Update 2.9 Patch Notes [Updated 8/15]


To quote hold down finger on comment and should pop up quote marks highlight rest of whatever you want then press quote :wink:


Lol what if I’m on PC?


Erm …

Above my pay grade :joy:


Looks like Blockbuster is double. First stage was 30, second 60.


Figured it out! on PC, use the mouse to highlight the text and as soon as you unclick, a grey “quote” icon appears


Ahhh sweet :wink:
I don’t use pc so would’ve never been able to answer that


My life is complete


Yup, I needed that achievement too, thanks.


Oh my damn, very cool, ty!

Didn’t even know we had badges, LoO, lol


Not a fan of the gear replacing the star for epics. Should just change the star to whatever color crystal is equipped.


Achievements are fun.

If not always factually accurate :wink:


@Etesian @OhRlyeh

Um… can I get back all the stamina I used on those items then? Cause while I’m happy the requirements have been adjusted, it makes me feel scammed out of the money I spent on stam packs :expressionless: I finally max geared all my heros and the next day there’s a cap raise? Happened to me last cap raise too. I’m fine with grinding but that is A LOT of stamina (aka money) that just got thrown in the garbage.

A cap raise the DAY AFTER all (yes, ALL) heros are max geared? Annoying but I can deal. Spending money on something and then having it just thrown away? Not cool. :rage:


That badge screen…
There’s some that seem impossible to get :joy:
Still though if weren’t for you I’d have never finished the convo with discobot :wink:


Visit forum one is a lie :joy::joy:
I’m in here everyday :wink:
Still don’t have it


What is in the 2. 10 update?


It seems that they gonna screw with S3 ,as we don’t have any other matching server to screw with🤣


So when can we expect new heroes??? Soon i hope…


Some people just want to watch the world burn


Endless has a new bug. When you change floors it turns 2x off. So when you get to the next floor you walk like a turtle until you get into a battle to turn 2x on. Just for it to get turned off automatically again when you move to the next floor.


Use manual
I don’t have an issue in endless when doing it like that :wink: