Update 2.8 Patch Notes


We have to fail some on purpose either for PL quests or to make sure everyone can hit 5 times for The Daily. But with the new reward system no one’s going to want to do that


One last thing
(Apologies in advance…)

“Top heroes like mass, princess portal or war blade”

Thank you for making me LOL.
I needed cheering up.

I think you meant brawler, ginger and fox
Or wisp noob and totem

Technically wisp Is getting one, which is nice.
Finally a third epic healer


theres many many heroes that could be named… i just picked three for the heck of it


my totem isn’t even orange yet because of that STUPID dead mans chest… -_-


My poor non epic heroes need love…

Mind you, my epic eligible ones aren’t that great either…

so you called them “Top” heroes, but picked them at random?? :thinking:

I must admit I wish they would just get all the epics out already.
I can’t believe I missed birdbarian.

Now that’s the top hero missing an epic.


S5 lvl 105… eeh… to fast !!


The only times I have said something wrong was to explain to little kids no to say such things not to be rude on purpose


why is it that s5 lvl 95 to 100 was 15k per lvl yet s2 dident hit 15k a lvl till 105 why are you changing the amount of xp on each server making it harder then it once was?


Been silenced twice second time now it has been two days and I was silenced for saying mingle and read to single really is saying something that is nothing really bad the last time I was silenced was for saying dick at the same time explaining it is short for Richard so if I’m bad them portal quests moderators need to go back to school for this crap randomly silencing people it goes against the First Amendment


How long will server be down


is still updating we got to wait. also while at war we jad an opponent we attack an kicked my player out. so i thouth it was a fluke but then it happened to another player. is the other team cheating or what?


Money, only money…


They have a button on bottom right telling there is an update and when coming so to plan around the update, we always stop everything 15-20mins before update and that helps to stop any issues, hope this helps for furture.


They usually post days in advance as well.


What lvl? I don’t seem to get much from him at lvl90


Farewell Felicia!!! :wink:



Additional 2.8 Balance Changes:

Twin Tracker:

  • Base Health changed from 375 to 450
  • Base Attack changed from 15 to 50
  • Attacks Per 5 sec changed from 2.5 to 3
  • Energy Per 5 sec changed from 22 to 31
  • Wombweaux Combo Scalar changed from 90 to 190
  • Tracker’s Mark Damage scalar changed from 35 to 150
  • Tracker’s Mark Heal scalar changed from 200 to 610
  • Epic Skill Bonus Attack scalar was changed to not scale with Twin Tracker’s Attack stat. This now grants a flat amount of Attack per swap
  • Battle Prepped Shared Skill scalar changed from 35 to 100

Shield Maiden:

  • Base Health changed from 660 to 900
  • Base Atk changed from 15 to 30
  • Uncover Weakness Bonus Damage scalar changed from 25 to 250
  • Uncover Weakness Heal Amount scalar changed from 30 to 600
  • Uncover Weakness Debuff Duration changed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Self Sacrifice Cooldown changed from 5 sec to 3 s
  • Self Sacrifice Scalar changed from 100 to 300
  • Epic Skill Bonus Damage changed from 100 to 150
  • Epic Skill Energy Sap changed from 20 to 35