Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


Just to add some math.

Multiple people have found the O5 for all heroes was over 4k packs (with a double drop). Even at the BEST deal in the last month where you got 400 stamina packs for $20, that’s over $200 in less than a month to max gear.


Love all the stuff, especially the PL prize changes. Not excited for a cap/ranking raise (Im certainly not ready…) but I’ll just be happy that I’m not on the jipped S2…



Couldn’t resist. Lol


Can i just have the 100k diamonds then? 3rd in pl correct faction s1


100k diamonds…damn thats alot of name changes for me…and no new hero!!!:disappointed_relieved:


Truth :smile:


What’s up with the new gear!? There’s been a hugely supported thread about the ridiculous grind of O+5 And how long it would take to complete that. Thought the mods even agreed with that thread.
But instead of giving people some more time to get back on track we get the fastest new gear update ever. Is the pot of ideas really that empty that all you can think of for an update is new gear and TL raise?
I don’t like to be the ranting person on a forum, but this is just crazy. I’ve spent quite some money to be able to help in wars against top guilds, just to get smacked again after O+6.
Is there a roadmap on future updates? I’m really starting to wonder if spending any money on this game is worth it. At this pace I rather quit and find a more balanced game…

P.s. just some stats looking at the LB:
It’s hard to say how much power you have when you’re fully geared O+5 due to epic power. But looking at the LB the #1 is around 740k total power. Let’s say 25k of that is Epic power. That means you need atleast 715k power to say you’re done with O+5. 715k power is just under the 50th rank. Which means AT MOST 50 people on S1 are done with O+5. In reality it are even less I’m afraid. What made you all decide that this is the right moment for even more gear? Is 50 players such a significant part of the player base that this update has to happen?
Not sure how the situation is on S2, but I’m afraid it’s even worse there…


Lemme know when you find a more balanced game lol


Yes!!! Increase of the dungeon lvl… thank you, thank you so much… Will just say max is 69 now and not 70… so is the new max also 1 below what is stated?


Cap increase again?! RIP Server 2.


It’s almost enough to make you quit top guilds and start your own franchise of chilled guilds across the servers, where people can have a rest from the grind and try to find the fun again.

Oh… Wait…


Im so glad inflation only took a month from this message to continually grow more out of control to cause this.


I’ve heard they also told that this patch would only contain a cap raise, and that new gear would come in the patch after that… I’m not even mad that they come with a new update now, if that’s what they think is best for the game then go on. Players will decide whether it’s worth playing or not.

But we get constant promises (like your SS) only to see them being broken shortly after. I’m really at a point that I don’t believe anything the mods are telling us anymore… Which is sad, because i’m sure they want the best for all players.

Well i’ll just go back to my desk, hoping that the next patch we’ll see contains a server merge. And if not then I hope the next patch will be far far away, because O+6 will take me another year to finish the boring item grind.


Lower spenders would never have caught up with the deals they were offering.

Now they’re offer even more for less… people are going to spend the amounts that they see fit for their wallets. There’s not much that can be done.

I think the best thing (which will hurt the company), is to let the cap and ranking sit, so people besides whales can catch up. But that’ll make whales leave, and I guess a handful of people spend more than the rest of us.


To be fair to per blue.

Yes I know that’s an unpopular position…

But to be fair to per blue, they were talking about the fact these deals were STACKING THREE TIMES.

The deals they are doing now do not stack :frowning:

So they are still true to their word.
Which you are publishing to a greater audience without the actual context of the screenshot.

Fake news! :wink:


I never congratulated you on the name lol.
I remember that, and the thread where maiden was finesse too, very well :slight_smile:

Maybe a maiden is finesse is needed? :wink:


They don’t stack the same, but they’re consistently giving 4 or 5 at a time which ends up effectively the same


Wait wait wait, server mergers? Why would they merge servers when they just added more servers?


This level/gear raise just feels so wrong. As a so-called “whale”, I WANT to see everyone able to catch up prior to the next raise. It’s not fun to see moderate spenders fall so far behind. It’s not fun to see people give up. It’s not fun to see people can’t even hit in war because they can’t catch up. It used to be that MOST people could at least get two solid teams geared before a raise. Most people I know are no where near that. I may pay to have an advantage, but I’m not paying to end up playing by myself.


My post is completely in context as it is easily seen that deal inflation is getting out of control again. 350-400 stamina per buy is huge considering the same deals would have given about 100 when the screenshot was made.

To play the part of mici advocate, PB has almost forced themself to do this recently from the insane O5 requirements.

But they did that to themselves to appease whales. Whales may want things to do, but they also want the game as a whole to do well so they have others to play with. F2p doesnt pay the bills directly, but keeping them playing is an important part of keeping the game alive.