Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]

Portal Quest 2.9!


Welcome to Portal Quest Update 2.9! We have a lot coming your way including new Unit Borders, more ways to earn Stamina, new Content, and of course plenty of Bug Fixes and Improvements! Read on to learn about all that’s to come in Update 2.9!

New Unit Borders!

We’ve spruced up Hero Borders with a brand new +6 progression border and all new Epic Gear icons! Now you’ll see if anybody’s earned their gear… and new for 2.9, if that hero has a gem equipped!

More Stamina!!!

  • Hard and Blockbuster difficulties in Crusade will now drop stamina (along with tokens) in the chests at the end of each leg.
    • This increase is added once a server reaches O+5
  • Stamina has been added to the Fortress Score Rewards and rewards have been rearranged.
    • Tier 1: Small Guild Trophy
    • Tier 2: Torches
    • Tier 3: Fortress Tokens
    • Tier 4: Stamina
    • Tier 5: Diamonds

Better Endless Dungeon Drops

Improved Chests on Lv 70 and Beyond!!

  • A larger variety of items
    • All chests in Lv 70 and above will have a chance to drop items needed from Purple +2 through the newest rarity on a server.
  • More items in Chests For Servers with Orange +4 and above
    • Once a server hits Orange +4 chests in Lv 70 and above will have 2x items inside! As of this update, only servers 1 and 2 will have this additional Stamina reward in the Crusade.

Boss Chests Improved!!

  • Boss chests throughout the endless dungeon will now drop a Level 70 chest with 2x items inside! (This bonus does stack with the Orange +4 bonus)

Chapter 18: Once Upon a Time in a Pastiche

After wandering through the desert, our heroes come across a Wild West town. Inside: the last mystic item they need to finish their quest! Only two problems: 1.) Storm Wizard has to win it in a duel with a snake man, and 2.) The snake man is actually good at magic.

Oh well, it was a nice quest while it lasted.

High fantasy meets high noon meets low, low comedy in the next thrilling installment of the Portal Quest Campaign!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Servers 1 and 2:

  • Chapter 18, TL 125, Orange +6

Servers 4 and 5:

  • Chapter 15, TL 110, Orange +3

Server 8:

  • Chapter 9, TL 75, Purple +2

Gear Crafting Balance Adjustments

One consistent piece of feedback we have heard over the last month or so from all corners of our player population is that the gear grind for O+5 is just too hard and that difficulty is hamstringing our F2P players most of all. With adding additional stamina to Crusade/Fortress and improving the drop rates of gear in Endless Dungeon, we have taken several steps this release to improve the intense grind. Looking specifically at our F2P players, the stamina requirements for crafting recipes are still a bit beyond what we can expect them to accomplish between content updates. To help with this we are pulling one item out of the crafting recipes for several items in O+4 and O+5. Not only will this reduce the grind for items currently needed but it will greatly reduce the stamina requirements for crafting gear down the line in future updates.


  • Caribbeaner: Unicorn Tears has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Dungeon Pearl: Ninja Spinners has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Mushroom Lantern: Helm of the Sparkly Legion has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Level Scalers: Manticorpse has been removed from this crafting recipe


  • Slitherwhip: Stable Stool has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Ancient Meme: Ale-icorn has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Khopesh Mechanism: Fancy Beard Comb has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Sparkbeetle: Drake Knight’s Helmet has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Sands of Thyme: Lockring has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Hanging Terrarium: Ruby Iris has been removed from this crafting recipe
  • Armored Dunce Cap: Shaker Breaker has been removed from this crafting recipe


  • Dungeon
    • Dungeon XP cap has been raised from 70 to 120. (This is still gated by Team Level)
  • Portal Lords
    • Substitute rewards will now be given if the player already owns a unique reward
      • Hero Skin → 2 Normal Campaign Double Drop Consumables
      • Portrait Border → 10 Gold Chest Consumables
      • Portrait Color → 1000 Gold
      • Chat Stamp → 11 Silver Nuggets
      • Guild Emblem → 1 Small Guild Trophy
  • Player Reporting
    • Players must now block a player before reporting them
  • Blocking Players
    • Blocked players can not be unblocked for 1 week
    • Limit on number of players that can be blocked has been removed

Bug Fixes

  • Campaign
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to fight campaign stages they had not yet unlocked
  • Dungeon
    • Fixed bug that caused Dragon Heir fire pools to persist when retreating from combat.
    • Fixed bug that caused Boots of Speed to need to be activated with the FF button in Epic Dungeon
  • Epic Gems
    • Fixed bug that made gems appear empty or full when they were not.
  • Fortress
    • Defeating a lineup in fortress will now give the full score reward for the entire lineup instead of just the heroes remaining at the start of the combat.
  • Heroes
    • Howling Claw
      • Fixed bug that caused Epic Howling Claw to prevent enemy heroes from attacking correctly
    • Noob Hero
      • Noob Hero’s white skill now correctly reflects 100% damage on a skill check success and 50% on a skill check fail. In the fail state he takes the other 50% of damage.
    • Owl Bear
      • Fixed bug that caused Owl Bear to not leave rampage after being possessed.
    • Panther Stalker
      • Fixed bug that caused the Bless buff to prevent Pather Stalker’s untargetable state during his White Skill.
    • The Grizz
      • The Grizz is no longer way too high when he comes out of a gold chest.
    • Twin Trackers
      • Fixed bug that allowed Trackers to sometimes gain energy during their White Skill cast freeze
    • Wander Woman
      • Fixed bug that caused Wander Woman’s epic skill to fail to bless her entire team.
  • War
    • Fixed Bug that caused the War Box Item descriptions and quantity to appear behind the reward selection window.

Remove the level cap increase and O+6 and this would be the perfect update.

1000 gold for an already owned portrait colour isn’t enough. We just put in all the effort and time and invested resources into doing so well in the PL event and we get 1000 gold? Anything less than a half mil is an insult.


I think i am going to cry


This I’m happy with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m pleased input has been taken on board but I’m sure to see many not happy with the values here… But overall glad to see improvements

Perfect adjustment to fortress :wink:

Overall I’d say this a whole load of good stuff, and tbh although orange 6 gear is gonna nuke my brain I’m game for the challenge presented

Let’s do this :wink:

No, you get resource and item rewards totaling around 100k worth of diamonds for your efforts. A reasonably organized guild will earn that much for each of their members each event. The option was either give you something for your duplicates… or give you nothing and just remove them from being awarded once you already have the item. We decided to go with the kinder option. Since you are already getting 100k worth of rewards throughout the entire event, getting a lot more for doing nothing more didn’t seem right. All in all, I think I can say, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Another sudden update in S2. Wow… 2 weeks ago it was the last, it seems that you need a lot of money… you are hdp.


100k diamonds? Don’t make me laugh. I just had a check through the progress rewards, and aside from 150 Whirling Dagger shards, which is five gold chests worth of drops, every other thing could be gained within one day of gameplay. Ten minutes in the dungeon for some epic shards, some purple scraps, some gem pots that I would get from 1/8th of a fortress reward. The end of event rewards netted me a handful of chests and maybe 100 orange item scraps.

If I had to do some maths, it would be no more than 3000 diamonds worth of rewards. You’re about 97,000 short there boyo.


Your maths are wrong.

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Ive never had 100k diamonds man and ive spent my share… PL gives you no where near what that would be worth


What exactly give us 100k diamonds worth of rewards? Do you know what you can do with 100k diamonds???

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Factor in how you earn consumables such as dungeon X2 gear and campaign double drops…

Overstuffed and Scion chests do not pay out immediately what you require takes a few purchases to earn those
I’m sure his math is near on correct in regards to how diamonds would be spent to accumulate all the items

No heroes switching spots in shops or campaign? Also dragoon still only available to buy or gold chest which is more buying?


Nahh bro. Portal lords gave me like 650 diamonds and what? A couple consumables. A skin or 2. A few stam packs. And less then a 1/4 fortress rewards. I can spend 5$ qnd hit some over stuffed chest and get all that.

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To be fair this is for a top end guild earning all of the reward tiers and high end post-event rewards for their chosen faction (excluding all cosmetics). If you aren’t in a guild that performs, you aren’t going to earn that much, But even a lower performing guild can get a third of that with pretty minimal effort.


Top guild on server 2. Try again


Second top guild in chosen faction on S2.

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Are you not counting any of the gear shards or hero stones…none of the other resources…event chests, gold chests, epic shards? I can promise you, It totals to around 100k in diamonds give or take depending on the rewards offered in a specific event or server.


Okay lets count that. 17 twin shards. 4 serpent. 40 hunter epic gear. 19 merc epic gear. 650ish diamonds 18 stam packs, 4 torch light 2 double campain drops 3 boots of speed and 2 double gold drops. You can buy 9000 diamonds and 1500 vip tickets for 50$. No way you give is 100k worth


I can buy a 20$ deal and the diamonds id get will give me all that plus more in over stuffed chest

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Sure, and you are buying those at a discount for volume. PL is balanced around base diamond value.

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