Update 2.6 Patch Notes (Updated 7/9)


I updated the game 56 min ago.


An hour is standard for all their major updates. Maybe you guys could use this time to find an outdoor activity to do. Maybe enjoy life a little. Idk. It’s just a game you can play the other 23 hours today​:wink::wink:


Agree with the farming


Outside… No thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Sheesh. How much longer.


Ugh my pony needs me! Let me back in!!


Jesus Christ. This is the longest update I have known since I’ve started this game.


Hold the update please.

Im low on batteries atm.

i appreciate all possible delays and excuses.

God bless you :wink:


U all still can’t get in.


Hey PerBlue, just wanted to let you know that the update is taking longer than usual. I’m sure this is simply an oversight on your part, and if enough people mention this you will work more quickly to get it running. Thanks.


Omg she even complaining here on form. Just wait you only ever in chat any way never play the game like other’s. Or you might get to your lv 10.


Lol. Thanks. Chief. I’m permantly silenced anyways on my big pro. So no talking for me


I have another s7 account tho.


The servers are back up and Update 2.6 is now live!