Update 3.0 Patch Notes


No. Essences are an item. A hero will never use the essence they create in their own recipe. When a hero creates an essence you use that in a different hero’s honor recipe. Since the recipe requires 2 essences, if you level all your heroes to Red +0 you will be able to get honor classes for up to half of those heroes


Fair thee well, Filicia.


Thanks @OhRlyeh.

Where we will going to get the essences items.

Can you guys explain a little more or give us like a step by step example of this essences recepies creation.

Because I understand we promote to red, pick a honor class. But then I get lost with this essences Creation and honor skilling.

Thanks just wanted to be prepared for the update.


I for one am intrigued by this update. It will definitely make players choose and bring variety to the game.


@Ohryleh one question… It’s fairly explained in notes… But red rarity grants ability for essence and such… Doesn’t need to be epic hero right?
I’ve taken notes and made a brief plan for testing selected heros for now to see how they work out but yeah just to clarify that would keep me on the tight path for my test phases


I guess the server 4.5 and 6 isn’t going ahead in this update, is there any new information regarding this server merge


No, epic skills and Honor skills are not dependent.


Really really really important question for this update… Have you added a mankini skin?


Pfft. I’m still waiting for my pixie hero, boss


What time is it planned for?


Patch 3.0 and you only add content to S1? :thinking:


Other servers got content last week when s1 didn’t


Other servers aren’t at Orange 8 rarity


Server 1 players please note: The current event, Boss Basher Bundle, will be replaced after the server update with a 3.0 Update Bundle. This means the event will be ending earlier than the timer displayed in the game.

If you want to buy the Boss Basher Bundle and miss it today, it will run again tomorrow at the same time.


What’s in the update bundle…?


Dude, new content needs to be added or the game will get boring :joy: chill man, no one is making you spend money.


All the new classes and customizations are going the way of DS and runes… no longer is the game simply hero matchup based, but moving towards who has the best custom perks per toon… those who enjoy studying and customizing everything to death will love it, the other 95% will be turned off… rip PQ, we had a good run, all good things, etc.




The update is now complete!