Update 2.4 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.4!


What was that rumbling coming from deep down in the dungeon?! A new King clad in scales is arriving in this content update along with more time-saving and player-requested improvements. A new path has opened in the Epic Dungeon that will allow you collect Epic Gear even faster! Check out the above and more by reading all the details on this coming update!

New Hero: Serpent King (Server 1)

Long live the Serpent King, and may his enemies live not quite so long!
Cursed are those who do battle with the Serpent King! Serpent King is a Back Line Damage Hero whose constricting spells channel damage through his enemies to hurt their allies, and then crush their Maximum Total Health during combat! Serpent King’s Shards can be earned in the Arena Shop on Server 1.


Serpent’s Vice
Serpent King deals damage to all enemies and then sets their Max Health to their Current Health for the rest of the wave.

Cursed Touch
Attacks and Skills apply the Cursed status for a short amount of time.

Serve Your King
Turns the closest enemy into a damage conduit temporarily, during this time their Threat is maxed and some of the damage they would take is instead passed off to their healthiest ally. When the spell ends, the initial target takes damage.

Energetic Aura
Allies gain Energy at the end of a wave.

New Epic Gear (Servers 1-2)

Lion Knight

Helm of the Ancient Lion
Heart of the Pride now deals an additional damage per second, has increased area of effect, and Silences all nearby enemies.

Serpent King

Masque of the Cobra
Serve Your King now spreads its damage to 2 enemies and deals an additional damage to the initial target once the skill ends.

Content Unlocks

Note: Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • New Hero: Serpent King will be available in the Arena Shop!
    • Salty Merc will be available in Elite Chapters 13 & 14

Server 2

  • No content changes

Server 3

  • Chapter 14 - Burned Out
  • Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Owlbear will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Twin Trackers will be available in Fortress Shop
    • Princess Portal will be available in Crusade Shop
    • Void Caster will be available in Elite Chapter 14

Server 4

  • No content changes

Server 5

  • Guild Level 5 (and new Perks!)
  • Epic Dungeon Unlocked
    • Token Shops now carry Epic Gear Scrap
  • Chapter 12 - Cold Reunion
  • Team Level 95
  • Orange +0 Gear & Hero Rarity

Sever 6

  • No content changes

Server 7

  • Chapter 9 - Commander Conquer
  • Team Level 75
  • Purple +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes:
    • New Hero: Howling Claw will be available in Gold Chests!
    • New Hero: Grave Wraith Dungeon and Hero unlocked!

Epic Epic Dungeon

“Choose Thy Epicness” puny Heroes, the loot filled caverns of the Epic Epic Dungeon have been unbarred for those who have proven themselves worthy and possess 50 Epic Keys. Reaching floor 40 of the Epic Dungeon will unlock the ability to delve into the inky depths of this more rewarding version. Torches burn 50% faster, but your Item rewards (including Epic Gear) are doubled!

Gold Chests for Friends

Gold Chests can now be purchased for your favorite Friends. Keep an eye on the Chest Screens for the gift button. This ability unlocks at TL 30 and can be targeted towards anyone on your Friends or Guild list. When you give a Chest to a Friend they’ll be mailed and you’ll even earn Guild Influence for yourself for your generosity!

Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Torchlight Shrine Buff now displays the proper number of icons
  • Fixed problem with Wombeaux Combo that caused Twin Trackers to disappear from battle


  • Noob Hero no longer incorrectly displays a Bless icon during the “Did I Do That” skill
  • Heroes now correctly return to full size after Oasis Guardians’ Stasis Bubble skill
  • Epic Forge now displays the correct level for Sparkle Pony’s Epic gear


  • The Hero Gear Preview Screen now has tap-hold to display item names
  • Favorited Friends now remain Favorited
  • Doom, Doom, Doom: Doom Wisher and Doom Finder Borders are back
  • Commanders will now be able to select a Lord during Portal Lord events
  • Leveling Epic Gear now counts toward the “Highly Skilled” Daily Quest
  • Dragon Shop and Trade Ship refresh buttons now work when navigating between shops

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Epic epic dungeon …

If I use a X2 gear consumable then spend 50 keys on that mode will I accrue x4 gear or will one cancel the other out


Also nice to see an old idea coming to the game finally with the gift chests to other players…

Thank you very much


Personally, I think 50 keys, faster torch burning, and likely harder enemies is too many downsides for just 2x drops (which you can get from the consumable as well). That is unless there is more we don’t know about… :thinking:


So s3 gets twins in fortress shops whereas s2 still has THREE heroes, including twins, exclusive to gold chests? I mean, we know you don’t like s2 but c’mon now…


Could have made the money grab a little less obvious at least in Server 7 where you’ve started a contest to spend gems and stamina so we have nothing left when the level cap goes up


Great patch notes by the way really getting to the point. I guess y’all are too excited for the deals you’re gonna push that you don’t even mention the aspect of this new hero.

Also I don’t see any fixes to your English in the miscellaneous section PB… Maybe you’ve already fixed it since you deleted my post :thinking:


I was curious about the aspect too… sounds like a focus.


The obvious exploit of spending $3 per month on an alt to buy chests gets you about 15 chests. Not much of an exploit. Well done.

Epic epic also looks good. Dungeons are too much of a time sink so anything helps. I’m looking forward to boss boss, but it feels like endless endless is already here.


Way too soon for lvl 105 on S3 and orange +2.

Barely got all of my guys to 100. I spend (did) a fair bit on this game and I can’t keep up.


Have I missed it, or is the moment when the update takes place not specified? Hope it’s be4 the current contest ends, on s3 I’m not participating because the lvlcap increase was quite obvious when this contest launched.


Twins are available on the campaign, Chapter 15 I believe. But I still agree with the sentiment.

Also, petition to change the name of the new Dungeon from Epic Epic, the single dumbest thing I’ve ever heard? Legendary Epic Dungeon, or Lucky Epic Dungeon, Elite Epic Dungeon, hell, even EpiCC dungeon is better.


Five times the amount of epic keys for double drops. Hmm…:roll_eyes: I feel like that math just doesn’t add up.

Edit: P.S. I like the stealth nerf of $10 buys stacking up to three times. Cash grabs are obvious; please stop making it so obvious.


@boxem it looks like the patch will be in 9 days based on the in game notice timer. This is a lot more notice than normal, but it’s what people have been asking for.


[quote=“Madeye, post:14, topic:27837”]
Five times the amount of epic keys for double drops. Hmm…:roll_eyes: I feel like that math just doesn’t

Lol. Math is hard


5 times the torches for twice the loot, but only 1.5 times the torches in the same time. If you are key rich, this is a great option. If you have time and torches, keep doing what you’re doing.


For the send gold chesty-doo are you able to put what you want into the chest? @Etesian


Question is does it stack with favor


Snake being in shop… and no notice of lion in a shop for s2? Redic


I’m just happy that there isn’t a cap increase in S2. Thank you! :slight_smile:️