Update 2.8.1 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.8.1 Patch Notes

Hey everyone! Monday, August 6th we will be releasing a small patch to resolve some issues with War Boxes and Panther Stalker’s skills, along with some new content. Read on to learn all about what’s to come in Update 2.8.1!

Bug Fixes

Panther Stalker

  • Fixed a crash with Top Cat and Sneering Snare skills
  • Sneering Snare will now correctly target Panther Stalker’s two closest enemies

War Boxes

  • Individuals who saw blank rewards in their War Boxes will be able to claim said rewards
  • If you still have not been prompted to claim your reward boxes after the update, please contact our Customer Support team using the in-game support channel so we can look into it further.

Content Unlocks and Adjustments

Important note: These changes will occur on 8/6! Refresh your Shops after this update is live to see any Shop Changes listed below!

Server 2:

  • New Hero: Panther Stalker will be available in the Gold Chest
  • New Hero: Dragoon will be replacing Ice Berg in the Royal Tournament Shop
    • Ice Berg can now be found in Chapters 12, 14, and 15 in the Elite Campaign
  • Tempest can now be found in Chapter 17 in the Elite Campaign

Server 3:

  • Chapter 16: Down in the Depths
  • Team Level 115
  • Orange +4 Gear and Rarity

Server 4:

  • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Owl Bear will be replacing Whirling Dagger in the Royal Tournament Shop
    • Whirling Dagger can now be found in Chapters 13 and 14 in the Elite Campaign

Server 5

  • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Owl Bear will be replacing Whirling Dagger in the Royal Tournament Shop
    • Whirling Dagger can now be found in Chapters 13 and 14 in the Elite Campaign

Server 6

  • Chapter 13: Return the Tide
  • Team Level 100
  • Orange+1 Gear and Rarity

Server 7

  • Chapter 11: Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 90
  • Purple +4 Gear and Rarity


Thats very good news :smiley: A lot of players will be really happy next monday, me included :slight_smile:

Maybe there will different opinions, but the cap raise in server 6 was to be expected. For the last 3 cap raises, I was 3 lvls under the max before the raise (im lvl 92, 95 to 100 ; I was 87, 90 to 95 etc).
Im a small spender (I havent reach 20 bucks since Ive started, its small right?) and I guess the raises are going to a correct “speed”. But its still probably too much for f2p players. In other words, the pace of the cape raises are “OK” but dont speed it up :nerd_face:


Wait a second. Why is panther available in elite campaign for server one, but gold chests for server 2!? That seems unfair to me.

Also, so you are fixing the no rewards for people that couldn’t claim them, but what about the people that only could claim grizz shards like my other post? Every single hero shards choice I had was grizz shards for all three options. Please fix this.

Panther was a new hero on server 1 and he was in elite. Now it’s frickkng gold chest for server 2?! Are you freaking serious… we’ve had 4 in a row now…


Are cap raises determined by the amount of players at the cap or for f2p people when they should natural make it to the cap?

This is the first time I haven’t been at cap. You may want to slow down unless you think the paying players don’t want any competition anymore.


We got dragoon in gold chests and you have him in tourney shop. So really you got the better draw, because wasting stamina on elite campaign sucks. Would much rather use shops with tokens.


But elite campaign has double drop and stamina is much cheaper than tokens of any sort. I call bullshit per blue. But what else is new


Determined by when the the big spenders stop buying deals because they are maxed out.


So… Since Server 5 is COMPLETELY caught up with server 4, and 3/4 of the way dead, and server 4 is just starting to die, when are you planning on fusing the two servers? And making 45 members in each guild possible again?


Gosh the top guilds in server five keep falling apart, don’t they?

They can’t keep 40 players, never mind 45 lol.

If you read the forums, you would see per blue are more likely to cull 5 members per guild from servers 1 - 3, lowering their size to 40, rather than the other way round.

Which has been a long time coming.
Trying to run guilds on five servers simultaneously was extremely silly of me.
But at least four and five were kind of manageable


If you actually read my comment, that’s exactly what I mean. The top guilds in S4 are also having trouble maintaining 40 members all season round. So if you merged S4 and S5, you’d have more or less twice as many players available in the guilds, and it would be possible to up the guild capacity at that point.


Per blue don’t want to up the capacity.

They want to lower it.

I did actually read your comment.
I suggest you read this thread…


Server 2:
Dragoon not in tourney like notes said.
Berg still in tourney (and now elite)


Still no War rewards from last season on Server 3


You have to refresh your shops to see the changes.


Still not seeing war rewards… S7.


Got them now, thanks


Yeah fix the moderator random silencing problem I may have been banned for getting mad and complaining but calling it harrassment I had got no help from support was ignored for hours or days yeah I would be mad the silencing with out a warning is a problem it makes things worse and I didn’t even swear yet thousands of people swear on global I say beach and it’s called swearing yeah it’s not right


Still not seeing them on S2 for everyone.