Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


Achievements are fun.

If not always factually accurate :wink:


@Etesian @OhRlyeh

Um… can I get back all the stamina I used on those items then? Cause while I’m happy the requirements have been adjusted, it makes me feel scammed out of the money I spent on stam packs :expressionless: I finally max geared all my heros and the next day there’s a cap raise? Happened to me last cap raise too. I’m fine with grinding but that is A LOT of stamina (aka money) that just got thrown in the garbage.

A cap raise the DAY AFTER all (yes, ALL) heros are max geared? Annoying but I can deal. Spending money on something and then having it just thrown away? Not cool. :rage:


That badge screen…
There’s some that seem impossible to get :joy:
Still though if weren’t for you I’d have never finished the convo with discobot :wink:


Visit forum one is a lie :joy::joy:
I’m in here everyday :wink:
Still don’t have it


What is in the 2. 10 update?


It seems that they gonna screw with S3 ,as we don’t have any other matching server to screw with🤣


So when can we expect new heroes??? Soon i hope…


Some people just want to watch the world burn


Endless has a new bug. When you change floors it turns 2x off. So when you get to the next floor you walk like a turtle until you get into a battle to turn 2x on. Just for it to get turned off automatically again when you move to the next floor.


Use manual
I don’t have an issue in endless when doing it like that :wink:


I get the same issue, regardless of manual or auto. A tiny bit annoying, not gonna lie.


I just want to say this is my favorite aspect of this update. It’s nice to get stuff I need in dungeon. It seems to me this is something that can genuinely help the f2p or less spendy players. It’s something I can choose to do if I have time and inclination, but not something I’m required to do to be successful at the game. Nice balance!


Have to agree :wink: best change to any feature I’ve seen in a long time
Some of these drops I earned before patch… After patch ran from floor 98-120

Couldn’t be happier with the variety available


Why is this a bug fix? Isn’t it normal that you only get the points that you defeat and not the original points of the line? Or what am I missing here?


When the score system was implemented if you killed 4 heros and left one standing you didn’t register a score
Then the following hit on one hero only yielded the value of that one hero not the full amount for the fight as a whole
If a guild left many cleans like that you would never be able to ensure all players earned enough to fill the score bar
This fix has now rectified that :wink:


Still cant get everyone full. I have a hard time filling 4 slots let alone 5 every day…


I really appreciate that PerBlue is finally starting to listen to their player base (although if @Stinkynate’s numbers are accurate, maybe you’re not listening all that well). And I appreciate that PerBlue is making moves to reduce the grind (and $$$) required for some of the gear. I don’t expect PerBlue to give us our stamina back, although that would be amazing… But I do think there should be compensation. I think a very fair compensation would be the items back that were omitted from the crafting recipes.

it took me some time to figure out a fitting analogy for the situation:

Let’s pretend a group of friends have gone out for a big dinner and we all split the bill. As a “whale” I put in my share of the bill right away. Some of my friends can’t pay as much right then, but they put in a little. After some of us have put in our share, the waiter comes back and says that the bill is lower and anyone that hasn’t paid yet will pay a smaller portion. And instead of the waiter returning the extra money, he decides to keep it to pad his own pockets.

I’m okay with the stamina spent to gear my items. Right before the patch notes came out, I managed to fully gear all my toons as well. But what I’m not very pleased with is that anyone that geared their toons, whether they did some or all, they lost those items omitted from the gear recipes. And this really hurts the F2P players. They don’t have the spare resources to waste. They used up their valuable resources to gear their toons. They lost items with this reduction as well. And a reimbursement of those gear items would be FAIR.

I don’t want this to seem gripey, and I don’t want for this to be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type of situation. I just hope PB realizes that their players have lost out on items that they worked for and an reasonable fix is there!


While I appreciate that PB seems to be starting to head in the right direction when it comes to listening to their player base, after seeing the requirements for ONE O+6 Gear slot, I’m very disheartened. I’ve told two very close friends to “hang in there!” “Per Blue is finally hearing us! It’s going to get better!” But realizing the requirements for just ONE gear slot that is needed by 10 toons, I’m a little sick. This does not look like the right direction. This is the recipe for Bull Snake. It requires over 1100 scraps. I even omitted anything you can get in the first couple chapters of campaign, and very readily available in silver chests. But this one item requires over 1100 scraps. 11,000 for all 10 heroes to have one piece of gear.


I made a video of me farming for a single piece of full gear, the sands of thyme. I figured a visual demonstration may help illuminate the issue. It was 5 1/2 minutes long and too large to upload to discord. Sigh. It’s still so grindy. 5 minutes. With a double drop. I do appreciate the recognition that there’s a problem. But so much more needs to be done.


That makes me very sad. And maybe bang my head against a wall…