Update 3.0.A Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.0.A!


This is a small update to bring some new content to a few servers, prepare for the servers 4 and 6 merge, and make some adjustments to Red progression.

New Hero [Server 1]

Sizzle Phoenix

The Sizzle Phoenix is a mythical bird born from coals that cooked a condemned man’s last meal. It’s seen both as a figure of bad luck and smokey, savory flavor.

Sizzle Phoenix is a Back-Line Support Fury Hero who will be the December Sign In Hero on Server 1.


Scorching Squawk
Sizzle Phoenix scorches the closest enemy with a giant fireball to deal damage on impact. The enemy is then lit aflame and takes Bleed damage.

Burning Blessing
Sizzle Phoenix engulfs the ally with the most enemies around them in a fire shield. They gain a shield and deal damage to all nearby enemies twice a second for the duration.

Extra Rations
Heals self at the end of a wave.

This Hero gains Energy and Health whenever the enemy with the most Threat dies.

Epic Gear

Heart of the Flame
A legendary gem that increases the flavor of food cooked near it. A heartbeat can be heard whenever its warmed by a fire.

Scorching Squawk deals extra Bleed damage per tick and now maxes the Threat of the enemy during the burn. If the enemy dies with the burn on them they explode to deal damage to all enemies.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

December Sign in Hero: Sizzle Phoenix

Starting December 1

  • Splash Phoenix will replace Dragoon in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 4:

December Sign in Hero: Forgotten Champion

  • Chapter 19: Darker Dungeons
  • Max Team Level 130
  • Orange +7 Gear Rarity
  • 3rd Epic Crystal

Starting December 1

  • Twin Trackers will replace Mystic Punk in the Guild War Shop

Server 6:

  • Chapter 19: Darker Dungeons
  • Max Team Level 130
  • Orange +7 Gear Rarity
  • 3rd Epic Crystal
  • The Sign in Hero will change to Twin Trackers in preparation for the merge with Server 4.

Server 7:

December Sign in Hero: Howling Claw

Starting December 1

  • New Hero: Dragoon will appear in Elite Chapter 15
  • The Birdbarian will replace Howling Claw in the Guild War Shop
  • Panther Stalker will replace Twin Trackers in the Royal Tournament Shop
  • Tempest will replace Panther Stalker in the Gold Chest

Server 8:

December Sign in Hero: Shield Maiden

  • Chapter 13: Return to the Tide
  • Max Team Level 100
  • Orange +1 Gear Rarity
  • 1st Epic Crystal
  • New Hero: Ember Wisp will appear in Elite Chapter 13
  • Hex Witch and Howling Claw will replace Cogmaster and Forest Hermit in the Arena Shop
  • Highwayman will replace Stone Guard in the Crusade Shop
  • Mystic Punk will replace Satyr Fox in the Guild War Shop

Server 9:

December Sign in Hero: Satyr Fox

  • Chapter 8: Twigging Out!
  • Max Team Level 65
  • Purple +1 Gear Rarity

Improvements and Hero Balance

With Honor Classes being released last week we’ve been keeping an eye on things and asking for feedback from players to see if things were hitting the right marks. In this update we’ll start to address concerns we’ve heard about the balance between Classes and the power gap between Heroes that have Honor Classes and those that don’t. We’ll also be removing the attach/remove/abandon costs for Apprentice tier Honor Classes to provide more room for experimentation in these early stages of the feature. As a result of that change, all Gold/Hero XP spent on these actions will be fully refunded to players. Note that this does not include Gold spent on leveling Honor Skills. Expect attachment and removal costs to return at Tier 2 of Honor Class recipes.

Balance Adjustments:

  • Honor Classes
    • Players have expressed that the gap between Heroes with Honor Classes and Heroes without them is a little too large right now. We’ll be knocking some power off all of the classes but hitting Tanks and Supports harder due to feedback about them feeling too powerful at the moment.
  • Buffs for older Heroes
    • Expect to see some adjustments to base stats and skills for Skull Buster and Salty Merc to help bring them more in line with the current pool of Heroes.

Update 3.4.A Patch Notes

How are you guys able to keep track of everything I’ve spent trying to change honor classes? Also, will there be more specifics for the support and tank honor classes? And does splash Phoenix go to gold chests as well or only tournament?

I also have a couple questions regarding the funcationality of the honor skills. Do the support honor skills work even when the hero is dead? If bless cancels the silence of spellward, does it also counter the energy loss? Lastly, does spirit mancer stack with revive heroes like grave wraith or wisp?


Does anyone have idea what exact time this update will be applied?


Can you plz address grave wraiths revive ability no longer working when hes a mancer. Also the most broken of the honor classes is spellward and mancer. I have endless fights where my heroes are sitting in backline while the orbs from both teams just heal n regen x n until fight ends in timeout.


This will be adressed by me to the developers in the discord chat.

I however can’t promise something will change since im not a PerBlue staff member.



Thanks dude ! Here is a screenshot, challenger is broken right now all top 5 got wraith cos of this bug.



I have been wondering… the way war defence teams are locked when war starts does that also goes for honors? Because in theory you could then change your honors for whatever suits your attack needs after war starts but still keep the defensive setup you like… and with apprentice lvl being free all can do that but guessing next lvl will not be free and this will be a tactic easily used by P2P but not really something you can do as f2p


I’m sure there will be a limit on how many times you can choose in a designated time frame.


Hi @Polaris @OhRlyeh can you explain in more detail the kind of adjustment for the honor class?

Example if the time for guardians going to be less or just the DMG and DMG reduction.

Thus the spellward going to lower the energy that remove from target or is just the time of silence.

Thus the spiritmancer heal and DMG going to be reduce?

Also what woulf happened to turtle he is now in gold chest only he will go to campaign?


I can help you with some answers.

I am not perblue team but this is what I had xperience.

Bless remove the silcence. But not the energy loss. Because as soon. As you cast WW everyone is silence and loss energy. Then the bless effect start and you remove the silence but the energy is already loss.

Went you kill the spellward you can use freely your white.
Same with spiritmancer. But the heal and DMG orb will remain until the end of the battle, if they are already trigger.

The skill of wisp of revive is only for him self of you have any honor class on him it will function again for the time you stay alive.

Now if grave revive any heroes he can use Normally his skill, including the honor class ones. This is one of the more broken power after the honor class and spiritmance combie with grave.

Hope this help.


Not so much, but thanks for trying. I think you misread my questions haha.


Where is Dragoon going in S1 if he’s leaving tournament shop?


Gotta love spotty patch notes that don’t cover basic information haha


Any time mentioned, when this is gonna happen?


Server update will be at 11 AM CT today.


There is a detail list of the adjustment that are being made for balancing?


Trying to see ur screen shot but it’s not coming up


This update is now complete. Thank you for being patient!



Gold and Hero XP refunds for Honor Class changes have now been delivered through the game mailbox.