Update 2.8 Patch Notes


Annnnnnnnd what did they say?


An inside look at the deep discussions which occur regularly in PI chat.


Would love to have toons that are already “placed/used” in Tournament to be better pronounced as placed/used. It is irritating and confusing when switching from wave 1 to 2 to 3 to still see toons that I have already placed in a lineup.


The toons have a very slight colour of the line up (1, 2 or 3) around thier avatars so you know what team they’re used in. But yeah. It’s too subtle.


Lolol here’s what got said in my guild…


Thanks! This post must be 20 characters, so there ya go.


Hi, I’m interested in knowing of what I can to up my game.


Is this an either-or at the end of each cool down? Or does it begin as active and then switch to passive after an enemy is stunned? Doing both active/passive each instance?


Thanks for the update. I’m usually not active in forums and my gaming time is mostly being spent in the game. I saw the updates and they all seem fine, specially the fortress update. On the other hand, unfortunately i could see there are some comments that complain about non-related stuff to this update and somehow are aggresive, that became my main motive to send this post to say thanks for updates.


Finally new hero in server 4, and yes fortress bar in fortress a least my guild i’m in would consider doing the fortress fight for rewards.


Are you guys ever gonna bring back the deals that give free stamina/gold chest to the rest of your guild? this would be good to help people that can’t spend too much money to stay in the game, the population decrease is real guys, specially with each lvl cap that requires absurd ammounts of items and experience as levels go up.


Question been silenced for second time both times I have been on my Wii playing and chatting doing nothing wrong what the heck fix the silenceing problem


Thanks for offering gold chests for sale! I was excited to see that!


Server 5 has caught up to 4 ? Must think we are rich…crazy stupid!


Heya - I think that is just a case of the staff only being able to review chat reports when they are available to do so, and therefor sometimes the chat silencing can happen quite some time after the fact.

So for example, if you are saying something offensive or against the chat guidelines (Chat Guidelines) and you are reported. Your name and a snippet of the chat log are sent for review. If it is outside business hours or if there is a back log of reports to review, it may take a day or two for the “judgement” to come through.


Also if you are chatting in the recruit chat by accident, you can catch a silence for that.


well… this is quite something. first off, why are you already replacing twin trackers in the fortress shop? I don’t even have him halfway to five stars. And where will he go? And why on earth do we need two new heroes at the same time, one being a gold chest hero, which is impossible to get shards for? This is ridiculous. And it would be really nice if you could give top heroes such as mass, princess portal, or war blade for example epic gear instead of giving it to new heroes that will probably have multiple bugs…


I like the last changes to fort, and these also. But for full guilds who are active we are really going to need another difficulty level that brings the total number of lines up to enough that each player can hit 5 full lines per day. At minimum 225 attacks (75 lines). Please


I think you’re assuming that every player who attacks a line defeats it first try. The quest is not to defeat five lines, but to attack five lines, and if your guild has no failed attacks or a very small number of them I’d be quite surprised.



I’m pretty sure his guild (Well, his old guild) used to clear the fortress quite effectively, to be fair…

Also twin trackers will end up in elite campaign, as they rotate the heroes around.
They usually say that in the patch notes.

There is always a hero that can only be found in the gold chest.
Currently it is the tempest.
Per blue have stated there will always be a hero that is only found there.

The fun is watching the whales rush to be the first to five star it.