Update 2.4 Patch Notes


Any chance of an explanation of stacking (or not) of gear drops? How does epic epic dungeon drops, favor, and/or double-gear-scraps interact? Min drops and Max drops? Some examples?


The intro to the new hero says server one only, but then right below that it says servers one and two get the new epic gear for lion and serpent, please clarify.


“Serpent King deals damage to all enemies and then sets their Max Health to their Current Health for the rest of the wave.”

Huuh? I dont get that. Does she deny heals or what?


Where does it mention healing? If a hero is at half health, it’s new max health is now that amount (half of what it started). It cant go over that amount anymore.


The announcement and timer are gone. Sorry if I spread false information. The patch may
be today; who knows?


They don’t need to make it less obvious as long as we keep spending. And they always put those contests right before a cap increase. Use patience young Padawan


Any idea when the patch is dropping the in game counter has gone now


It’s supposed to be later today
2pm CST is the usual…
So looking at maybe 5 hours or so

That’s if it’s all good to go


Would be nice if they didnt post all this nice information behind the wall of discord and force us to rely on our leaders to check it to update us. No reason they couldnt let anyone join the room and only give posting privileges to leaders.


Or… you know…
Your leader could just do their job :wink:


My game won’t open since the update. I’m on server 1 on a note 8 with wifi so it isn’t my phone…


Or… you know… PB could just do theirs and not add unneeded layers of communication. And not all guilds are invited, only a certain number of top guilds.


Is the server restarting now to update the new changes? Lol or is it another problem. I already downloaded the update from Google play.


Update is still in progress


If PB cant bother posting details about update times and when updates are finished, etc. They shouldnt block off access to the one place they actually keep up to date. They should either post information on their own forums, or let players into their Discord where they actually do.


Actually I agree with you.

As do per blue, as they usually say “server will be down” in a forum post.


I’m on Server 4, marveled at the new heroes. :sleepy:


waiting is the hardest come on pb we want to play an see the new updates


Think that Void would be better if they made the cast shorter? Say 5 seconds to something like 3. #deepthoughts


what info do they post for leaders only?