Update 2.2 Patch Notes


Is this going to release tomorrow or are we at Apple’s mercy again?


Lmfao are you kidding?
First off, re arranging line ups makes sense why it would influence winning a battle, or else why even have a fight if all that matter was hero’s themselves and their stats, positioning is also important, if you’re looking for games like that there are plenty on the App Store

Second, you call 3 pages of bug fixes “duck tape” cmon now


I thought this update was coming at 12 but now it’s not here when is it coming?


In Discord O’Rlyeh said we could expect the update tomorrow or Wednesday at the earliest.


Why then ingame is a fucking cooldown?
I dont get it.

Because of the update timer i put an new dungeon boost in, when only 2h of contest was running… what a waste, thx


So, thanks for all the work and bug fixes.

But I saw the patch notes post had a timer. I feel completely reasonable in thinking that the update was going to happen when the timer ran out. So due to the contest for Guild dungeon I waited and activated a double drops item at 4 p.m. yesterday so that I could both participate in that Guild contest with double drops running and have 3 hours double drop time left over to use while doing the boss dungeon on the new hero. Very strategic if I do say so myself. But then to learn the update isnt coming? That hurt my feelings some. RIP double drops item.

I know that double drops doesnt affect shards, but while getting the drops along the way.


Have all of you never noticed the timer before? All patch notes announcements have always had timers. And they almost never, ever, match up to a specific release time.


And google


So when will the update happen ?


His Shards can be earned in the new Dragon Heir Boss Dungeon on Shards 1 through 5.

Server, you mean? :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose thats true. I am new to being topped out on level and my interest in the game has grown a lot recently. So my experiance before recently wasnt paying too close of attention because I wouldnt have been aiming to max the character in 15 minutes like I am now.

Youre correct though, its likely my oversight.


Yep. We always have to wait for Apple’s approval of the patch.
They sadly can’t put a countdown on that, as it’s not in per blues hands


EDIT "Epic Dungeon now ends at lv 70. Dungeon explorers who reach this magnum profundum will receive an exclusive reward! " has been removed from the patch notes. This feature is scheduled for 2.3 and was put into the notes by mistake.


Really? Maybe go through your guys patch notes before you post them. Wasted time on this.


I don’t imagine you’re maxed on epics anyway…so you need the progress. Many of us are there


I didnt need the epics i brought in they are maxed. I have all of them not much left to do. Just frustrated they wait to the last minute for this change


I’m server 6, when can we have the dragon heir?


Over 1k torches to retreat from a fight, holy crap


Wouldn’t mind the whole thing about retreat costing torches if it was reasonable to the amount of distance retreated. @OhRlyeh bug?


Gotta love how the update was supposed to fix a bug for retreating in dungeon … and created a much bigger one … what is so hard about testing these things before rolling it out to us?