Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


I don’t know what paradox is talking about, I’m in the top guild on s3, no one is asking for a hurry up for new ranks. Lol. And yes I would also like 100k diamonds instead of the other rewards for the portal lords events.


PB, thank you for adjusting the gear requirements.
Although i would be remiss if i didnt ask about those who already geared those adjusted gears, guessing they dont get those sub-gear (tears, shaker, helm, etc) back.


I for one an going to be extremely upset if we dont get compensated those items back. I worked and paid to get through most of this O5 grind, and shouldn’t be out that much suddenly.


Thank you for rushing in yet another lvl and gear increase, you just lost another player and consumer, whats more outrageous is the fact that 1. S1 had 2 more weeks (or more) than us to catch up in gear (O5) and 2. The continous warnings from S2 players (including myself) that this would kill our server… BRAVO PER BLUE! :+1:


I’m making an educated guess they are prepping for s1/s2 merge after the s4/s5 merge.


Does anyone know what’s going to happen with the labels for the later servers after the merge ie does 6 become 5 7 become 6 etc?


For numbers, this removes…
2300 scraps from O4
14080 scraps from O5 (some of the 05 ingredients are common scraps)

Given the drop rates on some of these items that’s a big difference, which will help f2p. But also a big loss if the rest of us aren’t compensated in some way.

Edit: these numbers are actually a bit higher as I never added new heroes to my old spreadsheets as they were released.


Spenders always pay more to get things first.

I don’t remember compensation coming when the epic dungeon was changed, to make it easier for people to farm epics.

I bought the odd deal to get some stamina boosts, and some of the items I farmed have now been removed from the item I made.

Stuff happens.

Although if compensation is coming, I would like my little list of items too please :wink:


Which way do you think s3 should go? :wink:


Buying/Adding Skills seems to freeze the app on IOS 11.4.1


Stam drops in crusade is fantastic. Ty!

Error in war, when i go to set my heroes, it removes all of them each time.


Same here, when wanting to set Heroes in War, All are removed.


Just chiming in, firstly o6 came way too fast, and secondly,

Jesus Christ, the stars looked fine, if you wanted to indicate the crystal, there were a myriad other ways you could have gone with. Those ugly black holes ewww. And you’d think when filled it would at least look good, but no, it just looks not-necessarily-vomit-inducing.

Ik I’m being dramatic over a cosmetic feature, but seriously, it looks absolutely awful. I open the game and when i see my heroes i just wanna close it back up.


Farewell, Felicia :wink:


I’m happy with the cogs…
Gives me all the info I require when deciding how best to tackle a lineup…
Do they have epic ?? Do they have a crystal ??
Nothing bad about it in my eyes

And if don’t like the black holes … Well there’s a fix for that :joy: gear up make crystals and bam!! Problem resolved :joy::joy:

Only change is make
Red /purple/blue centre of cog to indicate crystal type


To OhRiyeh: please do not try to get us to drink the same Cool-Aid you have consumed. As you undoubtedly know—the ‘Discounted’ gem prices are pretty consistent for values of goodies in other games whether purchased w/Cash, or cash purchased commodities.

When I look at this comment that appeared here a month ago and down deep I think that the poster has got it right, I realize that PB still has a ways to go. You give us skins and chat icons and call it a gift. The person’s comment that I read here a month ago was “Free junk is still Junk.” That quote continues to resonate with me thru the intervening PL event last week.

That 100k figure is overblown, ask your grandmother how much she would pay to play a game sheenjoyed.


Let’s not get the grandmother’s involved

Mine carries a loaded purse… :wink:


If you read more, you’ll see that OhRyleh did say that his 100k diamonds statement was

(I don’t know how to do that quote thing, so copy-pasted)

Ok, my apologies. I was looking at the wrong cell of my spreadsheet and I did those calculations a while ago. It is not 100k in diamonds. It is 8500. Which as you mentioned before is still a solid reward at around $50 in real monies. I retract my snark but point stands :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m happy with the update so far. I’m not even demanding compensation-- I figured with all the complaints that things would change. And with a game that’s constantly updating, it’s just too hard to tell…

Sure I ‘wasted’ several stamina packs, but if things hadn’t changed, I would be at no loss. It sucks, but I’m just happy that things were changed for the better.

I just did the first level of Crusade and got 15 stamina. Don’t know if it increases as you go, but that’s pretty cool.


Hard crusade is 15, 30, 45, 60 and 60. I’ve not played blockbuster.