Update 2.5 Patch Notes (UPDATED 6/29)


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.5!

New Hero: Tempest

Blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark! The storm is up, and all is on the hazard.
Tempest is the newest Backline Support Hero to join the Finesse Faction. He flaunts his mastery of the winds to control his enemies and heal his allies! Tempest’s Shards can be found in Gold Chests on Server 1.


Tempest summons three powerful gusts of wind into combat. Each gust Knocks Back all enemies while healing himself and his allies. All allies healed also gain Haste for a short time.


All allies and self gain a shield at the start of combat.

Battlefield Typhoon
Tempest sends out a tornado straight in front of him hitting all enemies in its path. Enemies take damage and are Stunned for a short time. Tempest gains energy for each enemy that is Stunned.


Ember’s Blessing
Has a chance to gain 35 energy at the end of a wave.

New Epic Gear (S1-S5)


Midnight Chimes
Battlefield Typhoon now deals additional damage and will split into two tornadoes upon hitting the opposing backline. The two tornadoes travel in opposite directions to hit the rest of the backline enemies.


Headband of the Hidden City
This headband grants Nightstalker bonus % Crit Chance to his Natural 20. Additionally, Crits now add damage to Nightstalker’s next skill or attack. This bonus damage stacks with consecutive Crits but resets once an attack or skill fails to Crit.

Spell Binder

Spell Binder
Redemption now heals her ally for additional health but also targets the enemy missing the most health. The enemy takes damage and is Silenced for a short time.

Storm Wizard

Lightning in a Bottle
Chain Lightning now automatically chains to all enemies. Whenever an enemy misses an attack due to being Blinded the target they miss will be healed for some health. This works with all Blinds, even those from Storm Wizard’s allies.

Ice Berg

Elemental Core
Enemies that are Slowed for a consecutive amount of time from Ice Berg’s Slow Globe now take damage and get Stunned for a short time. Enemies can’t start counting time towards another stun until this one wears off.

Permanent Unlock For Epic Forge (VIP 12+)

The Epic Blacksmith has expanded business into the Epic Dungeon select screen; for those of VIP Rank 12 or above and 2,040 Diamonds, his Forge can be accessed without setting foot into the Dungeon’s Depths.

  • For the faint of heart, he’ll sell Blacksmith Charges at the going rate of 3 for 100 Diamonds.
  • Not only will he keep you in-stock but from this new store, he can upgrade the Epic Skills of any Hero that has them.
  • Blacksmith Charges burn fierce and hot, use them before they cool to a smolder. Charges bought or found expire 20 minutes after being pulled from the Forge.

Balance Changes

Storm Wizard

  • Storm Wizard’s Energy generation per 5 seconds has increased from 25 to 38
  • Healvalanche base heal has been increased from 400 to 800
  • Chain Lightning damage increased from 40/30 to 120/90
  • Chain Lightning blind duration has been increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds

Spell Binder

  • Redemption base heal amount has been increased from 175 to 400


  • My Little Friend base damage has been increased from 10 to 30

Torchlight Shrine Buff

  • *Torchlight effect can no longer exceed your current Torch’s max light value.

Content Unlocks

Note: Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • New Hero: Tempest will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 2

  • New Hero: Serpent King will be available in the Arena Shop!


  • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 4

  • Chapter 13 - Return the Tide
  • Team Level 100
  • Orange +1 Gear & Hero Rarity

Server 5

  • No content changes

Server 6

  • No content changes

Server 7

  • Team Level 80
  • No new Chapter or Gear/Rarity

New Server: 8 - Grate Axe

For those looking to get a jump on a competitive edge, a new server, Grate Axe!, opening up alongside this update!

Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Added a “Leave Dungeon” button to the Revive Heroes window in the dungeon.


  • Cog Master’s Dropkick Dynamite now causes the target to explode even if the initial damage of the ability kills the target.
  • Feral Brute’s Epic skill will no longer sap an enemies ATK once the enemy has reached 1 ATK. Additionally, the damage of his epic will no longer scale off of his ATK value.


  • Players will no longer see their own name in the player selection screen of the gifting menu.
  • Removed users with pending friend requests from the player selection screen of the gifting menu
  • Guilds will no longer receive new War quests if that guild is on a break from war or if the war season his on break
  • Fixed bug causing crashes on iOS devices when attempting to connect to FaceBook

Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]
Update 2.12 Patch Notes

Another gold chest only hero on s1??? Tooooooo Flipping sooooon.


There’s no way I can keep up with this. No way at all. I’m not even going to try.


I’m happy for Nightstalker…!

But yeah, way too soon. We’ve barely gotten a chance to test out the recent epics/heroes…

Starting to notice a lot of changes lately, can’t help to voice my disappointment…


Perfect, new epics
Better than other updates
I love it
So much fun
Great times in dungeon
Everyone will love it
Especially the balance changes


No twin fix for wombeaux combo.
No fix for spellbinder bug in fortress

Why release if other things are still bugged 3 patches later
And yes ive been keeping tabs on how well you lot have listened to the community

Fixes for glitches should be the first port of call…
Then new content :wink:


Two wrongs make a right! Wait no that’s not how it works…


Free players and small pay players have zero chance to catch up and it’s only getting worse with each update! I am contemplating leaving at this point. Promotional offers got worse (resorted to “normal” levels) and too many cap raises!


Slow down with the cap raises
Or reduce team xp required to level up
GG :wink:


Why not fix the loot errors and other issues first before releasing more items. Most distracting thing when you can’t collect what you need…


Uhh… why are you releasing ANOTHER server? This is obviously just another money grab. Also, why are you ONCE AGAIN not fixing the bug I contacted support about that crashes my game if I try to connect to Facebook? This is honestly depressing how little you listen to your players and how clear the money grab is. The only reason I still play is because I have met some amazing people here and I enjoy the game… but it’s getting worse every update. Fix this or you will continue to have many players unhappy/leaving.


I’m actually happy about server 8 as I joined the game in server 7 3 or 4 weeks late so I want to see how well I keep up, if at all as a F2P player from the start.

However, the level cap increases are coming too frequently. As a F2P I can only keep up with 6 or 7 heroes for each cap and don’t have time to get others up. So if I’ve picked the wrong heroes to compete in Arena, then I have to deal with it because I just can’t afford to level up someone I gave up on early on


Have you submitted tickets on these things? We don’t have any reports of a Twin Tracker bug or a specific bug related to Spellbinder in the fortress. We are working on identifying a cause for a bug related to Spellbinder’s charge time. We can’t fix things we don’t know about. Complaining on the forums is not a substitute for sending a ticket to CS.

I see comments like this all the time They come form a general lack of understanding of the software development process and how games actually get made.

Bugs are sometimes hard to identify and engineering isn’t magic. It takes time to figure out why things happen and then more time to fix them. New features are in production for some time before you get to see them. Just because new features are being released doesn’t bugs fixes aren’t also being worked on.


On the last few patch notes these bugs have been mentioned and yes I’ve done tickets
My latest one was very recently

These were known issues from when twins first went epic
I’ve mentioned it in at least 5 different ways and had replies that amounted to not alot in terms of recognising it was a major issue
In one of patch notes I tagged @Etesian and was first person to comment on there to bring it to attention
No reply
So when bug discussion went up I posted there too and tagged
No reply

Tickets I can’t show what was said as the functionality of the chat deletes them if pressing anything other then no

So yes you guys and gals at perblue knew of these for a while
Not my fault no one reads tagged messages anymore




Days apart and tickets were also sent

What did I do wrong that the information didn’t make it to you guys??


@OhRlyeh yeah we report things non stop to you guys and not a peep of a response in over 4 months now. I count 15 tickets from myself with no response whatsoever. You wanna know what’s jacked up it’ll be stated as such there’s no being polite about things being broken. Either you want to work with players and fix things or you want us to brown nose you on your foul ups… correct me if I’m wrong but we wouldn’t need to make tickets if things worked properly before release. Then to ignore the tickets made is just that. And as stated in my tickets I am STILL awaiting updates on topics opened on the old bug reporting system which have been swept under the rug I’m sure.


All that said the patch notes DO NOT list all of the minor changes you guys make which changes all sorts of aspects of the game for instance the claw epic healing being nerfed to the point where he now dies on wave 1 guild war minions. Oh but that’s not listed anywhere. How about all the other boosts and nerfs over the past patches which I’ve thoroughly complained about RUINING guides I’ve wasted my time making. Oh yeah there’s a select few of us that analyze things down to amounts of damage taken and given the attack speeds skill charge times etc. @OhRlyeh @Etesian what about those changes were they meant to be hidden or non anticipated in gear expansion bonus hp and attack points? Either way bad planning when increasing or decreasing values ratios need to be tweaked to maintain the balance unless you intended to make a meta shift in which case you failed to mention it in the notes.


There are never balance changes, buffs or nerfs, that are not listed in patch notes. If you are suggesting that we not re-balance the game when needed because it messes with a sheet of numbers you are keeping track of…I’m not sure what to say to that.