Update 2.5 Patch Notes (UPDATED 6/29)


Just as an fyi, I had twins in endless dungeon last night and he disappeared forv3 fights. By time I got videonturned on, he reappeared.


Twins also have ability to stun you in dungeon and I face a fox that could cast a shield on itself. That one was a fun surprise of endless sleep and recasting his shield to full until the timer reached 0


Have you had the one where totem enemies in endless can cast shields that do not get broken even if using willow and bleeds and possession to keep him stationary

I had a fight this morning that would’ve timed out if it weren’t for fact I retreated to salvage some hp on pony


Haven’t seen that. I get the glitches where one of your heroes gets a viagra stuck in their throat and end up with a really long neck​:joy::joy:


Hahahah yeah I’ve had many of those :joy:
Spells book I’ve had floating round the screen away from her :yum:


See the bugfixes list👌