Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


I don’t get why they think whales want more grinding… I don’t want to have to collect 200 per item in a recipe that calls for 10 items. I want my money spent to actually have value. These insane gear requirements are the opposite.


Mici is the devil now?

I was just arguing the point that the screenshot was from a conversation where we were bemoaning the loss of 3x $5 / 2x$10 deals stacking with a purchase of a $20 deal.

I agree the deals are better numbers now.
And that they run four or five at a time.

The proof of that?
I bought a $10 deal last month.
Over 300 stamina and a double drop and dungeon consumables.

That tells you all you need to know about how good the deals are getting again lol :slight_smile:


Or, as loo is saying, how essential they are to keep up with this insane grind.

Looking forward to lots in this patch.
It should go some way to help.

But the situation was created by per blue over compensating how quickly the high spenders were blitzing through the cap raises


Well, I’m glad to see that some of my suggestions have made their way into this update. However, the only things I am unsure about are the items in chapter 18 (which will be revealed Wednesday) and the drop rate for items in chapter 13. I was hoping for an increase in the drop rate, but nothing has been mentioned here. Lightening the grind for O+6 is nice, but if we can’t even pass O+5, it’s no good. I do like the extra stamina, and I hope it’s a substantial amount.

Also you mentioned the gifts for duplicate PL rewards… does this includes duplicates we already have?


If I remember correctly, you can get 1000 gold fighting one campaign stage, and even more for crusade… I’ve never seen the possibility to get a color that easily -.- for f2p players, getting borders, colors and skins is nearly impossible.


I too would like to know if my duplicates can be exchanged :zipper_mouth_face:


I too would like to know if my duplicates can be exchanged :wink:


The specific source of inflation is irrelevant to the context. It was explicitly stated that they knew inflation was a problem and they were fixing it even if it hurt the bottom line. Reintroducing the same issue goes against that.

And yes, the moment you said Fake News you became the devil. :sweat_smile:


Good points on both sides. Now, we don’t get chests much in sales anymore, but the most I remember getting when I spent $20 was 200 chests and stamina. You can get double the stamina now with a bunch of dungeon stuff, and not even half the chests. So maybe the deals aren’t quite as good, but they could be a rough even.

Maybe they noticed that the gap was narrowing though.

I’m okay with the update, it’s just sad that the rank increase couldn’t wait a bit longer.


It’s entirely possible i missed it but i have not seen an eta on 2.9. Do we know when it is scheduled to drop?


“Wednesday” (20 character limit)


What he said :joy::joy:



Really wishing another fortress level was in this update.


It’s coming.
That involves actual programming, rather than adjusting cells in a spreadsheet, so takes longer… :wink:


Come on! Just give S3 its well deserved O+5. and tell me when the update is coming?


In the future :ok_hand:


Very nice update :smiley: A lot of bugs fixed, special thanks for howling claw and wander woman :wink: I can tell that some suggestions are finallly in the patch notes. Keep doing that and all the players will be happy :slight_smile:


The deals are still pathetic to what they once were are you guys forgetting that we also got 350 chest with that 350 stam yeah we are getting the same stamina but the deals are defiently still not great compared to what they were 10 is good for 350 stam and double drops but was better when it was 350 stam , 350 chest.


You apparently haven’t seen the outrage over O+5
Be careful what you wish for…


Just reiterating, item grind is boring af. I may quit if that is what o6 and future is about. Same old same old. I want new adventure and opportunities before i spend any more money. I will not spend money on o6 if it is anything like o5 grind.