Update 2.6 Patch Notes (Updated 7/9)


Here is an example. 19+ hero’s need this. It’s only available on 4 floors of endless!


I wouldn’t mind seeing gear that we need obsessive amounts of at ‘higher’ levels in the dungeon. I’m on floor 200 something, and I also am not planning on resetting anytime soon.

I still need bees too, haha, they are obtainable in chapter 14, so obviously it’s not just lower levels who need them-- you just need a LOT, and eve capped players need them, because unless you’re a big spender, you’re not going to have every hero maxed.


@Pixie_Mici don’t you know you are supposed to stay one level below? How could you make that mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:


When is this patch taking place??? they just upped the cap and did a patch last week to soon on cap, $$$$$$$


UPDATE Server 7 will be receiving the following Hero changes:

  • New Hero: Salty Merc will be available in Royal Tournament Shop!
  • New Hero: Whirling Dagger will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Howling Claw will replace Princess Portal in the War Shop
    • Princess Portal will replace Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop


is the update coming today? or can i do my dailies? :smiley:


Yes :slight_smile:

Oh, you pesky character limit.
I would say it’s pretty safe now :wink:


Does anyone know when we can expect the update?


Wandering the same thing.


Is there any way to know which heroes’ epic gear will be available for S6 when Orange unlocks?


Only ice? What about other Disables that tenacious resists?


My current epic epic dungeon has 5 torchlight buff already. Does this mean I’ll be bugged after this update and have to reset my dungeon and cost yet again 50 more keys?


Uh oh. I never thought of that.
Hopefully it will be that when you reset, you won’t get more than four, but I am in the same boat.
Guess we will find out soon enough :slight_smile:


Glad to see an issue I reported though was actually looked into and “fixed” even though my report wasn’t even looked at. Had to have suey route all of my information testing etc through discord chat. (Referring to binder looping possession bug) also glad to see the arena being a fair place ish once more. Know several people on s2 happy and clearly noticing the changes you guys made but didn’t list.


They probably didn’t think of it either. Just like when they made the change to torchlight.


how long is the update goin to take


Yah it’s been like 45 min.


It’s been 30 minutes. And apparently 1 minutes past everyones impatience threshold.


is taking too long lol


Long update. Dang. Almost an hour