Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


Wanna play base value? 3$ gets me 120 diamonds every day a month plus what 300? Thats base value


Actually, that is not. The monthly deal gives one of the best value for diamond rates.


Okay okay. 20$ for 1500 diamonds. Thatll do the same thing


Will this be the actual chests or just a random selection that is possible to get from a chest?


Point is 100k diamonds is more then youll every need in your life and theres not a way possible thats the rewards total added up from portal lords is not equivalent to 100k diamonds


Id like the diamonds next time since its ‘equivalent’


Gold chest consumables


Ok, Look For it in your Mail Box after the next event :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that just a gold chest? I’m slightly confused by the consumable designation.


I’m almost afraid to see the gear recipes. It’s hard to imagine that it could be any more boring and expensive than the 05 requirements.


I completely believe we get 100k diamonds worth of rewards in PQ math based on shop prices. But I dont know anyone that would choose to spend that many diamonds on items from the shop compared to event chests or similar.


Oh forsure Ill keep an eye out


Just for example portal lords gave me

20 stam packs at 50 gem buys per pack is 1000gems
44 heros shards… Based on merchant /trade/dragon prices of around 120 per 3 shard that alone is 1440 gems
8 gold chest is 2304 based on 288 price
Epic gear 19 scraps … 3000 tokens buys 5 so that’s 12000 tokens ( how much is a token worth compared to a gem I have no clue but they take a while to earn in most modes)
And that’s only a handful of the items no consumables like dungeon or overstuffed items.
Based on how they drop items per buy you’d maybe have to buy 3x5 to guarantee the tier rewards on each overstuffed and Scion chests so that’s 1150x3= 3450 and 1350x3=4050

Haven’t even included the end event items of shards and gold chests in that … That’s just tier rewards
So just in a few rewards we have
12244 gems on a handful
If knew what the token to gem conversion would be able to take that near to 20k

There are a lot of variables in all that i must admit but when you break it all down the math does extrapolate to a lot higher then you’d think :wink:

Edit:. 45 players x12000-20000 gems is an awful lot of resources for a 5 day event and remember i only included maybe 20% of rewards offered


Also theres no doubt that getting all the tier rewards is well worth that effort. The extra effort to keep top ranks is considerable though. The only real difference for that extra effort seems to be a unique border (not an extra border, just a unique border).


Setting aside the whole diamond value of PL rewards arguement, I’d just like to say that I’m happy about the ability to substitute absolutely worthless stuff for something of value, even of limited value. Nice job PerBlue!


Ok, my apologies. I was looking at the wrong cell of my spreadsheet and I did those calculations a while ago. It is not 100k in diamonds. It is 8500. Which as you mentioned before is still a solid reward at around $50 in real monies. I retract my snark but point stands :stuck_out_tongue:


Off topic but What are 50 grizz shards worth in real monies? As this was the only season war reward offered to me in every crate opened this past season. Just curious if I’ll get a response here, as in game “support” basically just replied “too bad”.


S2 just went to 120 and O5 on July 18th. Another less than a month turnaround for us on by FAR the hardest gear requirement cap raise yet? RIP playerbase


Yeah it is pretty bad. But now that you guys are all caught up it’ll be around 6 weeks now. But yeah I feel for you s2 players. The drop rate on the items and just equipping everyone was a pain. Took me probably over 4k stam packs. Once servers do merge it puts you guys at a severe disadvantage.


I’m not even worried about the disadvantage when the merge happens. Theres no way around that. But I’m by no means close to a f2p player and I’m still a ways off of fully gearing O5 even after that 4x drop yesterday. It is what it is, but after this the merge cant come fast enough with all the talks of people ready to give up from the grind right now