Update 2.8 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.8!


Two new Heroes are joining the battle for Ember, along with a host of Fortress reworks, Epic Skills, and Bug Fixes/Improvements. Read on to learn more about all that’s to come in Update 2.8!

Fortress Rework

In 2.6 we improved the difficulty settings of Fortress and how enemy lineups were chosen in order to make the challenge more predictable and the enemies more varied. We also increased the rewards to make the game mode more appealing and engaging for your guild members. Now, in the final stage of the Fortress rework we are adding a new dimension to how points are earned and adding bonus rewards. The goal of this is to bring even more excitement to completing fortress. We also hope this will encourage teamwork and good fortress etiquette. Let’s Take a Look!!


  • O Me, O My Score: New to Fortress is the My Score Bar. The amount of points needed to fill this bar is set at the start of the Fortress event and is based on your Total Power.
  • 1 point, 2 point, Big points, Little points: As Line-ups are defeated they add points equal to their Power to the My Score Bar
    The stronger the fight the more points you will receive so make sure to pick fights that are on your level!


  • Each section of the bar you fill will earn you another reward
  • The next time your guild wins a fortress you cash out all the prizes you have earned by filling up your My Score bar.
    • Rewards are given at your Fortress End Time
    • Harder Fortress difficulties adds a multiplier to the quantity of items gained
    • Rewards will be sent VIA Mail.
  • If your guild does not manage to beat the fortress your score is carried over to the next day’s event, but once the My Score Bar is full no more points can be added.
  • Select the My Score Bar to bring up a preview of the rewards available and the rewards unlocked for the Fortress.
  • Note: Flags will still be earned as a way to gauge your overall performance in a Fortress and to earn your Quests. Flag Score is completely separate from “My Score”.

New Heroes

Panther Stalker

The Panther Stalker is a true cat at heart- vicious one minute, playful the next, and prone to leaving hairballs in the already horrible halls of the Dungeon.
Panther Stalker is a Front Line Focus Damage Hero! His shards can be found in Chapter 17 of the Elite Campaign on Server 1.


Top Cat
When the time is right Panther Stalker becomes untargetable and pounces on his closest enemy, mauling them for a duration. The enemy takes Piercing damage four times a second while Panther Stalker heals at the same rate.

This Hero cannot be stunned, slowed, immobilized, or put to sleep.

Sneering Snare
Active: Panther Stalker throws two bolas at his closest enemies. Each bola deals damage and stuns.
Passive: Panther Stalker gains Attack Speed and guaranteed Crit when attacking Stunned targets.

In The Shadows
For the first few seconds of combat, any damage this Hero would take is instead passed off to their healthiest ally.


Dragoon is a legendary dragon fighter from a distant land. After barely escaping death at the claws of Dragon Heir, he tracked him to Ember, bound by honor to finish his fight.
Dragoon is a Front Line Finesse Damage Hero! His shards can be found in Gold Chests on Server 1.


Glaive Whirlwind
Dragoon Channels his energy to spin his glaive above his head with ease. All nearby enemies take damage four times per second.

Inner Power
Gain 0.5 Energy for every 1% of Health lost.

Grand Challenge:
Dragoon Challenges all nearby enemies to best him in combat, he gains Attack per Challenged enemy. For the next few seconds, all skills and attacks by other enemies will Miss.

Grant all allies Attack at the start of combat.

New Epic Skills

Ember Wisp

Nature’s Boon:
Wisp’s healing orbs from her Please Recycle skill will now shield allies and her energy orbs grant additional energy.


Spear of the Drake Knight:
Dragoon’s Grand Challenge skill now makes himself and all nearby allies heal when dealing damage with skills and attacks.

Panther Stalker

Jaguar Dagger:
Panther Stalker’s skills and attacks deal extra damage and grant him energy when hitting stunned targets.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • New Hero: Panther Stalker will be available in Elite Campaign Chapter 17
  • New Hero: Dragoon will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 2

  • Chapter 17 - Just Deserts
  • Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear & Hero Rarity

Server 3

  • New Hero: Serpent King will be available in Elite Campaign Chapter 15
  • New Hero: Tempest will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Lion Knight will replace Twin Trackers in the Fortress Shop

Server 4

  • Chapter 14 - Burned Out
  • Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Owl Bear will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Ice Berg will replace Twin Trackers in the Fortress Shop

Server 5

  • Chapter 14 - Burned Out
  • Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Owl Bear will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Ice Berg will replace Twin Trackers in the Fortress Shop

Server 6

  • New Hero: Twin Trackers will be available in Elite Campaign Chapter 12
  • New Hero: Ice Berg will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Oasis Guardian will replace Swashbuckler in the War Shop

Server 7

  • New Hero: Oasis Guardian will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Whirling Dagger will be available in the Arena Shop

Server 8

  • Chapter 8 - Twigging Out!
  • Team Level 70
  • Purple +1 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Stone Guard will be available in Elite Campaign Chapter 8

Hero Balance Changes

Twin Tracker:

  • Base Health changed from 375 to 450
  • Base Attack changed from 15 to 50
  • Attacks Per 5 sec changed from 2.5 to 3
  • Energy Per 5 sec changed from 22 to 31
  • Wombweaux Combo Scalar changed from 90 to 190
  • Tracker’s Mark Damage scalar changed from 35 to 150
  • Tracker’s Mark Heal scalar changed from 200 to 610
  • Epic Skill Bonus Attack scalar was changed to not scale with Twin Tracker’s Attack stat. This now grants a flat amount of Attack per swap
  • Battle Prepped Shared Skill scalar changed from 35 to 100

Shield Maiden:

  • Base Health changed from 660 to 900
  • Base Atk changed from 15 to 30
  • Uncover Weakness Bonus Damage scalar changed from 25 to 250
  • Uncover Weakness Heal Amount scalar changed from 30 to 600
  • Uncover Weakness Debuff Duration changed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Self Sacrifice Cooldown changed from 5 sec to 3 s
  • Self Sacrifice Scalar changed from 100 to 300
  • Epic Skill Bonus Damage changed from 100 to 150
  • Epic Skill Energy Sap changed from 20 to 35


How To Play:

  • This release we did a full audit of the game’s info cards and updated any out of date information in the How to Play sections. We have also added info cards to game modes where they were missing. Look for the “i” buttons in the feature headers throughout the game and check 'em out.
  • Dungeon Chest Reward call-out
    • The game will now identify if you have received a Common, Uncommon or Rare drop out of a dungeon Chest
      • Normal = no call-out
      • Uncommon = “Good!”
      • Rare = “Great!!”

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug that caused game to crash when favor was used
  • Epic forge in dungeon will now accurately only list the heroes in the party.
  • Fixed bug that allowed cheater mccheaterface players to reset their epic dungeon without using keys and to retain buffs from a previous dungeon run.
  • Fixed bug that caused expired blacksmith charges to be given out when charges were purchased with diamonds


  • Serpent King’s “Serve Your King” ability will no longer incorrectly bounce damage dealt to the charmed enemy back to your team.
  • Fixed bug that caused Howling Claw to stop generating Attack from his blue skill if he had reached an Attack value of 1 when facing an Epic Feral Brute.


  • Fixed bug that allowed a guild to be matched with ineligible guilds in war.
  • Mage towers will no longer count as destroyed when the defending guild does not own them.


  • VFX for buy 100 silver chests fixed

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Also… boo to dungeon fix again.
And … oh my gosh, server five raised again??

Neither of the new heroes are pixies?
Pfft :frowning:


So um, are gold chests actually going to be in packs again? I mean, minus the measly 10 here and there? Some of us couldn’t get tempest cause of the lack of chests in deals. It’d be nice if it wasn’t just hoarders who could get the new heroes.

I bring this up cause of the upcoming hero that’ll be available in them. You really need to start selling them again.


If chests had been in all the recent stam deals, you wouldn’t need to purchase more for the new hero


Did I miss it, or has it been announced when the patch is going live? Sorry, new here and don’t know how these things work.


Can we get a shop where you can only buy swashbuckler shards? :heart:


Maybe PerBlue staff are having their own contest: who can come up with the update that causes the most players to rage quit?


I have some ideas that would work, if any of them want to win… :wink:


Maybe they could charge a $10 entry fee for every time we want to open the game. Might be cheaper…


How are we supposed to get Owl Bear from gold chest in s5 if you’re doing only stam deals and throwing in the occasional 10 chest. You’re taking the piss aint ya?!


Sensible head on for a minute.

Patch is complete.
Now it goes to Apple for approval.
They are the roadblock.

Usually a couple of days time from this announcement.


In server 6, swashbuckler is actually in the war shop @Etesian . Is oasis going to take his place in the war shop or oasis is going to replace a hero in the fortress shop???


Rather see new epic gear for old heroes before the new heroes get them on release. Don’t you need to see how the new heroes goes or where they have problems before making epic gear?


So server 4 doesn’t get lion knight but server 5 does??


Do we really need 2 new front line heros??? Add backliners


Does focus really need another front line damage dealer? Focus has claw and feral already.


Even though, yeah feral is a “tank”… He does a pretty good job of ripping stuff up


Since Tempest was release, gold chest sales have been pretty hollow.

I mean, we used to get chests in packs that matched stamina quantity, now all of a sudden we don’t have that.

So yeah, NOW, no I wouldn’t expect sales on gold chests, but two weeks ago, we should have had them. I continuously kept seeing my friends wanting to buy packs, but they wanted gold chests for the new hero.

I’m not exactly sure what the big deal is though, whether you sell them before or after, people still want to buy them, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of players are low on gold chests by now.

But hey, if people can’t get the new hero, I’m sure they’ll just quit, I mean, that seems to be the goal lately.


I asked the exact same question in our guild chat.


Thank you guys for the update