyone else get invalid loot since update?


Dungeon was released many many months ago. If this was intended it should have been fixed a long time ago, not this far along. If it gets added now the few people with max epics will never get caught because the rest of us will never have enough torches. It’s hard enough to get through epic dungeon as it is.

If you want a retreat cost in endless or boss dungeon that I can deal with, but even more burden on epic dungeon where it was sold as a level playing field between f2p and p2p is too much. It just further makes your “vision” for it being a level playing field worse by limiting it to those that can buy torch deals.


Lol, more bugs than ever after update but guess/hope you guys are working fulltime to fix them… for me it’s obvious retreat never was meant to be torch/light free so don’t get the anger about that… dissapointment about an exploit not being there anymore maybe, but the anger… lol… bugs - half the hollow skins can’t be applied as avatar, energy goes haywire after retreat, donation limit being reached with no donations made, not being able to delete in guild chat or see your own posts in chat(both chat bugs comes and goes)


Like this comment if you cannot access the game.

I wanna see if its only me who got issues or if there are others.

No troll likes :stuck_out_tongue: