Update 2.3 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.3!


An echoing roar spreads all across Ember as a new dawn rises in Portal Quest! A content-packed update is on its way along with some more player-requested improvements. There’s a new Guild Level (and tons of new Guild perks!), new ways to get Epic Gear alongside new Epic Gear, a new Chapter, bug fixes, and so much more! Keep reading to get all of the details on this coming update!

New Hero: Lion Knight (Server 1-2)

As foretold by his Loyal Squire, Lion Knight has finally returned from his long campaign in another world to be the hero that Ember needs! Lion Knight is a Front Line Focus Tank Hero that can block any amount of damage with his signature Lion Shield. He’s not all brawn though, with some clever wit, he also tricks enemies into not using their Beginning of Battle skills! His Shards can be earned in Gold Chest on Servers 1 & 2.


Heart of the Pride
Lion Knight slams his sword into the ground and becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds. His Threat stays maxed the entire time and he deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Battle Hardened
Takes no damage from Crit or Bleed effects.

Fair Fight
Lion Knight’s presence on the battlefield dissuades any enemies his level or below from casting their Beginning of Battle skills.

Skills affected include: The Dwarven Kiss, Defender, I Choose You, Slow Globe, Prepared, Inspiration, Shadow Master, Battle Prepped, and all Aspect Friend skills.

Detonate Protection
Any source of damage from this Hero breaks enemy shields. Attacks deal extra damage when breaking a shield.

New Epic Gear (S1-S4)

Owl Bear

Strigiform Totem
Intimidating Screech deals extra damage and grants Owl Bear one copy of each unique defensive shared skill deactivated for a short time.

Feral Brute

Bracelet of the Beast
Damaging enemies heals Feral Brute and steals Attack from the target for the remainder of the wave. This effect is increased against enemies affected by Bleed.

Twin Trackers

United Blade
Twin Trackers gain Attack every time they consume Tracker’s Mark, this effect stacks up to 3 times. At max stacks they gain the Rage buff for the rest of the wave.

Dragon Heir

Axe of the Dragon King
Dragon Heir gains life steal from skills and attacks while in melee mode. He also deals additional damage to Sworn Enemies with his basic attacks.During his ranged mode he saps energy with skills and attacks. Additionally, his basic attacks deal Bleed for a short time.


Dropkick Dynamite
Enemies now detonate shortly after being hit with Experiment 3-17A. The blast deals damage to themselves and their nearby allies. Debuffed enemies take extra damage.

Hero Balance Changes

Salty Merc

  • Epic Gear
    • Base Bonus damage for headshot increased from 240 to 340
  • Health
    • Base Health increased from 355 to 435

Feral Brute

  • Health
    • Base Health increased from 567 to 600
  • Mana
    • Mana generation increased from 35 to 39 per 5 seconds


  • Health
    • Base Health increased from 450 to 575
  • Mana
    • Mana generation increased from 22 to 31 per 5 seconds
  • Experiment 3-17A
    • Base damage for skill increased from 150 to 200
  • Backup Plan
    • Base damage for skill increased from 75 to 150

Whirling Dagger

  • Epic Gear
    • AOE of Blind effect doubled

Stone Guard

  • Object Permanence
    • Base shield size increased from 400 to 600
  • Mana
    • Mana generation increased from 20 to 36 per 5 seconds


  • Bolster from the Clouds
    • Increase attack damage given to allies from 15 to 80
  • Skill Block
    • Increase base shield from 200 to 400
  • Health
    • Base Health increased from 540 to 700
  • Attack Speed
    • Increased from .9 to 1.45 attacks per 5 seconds

Epic Gear Available in Token Shops (S1-S4)

Once you’ve got 5 Stars on a Hero, Epic Gear represents the next track of progression for powering up your Orange Heroes. While Epic Dungeon will always be the best way to collect Epic Gear, we will be adding Epic Scraps into the Token Shops as a new way to use the Tokens you collect from all other modes!

  • Arena Shop - Forest Hermit Epic Scraps
  • Crusade Shop - Wander Woman Epic Scraps
  • Fortress Shop - Hex Witch Epic Scraps
  • Royal Tournament Shop - Scion of Chaos Epic Scraps
  • War Shop - Willow Druid Epic Scraps

Note: These Epic Gear Scraps move a single Hero (the oldest) out of each Shop and into the Elite Campaign
Note: Shops need to refresh before these Items will appear

Guild Perks

Guild Influence has been piling up lately and we know Guilds have been looking for new Perks. Luckily, update 2.3 comes with a huge batch of new Guild Perks along with Guild Level 5!

  • Guild Level 5 - Increases Guild Bank Influence size and unlocks new tiers of Perks
  • New Merchant Discount Level Perk
  • New War Max Stamina Gift Perk
  • Portal Lords Cooldown Skip Perks
    • Allows a number of Dismissed Portal Lords Quests to instantly get replaced
  • Portal Lords Common Slots Perk
    • Adds more Common Quests to the Portal Lords Quest Board (does not replace any other rarity of Quests)
  • Dungeon Sight Perks
    • Increases the base Sight you start a specific Dungeon with
  • Improved Guild Check-in Perks
    • Applies a multiplier to all Guild Check-in Rewards for all members
  • Daily Raid Tickets Perks
    • Applies a multiplier to all Daily Raid Ticket Quest collections
  • Reduced Mercenary Cooldown Perks
    • Speeds up how quickly new Mercs can be recruited in various modes
  • Torch Size Perks
    • Guild Member Torches last longer / generate more Light

Chapter 16: Down in the Depths (Server 1)

After travelling through the Dwarven Kingdom once more, Elder Mohawk discovered the legendary axe, Stonebreaker. Wielding its mighty stone breaking power, he blasted a hole in a wall leading our heroes to a vast underground cavern. Now our heroes venture on, unsure of where the pathway leads them, and unknowingly watched by unseen eyes…

Content Unlocks

Note: Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Guild Level 5 (and new Perks!)
  • Chapter 16 - Down in the Depths
    • Chapter 16 and Chapters that come after it will now cost 12 Stamina
  • Team Level 115
  • Orange +4 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Owlbear will be available in Elite Chapter 16
  • June Sign-in: Totem Prince
    • Starting in June, Mystic Punk will be available in Elite Chapters 9 & 10

Server 2

  • Guild Level 5 (and new Perks!)
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Warp Mage will be available in the War Shop
  • June Sign-in: The Grizz
    • Starting in June, Birdbarian will be available in Elite Chapters 7 & 8

Server 3

  • Guild Level 5 (and new Perks!)
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Twin Trackers will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Ice Berg will be available in Elite Chapter 13
  • June Sign-in: Shield Maiden
    • Starting in June, Warp Mage will be available in the War Shop

Server 4

  • Guild Level 5 (and new Perks!)
  • Chapter 12 - Cold Reunion
  • Team Level 95
  • Orange +0 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Ember Wisp will be available in Chapter 12!
  • June Sign-in: Birdbarian
    • Starting in June, The Grizz will be available in the Crusade Shop

Server 5

  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Ember Wisp will be available in Chapter 11!
  • June Sign-in: Shield Maiden
    • Starting in June, Noob Hero will be available in the Crusade Shop

Server 6

  • Guild Level 4
  • Chapter 10 - Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 85
  • Purple +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Salty Merc will be available in Chapter 10!
  • June Sign-in: Noob Hero
    • Starting in June, Totem Prince will be available in the Arena Shop

Server 7

  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Scarred Brawler will be available in the War Shop!
  • June Sign-in: Satyr Fox
    • Starting in June, Void Caster will be available in the Crusade Shop



  • There is no longer a limit to the number of times a player can attempt Epic Dungeon each day
  • Epic Dungeon now ends at floor 40


  • The Future Gear screen now has the How-To-Get feature allowing players to search for gear they will need more easily


  • Red Dot
    • Red dot functionality has been removed from the Recruit tab
  • Friends List
    • Players can now mark “Favorites” in their friends List by tapping on the star toggle next to a friends name. This will sort favorites to the top of the list
  • Daily Quest
    • The Epic Dungeon Daily Quest now gives players 1 random Epic Scrap instead of a Hero Shard
  • Merchants
    • Increased some of the Gold costs for Orange+ gear in Merchants and Crafting
  • Mail
    • A timer has been added to messages showing a countdown to when the message expires

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug that caused UI to freeze in the dungeon after retreating from combat
  • Fixed bugs in dungeon tutorial that prevented progression
  • Fixed Bug where Favor was showing the incorrect amount of items awarded.
  • There is now a chance for 3 bosses to appear on a floor in Epic Dungeon
  • Fixed bug where Energy Generation shrine buff was not giving the correct amount of energy
  • Energy Generation buff now correctly has max stacks of 5


  • Fixed Bug that caused game to crash when member attempted to claim leadership


  • Fixed bug where Ice Berg could push enemies out of bounds.

Portal Lords

  • Fixed bug where Guild War Hero Refresh did not count towards Spend Attack Points Quest
  • Fixed bug where UI would inaccurately show a player having 5 remaining quests


  • War log now appears at the correct size on most devices


  • Players should now have access to unique portraits for all skins that they own
  • Smoothed out XP costs jump typos in some earlier Hero levels (70, 72, & 79)
  • Fixed Typo in Gold Chest Odds Window
  • Heros in chat lineups now display in the correct order: Frontline Heroes first, left to right as you put them in the chooser. Then Backline, left to right as you put them in the chooser.
  • In-game notification is now shown when receiving a private message.

Update 2.3 Discussion
Update 2.12 Patch Notes

Sounds good with Epic Gears in the shops + new guild perks in S2! Yay :slight_smile:


Fair fight seems a little OP. To block 1 maybe 2 heroes skill, but the whole team…


Looks good overall but when is coming up? :wink:


Do you really wanna remove nr of resets on epic dungeon? I fear that those who have a life outside PQ will fall behind by far.


So when should we expect this update to happen?


I can’t wait for the update. It’s good to know that Totem Prince will be available in Arena shop but you should also consider Crusade shop as this is the most common and easy to to gain tokens. Please try to move some new heroes here many thanks!


Will you change heroes we could buy at merchand on server 1 ? It should be 3 or 4 month that nothing change :cry:


Does “finishing” epic at 40 floors still give a reward as you said it would when cap was going to be 70? Any word on what that will be or is it a surprise?


Is oasis staying gold chest only on s5 or was where it is moving to accidentally left off?


3 heroes in gold chests at the same time for s2? Really pb? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you guys! This update looks good. I thank you especially for removing the limitation on epic resets. That was stupid. Also, we needed nes epic gear badly, and I am thankful its coming. My one concern, is it looks as of dragons epic ability is very much more powerful than the others (So I will male sure to have it on day 1)


what happened to the epic dungeon ending at level 70 and giving rewards for reaching it? @OhRlyeh said that that feature was going to appear on update 2.3 instead of 2.2?


Wow!:+1:t2:When does it come??


Shards? Or server . Can’t tell the difference


You’ll just have to get there and see :wink:


Seems faaar toooo OP


Another question about the Fair Fight. You are mentionning “beginning of battle skills”. Does that means that a character like Ginger will have dwarven kiss AND Focus friend disable? Or Fair Fight disables a maximum of one “beginning” skill for each character?


When are we gonna get more tower modes for all this extra hero XP? Numbers are getting insanely high and upkeep is terrible, especially for F2P players.


i tried… it kicked me out at 55 though and said victory… didn’t get any rewards for it though