Update 3.1.A Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.1.A!


Start the new year with two new Heroes, Twilight Archer and Knight Errant, plus new content for servers 4-9!

New Heroes

Twilight Archer [Servers 1 and 4]


Twilight Archer is an elite Elven sniper, fabled for her perfect accuracy even in raging storms. Her practice of carving notches in her bow to mark kills reduces her weapons to nubs within months.

Twilight Archer is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be in the Gold Chest on Servers 1 and 4.


Confirmed Kill
Twilight Archer fires an arrow that deals damage to the furthest enemy. Passive: When Twilight Archer kills a target they get added to her Confirmed Kills list for the rest of the Wave. Each Confirmed Kill grants her bonus Attack and increases her Energy generated per second.

Sniper - New Shared Skill!
If this Hero’s initial target for a basic attack is a low enough level, the Hero targets its furthest enemy instead. Basic attacks and skills against the furthest enemy deal additional damage.

Mystic Shot
Twilight Archer deals damage to the closest enemy, they get Knocked Back and are Immobilized.

Thick Skull
Can’t take more than a percentage of max Health in damage from a single attack.

Epic Gear

Living Arrow
A living arrow shot into the heart of a living creature instantly takes root. Before the body hits the ground, it is covered in beautiful, blooming petals.

Confirmed Kill deals additional damage and now Stuns the target.

Knight Errant [Server 1]

Knight Errant’s practice of coating his blades with magic potions began as an accident, but when he saw the results, he swore to keep doing it until he was a grizzled old man.

Knight Errant is a Front-Line Support Focus Hero who will be in the Royal Tournament Shop on Server 1.


Knight Errant strikes his closest enemy three times, dealing damage with each strike. Passive: Some hits from basic attacks or skills apply a random Debuff.

Dodges one attack every few seconds.

Have At You!
Knight Errant strikes his closest enemy twice, dealing damage with each hit.

Cut Down
This Hero deals extra damage to targets based on how much Current Health they have.

Epic Gear

As a youth, Knight Errant would splash and spill potions while he attempted to be a hero. Now, one splash of his potions means assured victory.

Knight Errant’s Attack Speed is increased. Additionally, whenever he triggers the passive effect from Slash-Splosion he heals himself and his weakest allies. The healed allies also gain the Attack Speed bonus.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

New Heroes:

  • Twilight Archer will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Knight Errant will be in the Royal Tournament Shop

Existing Heroes:

  • Sizzle Phoenix will replace Brass Monk in the Guild War Shop

Server 4:

  • Chapter 21: Mountain Tension
  • Max Team Level 140
  • Red Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Twilight Archer will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Existing Heroes:
    • Princess Portal and Scarred Brawler will replace Noob Hero and Ember Wisp in the Arena Shop
    • The Birdbarian and Ginger Beard will replace Feral Brute and Cogmaster in the Crusade Shop
    • Elder Mohawk will replace Tempest in the Fortress Shop
    • Warp Mage and Loyal Squire will replace Lion Knight and Twin Trackers in the Guild War Shop
    • Forgotten Champion and Owlbear will replace Spell Binder and Dragoon in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 7:

  • Chapter 18: Once Upon a Pastiche
  • Max Team Level 125
  • Max Guild Level 6
  • Orange +6 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero:Ancient Siren will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Existing Heroes:
    • Lion Knight and Twin Trackers will replace Cogmaster and Warp Mage in the Arena Shop
    • Princess Portal and Ember Wisp will replace Whirling Dagger and Totem Prince in the Crusade Shop
    • Ice Berg and The Birdbarian will replace Satyr Fox and Loyal Squire in the Fortress Shop
    • Dragoon and Tempest will replace The Birdbarian and Scarred Brawler in the Guild War Shop

Server 8:

  • Chapter 15: Stonecutter
  • Max Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Lion Knight will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Existing Heroes:
    • War Blade will replace Skull Buster in the Crusade Shop
    • Spell Binder and Swashbuckler will replace Feral Brute and Rogue Bowman in the Fortress Shop
    • Ember Wisp will replace Mass Destruction in the Guild War Shop
    • Shield Maiden will replace Wander Woman in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 9:

  • Chapter 10: Hollow Theories
  • Max Team Level 85
  • Max Guild Level 4
  • Purple +3 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Salty Merc will be available in the Gold Chest
  • Existing Heroes:
    • Mass Destruction and Feral Brute will replace Cogmaster and Forest Hermit in the Arena Shop
    • Storm Wizard and NIghtstalker will replace Hex Witch and Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
    • Elder Mohawk and Ginger Beard will replace Mystic Punk and War Blade in the Fortress Shop
    • Skull Buster and Void Caster will replace Swashbuckler and Princess Portal in the Guild War Shop
    • Stone Guard and Satyr Fox will replace Highwayman and Grizzled Hunter in the Royal Tournament Shop


Where is wandering sword going to be placed? Or is turtle still only available in gold chests?


Absolutely buzzin to spend all my saved up fortress tokens on Elder shards. Thanks PB!!


We’ll see who’s laughing when he gets his long awaited epic skill.


Elite campaign.
They never get round to changing the wording, so it makes it clearer

@Polaris you say that heroes leaving shops end up in elite campaign, unless otherwise stated
Every month someone asks where the gold chest hero is going, unless it is otherwise stated …

Technically the gold chest is not a shop


Also… S9
Last month, 10 levels to 75.
This month, 10 levels to 85.

This is supposed to be my chilled server, people!


The only thing I can see is another cap raise for server 4. Only 3 weeks between orange+8 and Red ? Not cool :expressionless:
New heroes look interesting but Im sure some old heroes could have some stats boost to be able to keep with your new op heroes…
An epic skill can be usefull for an old hero but if his base stats are really bad, sometimes its not enough to make him relevant.
Best example : squire…


Epic skills for old heroes.
Where tf are they?

Presumably in two weeks time with the new content and cap raise , like usual.


Elder Noob need there damn Epics already

Get to work pb​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


They generally boost base stats a bit when they add an epic to an old one.


Not all of them @Schliematt_S1 They made small changes to mass and stone when they got their epic but not to ginger and squire for example.


On server 1, if knight errant is going to be in the tournament shop, who’s leaving the tournament shop?


Oldest hero usually… Forgotten might be out of their and back to elites as he was before he went to the shops


When will this update happen?





Splash Phoenix

Yes, update scheduled for Wednesday. This is just a server update, and won’t require a new game client.


Looks good. Been saving up my chests for a new hero :slight_smile:

Some rotation in other shops would be nice though. (Server One)


Cool story bro


Just notice this. Besides the new heroes that we dont have in server 4 (sizzle and knight errant) the shops will have the same heroes in server 1 and server 4 ! And server 4 has a cap raise and not server 1…
I sense a merge coming :roll_eyes:



This is the extreme version of stockpile and splurge.

As new updates are released, the need to stockpile becomes more and more.
Per blue keeps adding new gear levels.
Particularly on S4 this time.
The essences that red rarity brings are so scarce.
Stockpile and do not waste them on second tier heroes!