Update 3.0 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.0!


Welcome to Portal Quest 3.0! This is a major update for Portal Quest, as we introduce a whole new way to promote your heroes. Heroes gain a resistance and damage type and players will have the ability to choose a Honor Class for their Heroes. This update also includes a new Campaign Chapter, new Epic Skills, and new Guild Perks!

Red Progression!

Perks of being Red

Promoting a Hero from Orange+8 to Red provides them with a number of benefits
The Hero will gain a Resistance Type
Physical Resistance: Physical Resistance lowers the damage of Physical attacks by 15% and Normal attacks by 20%. It has no effect on Magical Damage.
Magical Resistance: Magical Resistance lowers the damage of Magical attacks by 15% and Normal attacks by 20%. It has no effect on Physical Damage.
Total Resistance: Total Resistance lowers the damage of Physical and Magical attacks by 15%, and Normal attacks by 20%.

Note: Heroes below Red Rarity have No Resistance

Their Basic Attacks and Damaging Abilities gain a Damage Type.
A hero can have multiple damage types on their different skills.
Physical Damage: Physical Damage deals 15% extra damage to targets protected by Magical Resistance. Deals 20% extra damage to targets with No Resistance
Magical Damage: Magical Damage deals 15% extra damage to targets protected by Physical Resistance. Deals 20% extra damage to targets with No Resistance
True Damage: True Damage deals 100% damage to Physical and Magical Resistances. Deals 20% extra damage to targets with No Resistance. True Damage still obeys Aspect Damage rules.

Note: Heroes below Red Rarity deal Normal Damage

A choice of Honor Classes will become available.
Each Role will have a choice between Two Honor Classes. Selecting an Honor Class will open the ability to unlock a new Skill.

Paladin: Paladins gain a powerful shield whenever they receive a debuff
Guardian: Guardians start combat with full Threat and reduce incoming damage from enemies for a time. During this time enemies that attack them will also take damage.

Warlord: Warlords gain Attack Power, Attack Speed and Lifesteal the longer they fight
Warlock: Warlocks gain energy when using their Blue Skill and heal themselves when they use their White Skill

Spiritmancer: Spiritmancers create spirit orbs from their fallen comrades based on their Role. These orbs have a variety of effects in battle:

  • Tank Orbs spawn as a Frontline ally with an amount of health and are able to be attacked by enemies. They have max threat while they are alive.
  • Damage Orbs continue to fight and deal damage to enemies for the rest for the rest of the wave, they cannot be targeted by enemies.
  • Support Orbs continuously heal your entire team for the rest of the wave, they cannot be targeted by enemies.

Spellward: Spellwards sabotage their enemy’s skills to damage and Silence their own team when used.

Note: Support Honor Class effects can stack with each other. For example If you choose to take two Spritamancers into combat with a Tank, when that Tank dies it will spawn one orb but it will gain the Health value from both Spiritmancers. The same holds true with the other Spritmancer orbs and the damage dealt by Spellwards.

A Hero Essence is created of their new Rarity, Aspect and Role
A Hero’s Aspect will affect the Essence color and the Hero’s Role affects the Essence Animal
A Fury Damage Hero provides a Fury Damage Essence
A Finesse Tank Hero provides a Finesse Tank Essence
A Focus Support Hero Provides a Focus Support Essence
Warp Mage will provide a Wild Aspect Damage Essence
Note: A Wild Aspect Essence can be used in a matching role slot of any Aspect Type

Once you get a Hero to Red Rarity, the first thing you are going to want to do is head over to the shiny new Honor Tab in the Hero screen. Here you will be able to select an Honor Class for the Hero. Each Role in PQ (Damage, Tank, and Support) has two different Honor Classes to choose from.

The Honor Tab

The Honor Tab is where you will select your Honor Class and where the Essence Recipe is Completed

When a Hero is not Red the Honor Tab will display a preview of:

  • What Resistance Type the Hero will gain
  • What Damage Type their Basic Attacks will gain
  • Their Honor Class choices


Once you select a Hero’s Honor Class you are not done yet! Before the Hero can get their Honor Skill you will have to unlock it by completing an Essence Recipe. Remember those Essences you created when you leveled a Hero to Red? Well here is where you use them! You will need Hero Xp and Gold to attach each Essence to a Hero. Once attached, each Essence will give the Hero stat boosts whether the recipe is complete or not!

Unlocking the Honor Class Skill

  • After selecting your Honor Class, an Essence Recipe must be completed before the Skill is unlocked
  • Each recipe requires a number of specific Hero Essences to complete
    • To complete your first (Apprentice) Honor Tier you will need 2 Essences for each Hero.
  • When a required Essence is gained it can be attached using Gold and Hero XP
  • Attaching a Hero Essence will give an immediate Stat Bonus

Damage Hero Essence: A Damage Role Essence will provide Bonus Attack Damage
Tank Hero Essence: A Tank Role Essence will provide Bonus Health
Support Hero Essence: A Support Role Essence will Provide Bonus Starting Energy

  • When the Apprentice Tier Recipe is completed, the Honor Class Skill is Unlocked in the Skills Tab
  • The Honor Class Skill is increased by spending Gold and Skill points, it can be leveled 10 times per completed Honor Class Tier

Slotting an Essence

  • The Essence recipe contains a number of Essence Slots that must be filled in-order to unlock your Honor Class Skill
  • Essence Slots have three States:

Empty with no Essence available
Empty with an Essence available

  • Selecting a Slot that has Essence available opens the Equip Essence Window, here you can select the Essence you wish to attach
  • Selecting a slot with no Essence available opens a Finder to help you acquire the Essence needed
  • Selecting a Hero’s Portrait will bring you to that Hero’s Menu
    Note: Red progression adds Honor Classes, which impact every hero in the game. We will be watching the balance of the heroes and likely making stat adjustments to Honor Classes in the future.

Now let’s say you chose an Honor Class for a Hero and decide you might like the other one better. Well don’t worry, you aren’t locked into the decision. You can always remove Essences to use them someplace else or abandon the class entirely if you want to choose a new one. Be careful though, removing Essences are as expensive as attaching them so it’s probably not something you are going to want to do without good reason. Also removing an Essence will remove all bonuses that the completed tier earned that hero (such as unlocking their Honor Skill). You won’t lose any levels you’ve gained on the Honor skill by just removing an essence, but if you abandon the subclass you will. Consider yourself warned!

Removing Essence and Abandoning your Subclass

  • At any time Hero Essence can be removed, removing a Hero Essence costs Gold and Hero XP equal to the cost of attaching it
  • Removing Hero Essence will lock the Honor Class Skill to the highest completed tier but will not reset its Skill Level
    • Removing Essence from the Apprentice Tier will disable the Honor Class Skill until the Tier is Completed again
  • At any time you can Abandon your Honor Class and select a different one
  • Abandoning an Honor Class removes all Hero Essence Attached to the Hero and all Levels gained in the Honor Class Skill are Lost
    • The Gold and Hero XP cost for removing each Hero Essence is charged when an Honor Class is Abandoned

Leveling Your Honor Skill

Honor skills Level up just like your normal skills; With skill points and gold. Head over to the skill tab of the hero menu to level them up. Upon completing the Essence Recipe for each Honor Rarity the Hero achieves, increases the max skill level of the Honor Skill by 10.

New Epic Skills

Ginger Beard

Solar Shields
Teach the sun to fear gingers, and not the other way around.

The Dwarven Kiss now deals damage and maxes the target’s Threat upon impact. Ginger Beard also gains life steal and deals increased damage when hitting Stunned targets.

Loyal Squire

Sword of the Ancient Lion
In days long passed, there were tales of a man with the head of a lion, whose heart burned so hot for his people, he forged his own sword with its flames.

Loyal Squire now gains energy whenever an enemy gets Silenced. Royal Smite also deals bonus damage and smites all Silenced enemies in addition to its normal target.

Guild Level 6 (S1-S6)

  • Guild Level 6: 2 Million Guild Influence
    • Increases Guild Influence cap to 6 Million
  • New Guild Level 6 Perks
    • Campaign Purple Gear Bonus
      • Doubles the drop rate of purple item scraps from Normal Campaign
      • 1Mil Guild Influence
  • New Levels of Guild Perks in Guild Level 6
    • Daily Raid Ticked Bonus
      • Lv6: 3 Mil Guild Influence
    • Improved Guild Check-in
      • Lv6: 3 Mil Guild Influence
    • Portal Lords Cooldown Skip
      • Lv6: 700k Guild Influence
    • War Attack Point Generation
      • lv 7: 1mil Guild Influence
      • lv 8: 2mil Guild Influence
    • Dragon Shop Discount
      • Lv4: 3mil Guild Influence
    • Trade Ship Discount
      • Lv4: 3mil Guild Influence
    • Merchant Discount
      • Lv4: 3mil Guild Influence
    • Fortress Victory
      • Lv4: 5 mil Guild Influence
    • Fortress Difficulty
      • Lv7: 2 mil Guild Influence

Chapter 21: Mountain Tension

  • With this new Chapter and Gear Rarity we have made an effort to eliminate the exponential gear grind requirements that have been seen in later stages of Orange. With a number of changes in Red gear crafting recipes and Gear set requirements on heroes we have brought the average stamina cost to gearing a hero down to where it was in Orange +4. We have also made steps to reduce the number of previous chapters you will need to grind through to get your hero’s Red rarity gear crafted.
  • Starting in Chapter 21 Campaigns will now have 10 Elite Stages instead of 7! That means every other Stage will be Elite instead of every third. This will give us more places to put gear and hero shards into the current chapter. By doing this players will be able to focus more on the current chapter instead of having to farm as many older chapters for gear in the current rarity.
  • Base Stamina cost for Chapter 21 increased to 14

Let’s face it, a thousand-foot vertical crash into a mountainside is far from the worst thing that’s happened to Our Heroes. The worst thing that has happened, of course, is Our Heroes completing their quest, only for a deranged alchemist to give them a container of soup that grants the Hollows the personality of, sigh, Rogue Bowman.

It’s been a real road we’ve travelled, hasn’t it?

In this thrilling new Chapter of the Portal Quest epic, Our Heroes get very cold, start hearing voices, and discover a shocking new revelation about soup. Excelsior, true believers!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

Chapter 21( Mountain Tension)
Max Team Level 140
New Rarity: Red 0
Max Guild Level 6

  • Princess Portal and Scarred Brawler replace Ice Berg and Serpent King in the Arena Shop
  • The Birdbarian and Ginger Beard replace Storm Wizard and Skull Buster in the Crusade shop
  • Whirling Dagger and Elder Mohawk replace Highwayman and Tempest in the Fortress shop
  • Loyal Squire replaces Twin Trackers in the War Shop
  • Forgotten Champion replaces Lion Knight in the Royal Tournament Shop



  • Stamina cap has been increased from 2000 to 4000
  • Added a “Use 10X” button for stamina packs in the “Buy Stamina” window

Event Chests

  • Added messaging to make it clear that opening Event Chests in a players inventory count towards the purchase limit.


  • Two Heroes will be changing Roles to even out the Aspect/Role assignments across the Hero pool for Honor Class Recipes.
    • Feral Brute has changed from Tank to Damage
    • The Grizz has changed from Tank to Support

New Portal Lords Quests

  • Gain Epic Shards
  • Level the Epic Skill of Heroes
  • Collect Strength or Vitality
  • Purchase gear scraps from the Guild Shops
  • Purchase Hero shards from the Guild Shops
  • Earn Scrip from donating to the Guild Shop
  • Use Favor in the Dungeon

Bug Fixes


  • Forgotten Champion
    • Fixed bug that caused Forgotten champion to hit twice with his basic attack


  • Fixed bug that caused a guild to get stuck in war if the opponent guild disbanded during the match.


  • Fixed bug that caused crashing when viewing rewarded guild emblems.

So essence is created when you make a hero red, buts it’s not clear how we evolve it. Do we need a new resource to do it? If so, how is that acquired? Or do we simply use gold and hero exp to level up the essence? And there was mention of level it 10 times per promotion? And 2 essences needed after apprentice? I’m terribly confused by the concept here. The new roles about tank etc make sense, but this essence crafting has left me in the dark. Hopefully there’s greater detail to follow and we aren’t left guessing about everything like we were with the integration of crystals. Please elaborate on the acquisition, usage and leveling of “essence.”


You will get 1 essence from each hero that is evolved to Red+0. With each new Red Rarity you evolve a hero to they will create 1 more essence.

You wont be able to “evolve” an essence from Red+0 rarity to Red+1 rarity until Red+1 rarity is released… and even then the feature may not be available by then so don’t worry about that for now. When it does happen it will require Hero xp.

The next Stage after Apprentice wont be available either until Red+1 is released. You will have to wait until then to see how many essences are needed.

This will definitely take some studying


@OhRlyeh so there will not be a new resource we will have to scrounge for from daily quests or events? Just want to make sure that I fully understand before I really focus on the process.

I also really appreciate your quick answer. Essence per gear upgrade makes a lot of sense.

Ultimately, will bigger spenders get a bigger advantage like they have with crystals? Since crystal materials have been so accessible from $20 deals and daily diamond deals, those with less resources (money and diamonds) have a slight disadvantage.

No new resource has been added. The only thing you will need is Hero XP and Gold

Bigger spenders always have a bigger advantage, it is the unfortunate reality of F2P games. We do what we can with big features like this to make it as fair as possible for all our players, F2P and P2P. Everyone will have equal access to essences from heroes. Wild essences will be available in deals and as contest rewards.

Here’s my first shot at summarizing and making sense of notes.

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@OhRlyeh 3.0 is on schedule for next Wednesday before US Thanksgiving? I’m guessing.

Not even going to try to understand any of the new red stuff, but it sounds interesting.

But… please, please, please… reconsider the heroes in the shops. All of those heroes except 1 are older heroes that I’m assuming a vast majority of players dont need shards for. It would be really cool if each shop had 1 newer hero and 1 older hero in them.

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All of that is true and correct

3.0 is currently scheduled to be released on Monday due to the holiday next week.

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@OhRlyeh okay, one more question. Part of the notes say you need 2 essence to complete apprentice honor class tier, does mean we cannot unlock an essence based honor skill until R+1? Or does just having the one at the start give us that hero class skill.

This game used to be so simple, and I feel this is just gonna be too confusing to me. I know you all put a lot of work into these updates, but wow, this is quite a lot to try and understand…

And I feel we’ll need more gold/xp than ever before, and most of us are already on a shirt supply. I hope I’m wrong, but yeah…

Plus a cap lift? Can’t we just get used to red rank first? sigh I was really hoping with this red rank that the cap would just stay where it is. Oh, well.


Can’t farm red gear without a new campaign area, which requires a cap raise.

So it takes 2 essence to activate the honor skill. So only half the hero’s can get the new honor skills? Or no new honor skill until red+1 comes later?

Clearly I’m not the only one who is confused here.


You will get 1 essence from each hero that is evolved to Red+0. With each new Red Rarity you evolve a hero to they will create 1 more essence.

You wont be able to “evolve” an essence from Red+0 rarity to Red+1 rarity until Red+1 rarity is released…

Yeah… sounds like you have to rank a hero twice in red before you can equip this…

Are dynamic stamina costs being abandoned? I understand that Chapter 21 was designed and Chapters 22+ will be designed such that the stamina cost for gear is at a certain value, but I’d hate to see Chapters 18-20 stay as high as they are. I’d also like to farm shards in Chapters 18+ without feeling like I’m wasting stamina.

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Stamina costs will stay dynamic. Each older chapter will cost 2 less to a minimum of 6.

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Heroes that have not reached red rarity do normal damage.