Update 2.6 Patch Notes (Updated 7/9)

Welcome to Portal Quest 2.6!


“Maybe on the surface, time marches on. But down here in the Dungeon, kid? Down here, it doesn’t care which way it goes. It just wants to escape.”
-The Old Alchemist

The Epic Dungeon is home to the toughest fiends and the bravest heroes, and few embody both as well as the Old Alchemist. Bearing the scars of battles yet to occur, this elite hero emerged from the dark future of Ember and set up shop next to the Epic Blacksmith. His hands fly from bottle to bottle with well practiced dexterity, mixing potions and essences together into complex combinations that capture the powerful magic of the Epic Dungeon itself. Once hardened, these Epic Crystals can augment Epic Gear to make them even more powerful than before.

Read on to learn more about these Epic Crystals, but don’t miss out on all the increased rewards that are coming in Update 2.6 as well!

Epic Gear Crystals (S1-S3)

A mysterious figure from the dark future of Ember has set up shop in the Epic Dungeon, with the promise of alchemical power to those who can find him. This… “Elite Hero” can be found in the Crystals tab of the Epic Forge, and will augment your hero’s Epic Gear with Epic Crystals- provided you’ve brought the necessary ingredients, of course. Mix the chemicals carefully- different combinations can unlock one of three different stat boosts!

  • Similar to the Blacksmith, Elite Hero can be found in the Crystals Tab of the Epic Forge
  • The ability to craft Crystals unlocks once the Hero’s Epic Gear is Forged
  • To craft a Crystal, tap the Crystal Icon and fill it with Strength and/or Vitality

Filling an Epic Crystal


  • The type of Crystal you create is dependent on if it is filled with Strength, Vitality, or a mixture of the two!
  • A Crystal filled with Strength increases the Hero’s base Attack Damage
  • A Crystal filled with Vitality increases the Hero’s base Health
  • A Crystal filled with the perfect mix increases the Hero’s Aspect Attack and Defense
  • Once a crystal is filled with your chosen formula, Hero Shards and Epic Gear Scrap are used to solidify the Crystal and lock in the bonus!

Gaining Strength and Vitality


  • Strength and Vitality can be acquired in Guild-based events such as Portal Lords
  • In addition, to other improvements for the Game Mode, players will be able to earn these valuable resources in the Fortress as well!

Resetting or Reclaiming Crystal

  • Before a Crystal is completed, you can use the Reset to refund any resources currently spent on the Crystal
  • If you want to use a different type of Crystal than one that’s already been completed, you can reclaim some of a Crystal’s ingredients
    • To do this, tap the Crystal Icon and then use “Reclaim Elements”
    • Note that you will only receive 50% of the Strength and Vitality used in its creation

Hero Info!


Full info on heroes can now be found by tapping on the hero portrait in the mercenary buy screen, Arena, Royal Tournament, War, and chat sparring.

Info Shown:

  • Hero level
  • Aspect
  • Hero Skills and Skill Levels
  • Epic Skill (Epic Skill Levels will be coming in the next release)
  • Epic Crystals

Increased Hero XP and Gear Scrap Drops

There have been many requests lately regarding the difficulty of collecting Hero XP as well as some of the “older” types of Gear Scrap (particularly some of those notorious Purple Scraps!). As we continue to release new content for the game and keep it fresh and exciting, it’s important to us that the older content starts to feel more attainable and players that were behind can catch up to some extent. With this in mind, we’ve reworked the Tower, Trials, Fortress, and some Campaign drops.

More Hero XP in the Pinnacle

  • While there aren’t new Difficulties coming to the Pinnacle, we’ve reworked the existing Tiers by making them unlock a little later and scaling the Hero XP rewards up significantly to match
  • On average, the highest difficulty will start giving out over twice (2.2x) as much Hero XP than it currently does

New Trial Gear Difficulties and Drop Adjustments

  • Two additional Difficulties have been added to the Trials that contain higher rarity Gear, these unlock at TL108 and TL114
  • In addition to this, the 5 hardest Difficulties now give out more of the lower rarity drops than less
    • Example: The top Difficulty, Opposite of Easy, will guarantee 5 Ninja Spinner Scrap instead of what would have originally been just a single Ninja Spinner Scrap
  • These overall changes result in about 30% more Gear Scraps from Trials in total

Hero XP in Fortress

  • As part of our ongoing process to improve the Fortress (more changes below), we’ve added a substantial amount of Hero XP for your Heroes that complete a battle in it
  • Note that this only applies to the Heroes involved in the fight
  • Between the Pinnacle and this increase, finishing a Tower and doing a Fortress battle should provide you with all the XP you need to level a hero even at TL120!

Campaign Stage “Hidden Drops”

In addition to their typical drops, Campaign stages are now also capable of dropping unmentioned, lower level Chapter Gear at later Campaign Chapters
This means that you have a chance to find some of those trickier Purple Scraps while looking for some of the newer Orange Scraps!

Chapter 17: Just Deserts (S1)

Haven’t we dune this before? Our Heroes emerge from the Caverns into the Desert, hot on the trail of the final item on their quest- a staff for Storm Wizard! However, things won’t be easy- there’s a new adversary slithering in the sands ahead, and he’s intent on finding the staff first! Will our heroes have fun in the sun? Or will their chances at victory be constricted?

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • Chapter 17 - Just Deserts
  • Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes
    • Storm Wizard will replace Void Caster in the Crusade Shop
    • Highwayman will replace Ember Wisp in the Fortress Shop
    • Feral Brute will replace Whirling Dagger in the War Shop
    • Lion Knight will replace Grizzled Hunter in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 2

  • Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • New Hero: Tempest will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Heroes
    • Storm Wizard will replace Nightstalker in the Crusade Shop
    • Oasis Guardian will replace Ember Wisp in the Fortress Shop
    • Feral Brute will replace Grizzled Hunter in the War Shop
    • Lion Knight will replace Oasis Guardian in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 3

  • Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • Chapter 15 - Stonecutter
  • Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Heroes
    • Owl Bear will replace Salty Merc in the Arena Shop
    • Light Warden will replace The Grizz in the Crusade Shop
    • Storm Wizard will replace Shield Maiden in the Fortress Shop
    • Ember Wisp will replace Grizzled Hunter in the War Shop
    • Ice Berg will replace Wander Woman in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 4

  • No new content
  • Heroes
    • Ember Wisp will replace Grizzled Hunter in the Arena Shop
    • Storm Wizard will replace Highwayman in the Crusade Shop
    • Light Warden will replace Void Caster in the Fortress Shop
    • Shield Maiden will replace Scarred Brawler in the War Shop
    • Feral Brute will replace Salty Merc in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 5

  • Chapter 13 - Return the Tide
  • Team Level 100
  • Orange +1 Gear & Hero Rarity

Server 6

  • Epic Dungeon Unlocked
  • Epic Gear added to Merchants
  • Guild Level 5 Unlocked
  • Dragon Heir Boss Dungeon Unlocked
  • Chapter 12 - Cold Reunion
  • Team Level 95
  • Orange Gear & Hero Rarity

Server 7

  • New Hero: Salty Merc will be available in Royal Tournament Shop!
  • New Hero: Whirling Dagger will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Howling Claw will replace Princess Portal in the War Shop
    • Princess Portal will replace Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
  • No new Chapter or Gear/Rarity

Epic Gear in Merchants

(Servers 1-5) Epic Gear Changes

  • Storm Wizard’s Epic Gear will replace Forest Hermit’s Epic Gear in the Arena Shop
  • Swashbuckler’s Epic Gear will replace Wander Woman’s Epic Gear in the Crusade Shop
  • Cogmaster’s Epic Gear will replace Hex Witch’s Epic Gear in the Fortress Shop
  • Skull Buster’s Epic Gear will replace Willow Druid’s Epic Gear in the War Shop
  • Ice Berg’s Epic Gear will replace Scion of Chaos’s Epic Gear in the Royal Tournament Shop

(Server 6) Epic Gear Added to Merchants

  • Storm Wizard’s Epic Gear will replace Forest Hermit in the Arena Shop
  • Swashbuckler’s Epic Gear will replace Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
  • Cogmaster’s Epic Gear will replace War Blade in the Fortress Shop
  • Skull Buster’s Epic Gear will replace Princess Portal in the War Shop
  • Scion of Chaos’s Epic Gear will replace Grizzled Hunter in the Royal Tournament Shop



  • Added a Buy 100 option to the Silver Chest screen
    • This will purchase 10 Buy 10x Silver Chests at once
  • When selling gear, selecting a number to sell will deactivate the “Sell All” button


  • Fortress lineups are now pulled from Royal Tournament instead of Arena
    • This should give much more variety in lineups
  • Fortress Difficulty now also determines the frequency of Epic Skills in lineups
  • Fortress Champion Daily Quest has been added that will provide more rewards for doing 5 Fortress attacks in a single day


  • Added a visual timer to the VIP Epic Forge that shows the Charge expiration time
  • Having 5 stacks of Torchlight gives no additional benefit to having 4 stacks, so max stacks of Torchlight has been reduced from 5 to 4.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed several bugs that caused crashing after combat
  • VIP Shops no longer auto refresh upon finding the shop again in the game
    • A free refresh will now be added to the shop screen
  • Gifting chests should now show the accurate cost if chests are discounted


  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when retreating from combat


  • Ice Berg will now be able to slow Tenacious enemies after Owl Bear removes the enemy’s shared skill
  • Fixed a bug that caused Spellbinder to loop her cast freeze when possessing possessed units causing combats to time out
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rampaged characters to survive after the battle ended; Rampaged units will now correctly die and stay dead once Rampage wears off
    • This would cause the hero to incorrectly respawn for a consecutive War defense and in some instances, this would prevent a Tower from falling
    • This would also cause the Rampaged unit to return in the second wave of combat if it killed at the end of the previous wave
  • Fixed bug that caused team power to be shown incorrectly after Epic skill is unlocked


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Epic Forge button in the Dungeon minimap to not appear in certain time zones
  • Floor is Lava now does the correct amount of damage in all cases


  • Fixed bug that caused War attacks to fail and kick players out of combat

80% of the stamina I have spent went for low tier scraps such as beehives, hammers, spinners etc. I really hope that farming should only be for higher tier scraps from now on.

Its silly.

Also I hope the XP boost in a game changer.
I have spent 1000x 60 stam packs for this cap increase yet I lack experience.

Not sure if adding crystals in lord quests is smart since stronger guilds will be even stronger :wink:


Overall, a great update!


Crystals should come only from the “caves”

If you follow the campaign story hermit says that’s where they come from…
Something along the lines of
" I need 10 crystals" then backtracks and says needs thousands

The only caves I know of in pq are the dungeons

And that’s where they should appear

No where else otherwise your whole story is a farce and built on lies :joy::joy::yum:
Screenshots of the conversation between the heros and hermit …
Doesn’t say anything about portal lords for crystals here so why add them there… Caverns means dungeons by all accounts … So should be a dungeon exclusive grind for the crystals t



I understand that big spenders want heroes rotations in the shops but small spenders and f2p players wont be happy. I will need even more time to get some of my heroes at 5 stars because they are now in elite levels (Im in server 6). If I had known warblade was going to
move out before Punk, I would have used my tokens differently. The upgrade in general is great. But those changes in the shops are a slap in the face for us small players. Btw I can take a couple of hits but there is a limit…


Wouldnt it be possible to skip the new gear atleast one time? O+4 is a huge grind, so O+5 is way too soon for the majority of the players… This will only result in more people leaving, increasing the gap between players even more and make wars suck for a while again… Reading this post I was really surprised with the other new content first, looks really nice to have something new to gather again, but that O+5 ruined all the fun… let’s see which guilds have to merge again after this patch due to players leaving.


No one wants to dungeon more. Terrible idea to put crystals there. 75% of the game is dungeon now. Bore-ring!


Doesn’t necessarily mean more dungeon…
If it was made an uncommon drop in all modes of dungeon then it’s just like farming epics but could do them at same time.
Equal opportunity for all players that way :wink:


Why do you put a useless hero like Highwayman who has spend most of the game in shops back into the fortress shop and why do we get Lion Knight in the worst shop of all, the Tournament shop, where we also need to farm Ice Berg shards? I can pretty safely say that nobody on server 1 needs Highwayman shards still. Just like nobody needed Noob, Wisp, Brawler, or Ginger shards from the Season rewards.

I also really hope that O5 gear isn’t so ridiculously scrap heavy as O4 gear is but I’m not counting on it. I’m expecting us to need hundreds of extra scraps now that you’ve ‘made them easier to obtain’ counteracting any supposed changes you’ve made.


Given per blue asked the leaders in the leader chat what shards they would like, obviously someone still needs him.


Really? Someone on S1 still needs highwayman shards? I’m sorry but I find that very hard to believe. He’s been around since the beginning and putting him back into the shops is pointless imo.


Depends how you define need.
I have 5* highwayman and 152 shards.

That would get me to level 86 epic.
Do I have lots of extra?
Or am I far behind?

P.s. It wasn’t me that pushed for highway.
I wanted an epic for mass and pushed for him to be In shops.


I know I need him, but I don’t use him much either. Better than what’s currently there, I guess.

Update sounds okay, not too excited for the cap increase, more people are going to fall of the rock wall, imo, but whatever. There’s plenty of folks at cap, so.

Crystals sound interesting, but I feel those in smaller/lower guilds are going to suffer. That’s probably the point though-- force everyone into fewer guilds.

Buy 100 silver chests sounds great! Looking forward to more xp! :slight_smile:


So cool I really think this is the best


Server 7 already have team lvl80! Might u mean lvl85 or 90?


First off, I really like a lot of the new patch. The fort, tower, trials changes are real nice.
Second, “I want to dungeon more” said by NO ONE I know. Creating more need to dungeon creates a why bother attitude. I only have 3 max epic heroes (who won’t be max with cap raise). The dungeon grind is already excruciating.
Third: I’d like to know who in their right mind felt a cap raise was in order. Even as a former whale with all my heroes geared (except tempest who I don’t even have), I don’t want a cap raise. As I implied above, I have tons of heroes to work on epic skills.

I REALLY wish PB would preview these things for feedback before pushing them on players. This would not be a hard thing to do at all.


Hmmm… Which player…?
Err… Per blue!



I made cap.
It’s what they do…


While we are on the topic of adding “hidden” purple scraps to campaign, what about endless dungeon? I need random gear that’s only in a few floors of endless dungeon, but being past floor 600, I am never going to reset. Please drop all sorts of gear in the deep levels instead of collecting the same couple orange scraps over and over again.


I would be so grumpy if I fought my way to a chest in the deep dungeon, and got a staff of bees :frowning: