Update 2.4 Patch Notes


Update times, upcoming features, basically inside/early scoops on a lot of things.


Really? you reckon you fixed it ???
This is in epic epic dungeon and the twins still play hide and seek… Health bar in fights is all they amount too
Exact same bug as before

Come on sort it out :joy::joy::joy:


I’m not in discord … So wasn’t privvy to the info
I just asked around :joy::joy: there’s always one reliable person on each server with the details :yum::sunglasses:


So either the game is wrong or this dev is. Can someone please clarify?


The original drop for each was 2 x 5 equals 10… then you had probably had a increased loot drop that doesn’t stack with the times 5, just gets added to the base drop


X5 favour only affects the base item…
So yeah
Epic epic is 2
So any X5 would be 10
Epic is 1 so would be 5 pieces
Double gear doesn’t get favoured so the spare item is accumulated in that fashion

To get 12 pieces …
2 (gear dropped) x5(favour)= 10 + 1(if using X2 gear)
If X2 gear adds 2 in epic epic instead of the 1 in epic then that’s how you get the 12
If X2 only adds 1 in epic epic then you got a freebie


Ok. Thanks. But maybe a dev could explain


Cotton explained it perfectly. Expecting a dev to know better than experienced players is just silly. The base rate for epic epic is 2, so double drop works on that making the expected total 12.
2(base)x5(favor) + 2(double drop)


If, like LS requested, a dev states the correct math on it, they can’t go back later and say that was a “bug” and “fix” it later. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want a dev to put it in writing.


It appears Sammsquamch already tried to on discord, and his math made no sense. Any such dev post could similarly be dismissed as a mistake later when they decide to label it as a bug and change it.


Boo the stealth nerf of no longer being able to skip levels in epic.