Update 2.2 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.2!


When the Portal Lords are away, the Dragon Heir Boss will play. Or in this case, he’ll join up in Ember’s defense as a new Hero! There’s a new Boss Dungeon, but to some that might pale in comparison to the huge list of fixes and improvements below. Among the list of improvements are Skin Portraits as Avatars, Portal Lord Pre-selection, and a Faction Chat Channel! Keep reading to get all the details on this coming update!

New Hero: Dragon Heir (S1-S5)

The Dragon Heir has caused havoc within the Dungeon, but now finds himself at odds with the destruction brought about by his Portal Lord father, the Dragon King! Dragon Heir starts battle as a Back Line Fury Damage Hero unleashing fire towards any foolish enough to get in his way. He’s not afraid to get out of the Back Line though! Anyone that dares become his Sworn Enemy will come face to face with his large battleaxe! His Shards can be earned in the new Dragon Heir Boss Dungeon on Shards 1 through 5.


Falling Stars
Dragon Heir flies into the air and belches three fireballs at his closest enemies. Each fireball deals damage, breaks shields on impact, and ignites the ground under its target for a number of seconds. Enemies standing in the area of effect burn for Penetrating damage each second.

Dragon Heir resists being Stunned, Slowed, Immobilized, and being put to Sleep.

Sworn Enemy
Enemies that enter Dragon Heir’s side of the battlefield become his Sworn Enemies. He moves with Haste as he engages them in melee combat. While wielding his axe, Dragon Heir gains attack speed and deals additional damage with his basic attacks.

Dragon Heir pursues his Sworn Enemies til death, either theirs or his. Once all Sworn Enemies have been defeated, Dragon Heir flies to his backline and resumes ranged attacks.

Finesse Friend
Dragon Heir grants allies with Finesse bonus Health and bonus Attack.

Content Changes

Dragon Heir Hero & Boss Dungeon

  • Available on Servers 1-5

Server 3

  • Chapter 13 - Return the Tide
  • Team Level 100
  • Orange +1 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Birdbarian will be available in Elite Chapter 13

Server 6

  • Team Level 80



  • Hero Sorting
    • A player’s current heroes are now sorted at the top of their dungeon hero list.
  • The End of the Dungeon
    • Adds a “Game Over” Screen when all your heroes have died in the dungeon.
  • Favor multiplier
    • Added text to show which multiplier you got when using favor
  • Buff Count
    • Added a counter to the hero status buff to show how many of each the player has earned.


  • Total Power Sorting
    • Allows players to sort guild members in the Guild Menu by total power
  • Reporting Guild Wall
    • Removed Report player button from the Guild Wall Channel. (Why would you even? Stop.)


  • Hero Skin Portraits
    • Owning a hero skin will now unlock a unique account portrait of that skin
      • Note: some Hollow skins may still not have unique portraits. We will be adding more of these in a later update
  • Stone Guard
    • Increased the trigger range of her skill 1
  • Thick Skull
    • Skill description reworded to explain the skill more clearly

Portal Lords

  • Faction Preselection
    • Leaders and guild members will be able to see the portal lord faction selection screen 24 hours before the event begins
    • Members will be able to vote for their prefered lord up until a lord is selected
    • Leaders will be able to choose a lord at any time after they have access to the selection screen
  • Faction Chat Channel
    • During the portal lords event, players will have access to faction specific chat channels with members of their chosen faction

Royal Tournament

  • Retreating
    • Retreating will now count towards the daily quest


  • War Log
    • Changed name of War History menu to “War Log”
    • Hero Log has been added to the War Logs Menu that shows a list of your heroes and if you have used them already in this war.
  • Retreat Confirmation
    • Players will now be given a confirmation step when retreating from a war battle
  • War Score
    • Added score totals to the Victory/Defeat window.


  • Chest Drop Rate Info
    • An info button had been added to each chest in the Chests menu that shows drop rates of that chest
  • Dragon Shop and Trade Ship
    • VIP players who have permanently unlocked the Trade Ship and Dragon Shop now have the opportunity to find free refreshes for those merchants while battling in the campaigns. These resets will expire after 1 hour.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug that prevented players in Platinum from challenging players in Challenger.


  • Fixed bug causing the incorrect backgrounds to be shown in Normal campaign modes.
  • Fixed bug that caused game to crash in campaign


  • Fixed bug causing dungeon to freeze up due to sight
  • Fixed bug that was not costing players light when they retreat as intended
  • Epic Blacksmith forge is now labeled correctly in the floor map
  • Fixed bug where using favor caused the incorrect amount of rewards to be shown
  • Fixed bug where players were getting stuck in the first step of the dungeon tutorial
  • Fixed bug where heroes walked off screen when the player bought torches.
  • Fixed bug did not allow players to switch their lineups between Epic dungeon runs
  • Fixed bug showing error that prevented progress
  • Fixed bug preventing players from skipping floors in dungeon
  • Fixed bug causing a boss dungeon difficulty to not unlock after the previous difficulty was completed
  • Fixed bug causing Trap Disarm Well effect to last more than one floor
  • Disabled skills are now correctly identified as such in the hero status screen.
  • Fixed bug causing torch bar to continue to tick after a victory


  • Fixed Typos


  • Fixed bug where editing guild caused guild motto to be deleted.


  • Epic Gear stats now show all the appropriate stats in the skill descriptions
  • Fixed bug where the tool tip for Scarred Brawler’s Threatening Strike was not displaying the correct damage totals
  • Fixed tooltip for Frenzy shared skill to show correct values
  • Feral Brute no longer explodes when he dies
  • Fixed bug that caused Melee Twin Tracker from spawning in combat

Portal Lords

  • Fixed bug where empty quest slots were not sorted correctly

Royal Tournament

  • Fixed bug causing crashing in combat
  • Fixed bug that kept players from turning off Double Fast Forward


  • Fixed bug where trophy names did not match the correct campaign name


  • Too Much War Bell: Fixed bug with war tutorial triggering even after completion
  • Fixed bug that caused players to get kicked out of a battle which would count as a loss
  • Fixed bug that caused the donation button to not be greyed out when a player was at their donation limit
  • Fixed bug causing Attack Point requests to ask for the incorrect amount


  • Fixed bug that caused game to crash in the Post Battle Aspect Bonus info screen
  • Player power is now correctly displayed in the Recruit and Friend chat channels

Update 2.2 Discussion
Update 2.2 Discussion

Well done on the patch notes!

I always love to see that you implement stuff mentioned in the dev discord chat😊

Keep it up!


Why remove this feature :frowning: my favourite of them all. Damn huge list of bug fixes nice! And the new hero looks great as well


I’m curious as to how many unbeatable 5 hero cleans this bug is responsible for. And how many War outcomes would have been different had this been fixed sooner.


Where the fix for warblade she still bleeds like a stuck pig


Someone’s had the RAID spray out…
Look at all the dead bugs!!


Can you please unfix this bug? Lmao


Wish I could see ahead of time what gear the hero will need. :smile:
Can’t wait.


Dragon boss will be released on shards 1 - 5.


Nice, but until you fix the random sequence that forces us to loose in all battles and in the tournament where changing a line up on re-battle changes the score and even makes us loose in battles we won this is all just duck tape.


Anybody know what time we can get back into PQ?


Can you guys are a clear all lines button for tournament? That would be great. Make life easier when setting up line ups. Thanks


Oops, was that a :bug:? I thought it was a strategy :sweat_smile:

Great update, it’s always nice to see you splattering bugs, especially when having reported some of them multiple times :slight_smile:


You can just go to your gear and hit the max rarity button.


Most likely I’m guessing that the update will be available on Monday or Tuesday


Ooooohh! A large number of epic scraps?


I thought we already had that

Of course they’d walk off seeing you gain torches! Do you think they want to go deep in to the dungeon risking their lives? They have feelings too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Otherwise, a very good update!


Well, that won’t work until the update actually happens and we have the hero. I was having some fun wishing I could know now on the gear.


Nothing interesting here except new hero. Maybe you should also focus on content like war. It is s dead part if the game and needs an overhaul. Better matching for guilds. I agree sounds like some duck tape


A massive update squashing three pages of bugs.
Duck tape.

Seems legit…

Is there no pleasing the entitled masses anymore ?
I for one am impressed with all the overhaul.
There does seem to be a pixie hero missing…