Update 2.4 Discussion


Update 2.4 is now live! What do you think of the new update so far?


A couple of known bugs have returned…
Spell binder glitch in fortress (I’m not educated on what occurs)
Wombeaux combo is still buggy in dungeons… but fine in all other modes

Aside from those ( only ones I’ve noticed)
The update itself is great
Epic epic dungeon is fairly simple, did all 40 floors last night and very happy paying 50 keys entry fee. Much better then using my x2 gear consumables as can now save those for equipment farming in endless


The update was way too soon for S3. No one is able to keep up without spending a WHOLE lot of money. It’s ridiculous. You need to show your players some respect by giving more time in between cap raises.


It was also too soon for server 7. The cap got raised from 60 to 70 about 3 or 4 weeks ago, maybe shorter. With help from gifts from the guild, most of my guild mates only reached level 70 last week. At this rate, F2P players can only really work on 1 team to be able to keep up and if one of your team becomes ineffective, it takes a lot of energy and resources to bring someone else up to level.

Just give us a couple of more weeks so we can work on 2 or 3 teams so we can be competitive in Tournament and be helpful in War


Do the guild perks for epic dungeon also apply to epic epic? Specifically the 2 new perks, torch size and sight.


Oh, and 50 keys is way too much. That’s more than 5 times the cost for only double rewards. 18 keys would have been appropriate.


Even 25 would have been fair


Considering how much faster double let’s you unlock I think 50 is completely fair. Using epic epic and a coupke of double drops I managed to finish maxing off 7 heroes this weekend with minimal effort. You shouldn’t be able to just get the double bonus for nothing or that’s all anyone would ever do. If you want it you need to grind out some extra keys in endless.


It comes down to a time value. If double drops only costs the same amount of keys as two runs of single drops then I’d trade nothing to save half my time. The extra keys are the cost of cutting your time spent in epic dungeon in half.


And that’s before the extra torch burning.

I ran epic epic with a double drop, it was quite nice(I made sure to get all the torchlight possible), but I won’t see me doing it often. It’s a lot of keys you need.

Also, a few of us noticed that the energy regeneration option in the shrine hasn’t come up very often. It should be more available…


Energy regen has always been very hit or miss in epic. My first run of epic epic ended with 6 torchlight and 36 energy regen. Just a lot of luck involved.


So true … Perks are completely randomised
I used 250 keys over the weekend in epic epic for contest.
One run had energy generation at 6 another had it at 24
Energy generation isn’t needed though to finish it.
I had one dry run … No energy generation and torchlight was at 2. Still cleared all 40 floors .
It’s not what you have perkwise, it’s the way you play that allows completion :wink:
If you play like how most play crusades…
Once fronts are dead go on manual and save energy that way
Really easy to complete epic epic


Or just take oasis and pony.
Energy always full :wink: