Update 3.1.A Patch Notes


Me too. I can’t stand red dots. They offend me.

I’m sorry but this update will bring lots of red dots as I try to level and gear up the two new heroes.

That’s on topic , guys.


Oh wow this is patch notes territory…

Oops :grin::joy:

Ah well keeps the posts relevant I guess :innocent:


We are keeping the patch notes firmly pinned to the top of the chat

This is a good thing
You’re welcome , per blue

Also. Stop releasing other heroes and finish the pixie


Wait… no new chapter or level cap for S1? :frowning:


Two weeks time.


Two weeks then heroes
Then two weeks then cap raise.



5 level cap I hope. Lol. Please not a huge jump like you do to other servers


S9 went 60, 65, 75 and today is 85.

So ummmm. Yeah.
I haven’t even made cap there yet (74)

Least we are hopefully getting guild level upgrade and perks and stuff.
But given S1 took months and months to get to this point, and S9 is about 70 days old…
It’s fast


When the accounts merge on another server. Like you merge 3 accounts into 1 you’ll get some of the VIP points plus all the gear and hero shards
I can only hope there are upgrades and fixes with this update


This update is now complete!