Update 2.5 Patch Notes (UPDATED 6/29)


The Twin Tracker bug was verified fixed by QA and released in the 2.4 patch. We have not gotten any other reports of it occurring since the fix. If you are still having issues with it send in another ticket with video so we can see what is going on.

As for the Spellbinder issue, as I said we have one in repro. It relates to her generating energy. If that is not the one you are talking about I am not finding any record of any other tickets.


Can’t send video in tickets I’ve tried numerous times
You have all the details
Wombeaux combo is bugged still

Blue guy teleports red guy doesn’t appear
Left with health bar or a shadow to represent during next fight and walking the halls
Only way to rectify is completely leave dungeon and go back in

Same bug my info above in screenshots is sufficient to assess the issue as all screenshots on those forum posts were the day of supposed fix after downloading patch and immediately running tests to see if it still existed … Proven correct my assumptions were :wink:


If that is happening to you it is only happening to you. What device are you running? Are you using bluestacks? Is there some other weirdness about your setup that might be keeping the patch from taking effect?


Must be something wrong with my phone too then. Silly trackers. Someone put a bell on them or something :roll_eyes:


If it was device or any outside influences on the app I’d know about it tbh … I’m very rigorous with my testing and keeping functionality of my devices up to date to avoid any issues
The phone I use only has portal quest on it … no other apps aside from factory issue

The issue occurs when I use twins in endless or epic or epic epic
Feral skull
Pony willow twins

Was the team that I was using each run in epic epic to get twins upto gear level 80
Yeah I finished all 40 floors but they weren’t apart of my team for half the battles

If you want …
Run that team in epic epic
Hit every fight along the way to floor 10 and see what occurs cause it will definitely bug out at least a handful of times


So having said that. My list of numbers I keep track of is full geared heroes vs one another 1 v 1 and each record has percentage of hp remaining and what occurred during the fights. And if you read tickets you’d have a photo example of what I’m describing now and would know that the figures after gear addition are not the same you have entirely new outcomes with each expansion hence my mention of meta shift. Whether it’s intended or not it has occurred. As there are videos I have saved on line and in various spaces on an external hd on my computer that I can use for comparison all it takes is a little watching fights over and over and analyzing the exact differences and it could tell you how to fix it. But as I said when you raise atk and hp it changes things heroes die faster before they can skill etc. others get stronger boosts etc. some that used to instantly die now live to cast their 2nd skill and completely changes outcomes. Which don’t get me wrong it’s a nice change up. But if you don’t have a standard of how it “should” be then you’ll never see or change the bugs cuz you’ll never know if it’s right or not. Which is a big reason things don’t get reported also nobody knows if it’s how it should be or not that’s why I keep my records as a baseline of how it “should” work. That’s how we’re able to catch the things you don’t see. But then you say oh that’s how it should be. Before this last patch I ran crusade blockbuster with a three man team only and dominated it. Now I can’t run that 3 man team even on the easiest crusade level cause they die. So you say there’s no meta shift but obviously there is.


Will these fix wizard?


Omggggg when does Server 4 get Lion Knight, or Serpent King . :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


I have noticed that my heroes seem weaker in everything I have attacked, especially my Howler. I figured that someone did some adjustments without posting about it. Didn’t think it was a bug, and if I did, I’m pretty sure if I had reported it it would have been ignored. I’ve sent several that I’ve never gotten a response to-- since pretty much Christmas, support has gone down the tube. My tickets used to always get a response, even if I was being a n00b. Now, I just feel like it’s a waste of my time to report anything.

That could be why some things don’t have reports on them: people just aren’t reporting it.


Ill give this to QA to try to repro. After that, I gots nothin’ ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Lol I geared wizard up 2 patches ago thinking he would get epic soon.

Not sure if i like the epic since hex will destroy it and only way is to add a mass bless…

I think some herors should be able to break blessings on single targets. Like Wizard OR spell binder. =)


This is the time where you need to remove heroes from server one. Either by freezing them for a season or 2 or refund the xp/gear.

It will be way too many heroes. Easist wsy is to limit a season to 20 heroes =)

And heroes can make a come back later?

I think it will help the Community


Patch notes have been updated to include Balance changes and VIP 12 Perk: Epic Forge Unlock.


Im VIP lvl 12.

Thanks for not setting it to 13 :wink: <3


Did it just for you Goats :wink: <3


Hopefully the skill changes to wizard will make him useful. I’m concerned about his hp. Lowest in the game? Even other support heros like ember punk and hermit have around 100k. Will wizard survive to use his healing? Tbd


:blush: :face_with_monocle:


do we know when this update is happening yet by chance? :grin:


Nope. Sorry. I am so tempted to reset epic dungeon when it gets Here too lol


Possibly in thirty minutes @JessicaBoBessica