Update 2.2 Discussion


Kinda have to agree with the other players here, but I just run with it. If it ends up getting too bad, I’ll just find another game.

Not that the admin should accept ‘bullying’ from players, but this glitch has been around since the dawn, just seems redundant to change it now-- especially since torches are a pita to obtain for f2p players and higher levels have had quite a head start.

It is what it is, but I personally wouldn’t have made this decision.

The new hero sounds awesome, I’ve been too busy to get him, but I’ll do it soon :slight_smile:


Playing epic dungeons has become an imposition. It is impossible to lead a controlled fight. According to support, a relog should help. That only helps in a fight! countless times pass, the frustration increases after each fight. this condition is unacceptable.


I understand perblue is a company so there for it requires money to operate. With that said I play on server 5. There needs to be more considerations for the free to play players. I spend af one money on the game. But even the amount I spend isn’t enough to keep up with the speed in which perblue is raising levels. I also play on server 1 but not to much longer because of the same issues. When levels get that high and take that long th o level up. It becomes not a very fun game when you lose in almost every battle your in. Please address this issue perblue or I fear this game will fail sooner then you think.