Update 3.1 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.1!


Welcome to Portal Quest 3.1!

New Hero [Server 1]

Spark Phoenix

The Spark Phoenix is a mythical bird born from the static spark of two sheep rubbing together. It’s said to bring ingenuity in battle, making it a favorite totem of Cogmasters.

Spark Phoenix is a Back-Line Focus Support hero who will be the January sign-in hero for Server 1.


Shocking Strike
Spark Phoenix calls down a powerful bolt of lighting to deal damage to a random enemy. This skill only costs 50 energy to cast.

All allies and self gain a shield at the start of combat.

Battery Blessing
At the beginning of battle, Spark Phoenix Energizes the ally with the most Attack Speed for the rest of the Wave. Basic attacks from that ally will occasionally be charged with chain lightning, these attacks deal extra damage to the initial target and the other enemies it spreads to.

Detonate Protection
Any source of damage from this Hero breaks enemy shields. Attacks deal extra damage when breaking a shield.

Epic Gear

Stone of the Thunder
A gem from folklore that causes metal objects to stick together when present. A heartbeat can be heard from inside when a storm is overhead.

Shocking Strike deals additional damage and now calls down two bolts of lightning to strike random enemies.


Red+1 introduces a New Rarity of Hero Essence and an additional Tier to Honor Classes; Journeyman. Promoting a Hero to Red+1 will create a Hero Essence of Red+1 Rarity, this Essence provides a higher Stat Bonus than Essence of the previous Rarity.

Note: Hero Essence is a Combination of the Hero’s New Rarity, Role and Aspect

Honor Class: Journeyman

When a Hero reaches Red+1 they unlock the ability to place Essence into the Journeyman Tier of their Honor Class if the Apprentice Level is currently completed. Completing the Journeyman Tier allows the Honor Skill to be Leveled up an additional 10 times. Any Rarity of Hero Essence can be placed in any Honor Class Tier.

Note: The Honor Class skill level will be set to the Highest Completed Honor Class Tier. If the Honor Class Skill is leveled to 20 and then the Journeyman Tier is rendered incomplete, the Skill Level will drop to 10 until the Journeyman Tier is Completed again.

Attaching and Removing Essence in the Journeyman Tier will have a Gold and Hero XP cost.

Leveling Essence

Hero Essence that is currently Red Rarity can be Leveled Up by opening their Essence Info Menu and filling them with Hero XP. Any Essence that is partially filled with XP will display an indicator that it has Fill.


Hero Essence Balance Change

  • Damage Essence Attack Stat Bonus has been increased from 400 to 460

New Epic Skills

Mass Destruction

Elemental Talisman
An amulet inscribed with the secret words of creation. Embedded into stone, it creates a powerful golem… so what happens if it’s placed into lava?

Open Fissure now deals area of effect damage with each of its three hits. The third hit Stuns the target and cracks open the ground to reveal a pool of magma for a time. Enemies are dealt damage twice a second while near the magma.

Stone Guard

Ancient Amber
This hardened sap is over 1000 years old. I wonder if it holds memories of a happier time?

Skill Block now deals damage and Stone Guard gains energy for each enemy she Silences with the skill.

As with some other instances of older Heroes becoming Epic, these heroes will be getting some slight adjustments to their base stats:

  • Stone Guard’s Skill 1 base stat was increased from 600 to 800
  • Stone Guard’s base health was increased from 620 to 725
  • Mass Destruction’s energy generation per 5 seconds was increased from 22 to 34

Chapter 22: It’s All Blockish To Me

The clock is ticking as our heroes, called by a spectral Oracle, forge a path through the Clockwork Mountains to discover the truth about the magic soup- and their own destinies! Will the answer lead them to victory against the Hollow? Or will the felonious acts of a surprising hero threaten all the progress they’ve made so far?

The past and present meet to determine the future of Ember in the latest thrilling chapter of Portal Quest!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

January Sign in Hero: Spark Phoenix

  • Chapter 22: It’s All Blockish To Me
  • Max Team Level 145
  • New Rarity Red +1
  • 4th Epic Crystal

Server 4:

January Sign in Hero: Splash Phoenix

  • Chapter 20: Air Ship It!
  • Max Team Level 135
  • New Rarity Orange +8

Server 7:

January Sign in Hero: Forgotten Champion

  • Chapter 17: Just Deserts
  • Max Team Level 120
  • New Rarity Orange +5
  • New Hero: Serpent King will be in the Gold Chest

Server 8:

January Sign in Hero: The Grizz

  • Chapter 14: Burned Out
  • Max Team Level 105
  • New Rarity Orange +2
  • New Hero: Twin Trackers will be in the Gold Chest

Server 9:

January Sign in Hero: Totem Prince

  • Chapter 9: Commander Conquer
  • Max Team Level 75
  • New Rarity Purple +2
  • New Hero: Howling Claw will be in the Gold Chest
  • New Boss Dungeon: Grave Wraith


  • War Rewards have been reworked based on player feedback
  • Added name of the sender to gifted chests
  • We recognize that the Untargetable State of Twin Trackers has been the cause of a lot of issues in combat. This is a difficult problem that we hope to have found a solution for by removing the untargetable aspect of their White Skill. When the Twin Trackers switch they can now be targeted, damaged and killed but not interrupted. We hope this resolves the state of them becoming untargetable for extended periods of time while also keeping them competitive with other Heroes.
  • Portrait Borders have been resized for a better fit
  • Disarm Trap Well effect will count towards the Disarm Trap Portal Lords Quest
  • Heroes with Channel skills will now receive the heal from the Warlock Honor class upon the activation of their skill as opposed to when the skill ends
  • Added the ability to see Honor Classes and Hero Details in War
  • Improved the targeting of Tempest’s Skill 2
  • Added a Raid All button to the Hero Stats tab to raid all Elite nodes for that Hero simultaneously

Bug Fixes

  • Portal lords quests that work for Epic Dungeon also work for Epic Epic Dungeon
  • Thick Skull damage reduction will no longer apply to Damage done to Shields, this will only apply when a Hero’s Health is being damaged
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks could infinitely cast their White Skills
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Punk was able to stack the energy generation passive effect of his Epic from multiple enemies which could lead to him infinitely casting his White Skill
  • Fixed a bug where the melee Twin Tracker wouldn’t spawn a damage orb after dying with a Spiritmancer on their team
  • Fixed an issue where some debuffs weren’t correctly being applied to Panther Stalker
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some Epic Skills to not work
  • Fixed several visual issues with the Spiritmancer’s Tank Orb
  • Fixed an issue where Feral Brute wouldn’t always sap attack from Panther Stalker
  • Fixed an issue where Wandering Sword wouldn’t get his energy reset after executing Owl Bear
  • Fixed some issues with the German Translations
  • Fixed several issues with Dungeon Shrine buffs
  • Fixed some string issues with in the Chapter 9 trophies


Amazing work PQ team. Love it. Thanks for the adjustments and listening.


These notes are pretty good. Pretty…pretty…pretty good.


Looks all amazing. Need to read again the part of leveling or using XP. Over essences.

Not mention of change on shops? Turtle stay only in gold?

How much the 4th crystal will cost?

Thanks in advance.


Like the look of this update. A lot of focus on improving things, rather than adding lots of new stuff. I only hope that the costs for 4th crystals are within reason, although I imagine they’ll just be 80k, which seems too much to me.

Will the next campaign stage cost 14 stamina again? And then the others get reduced?

I like the look of Mass’ epic, could prove good but can’t see Stone’s bringing her back into use much.

Definitely looks like a good update though, especially with all the fixes. Thanks


Suppose you’d better upgrade Fortress now to actually pay out 10k or more per day of each colour vials for crystals

I hope that’s an old image… If your bringing back removal costs after making them obsolete last time around that’s a big mistake


@Cottontail I believe they said removal costs would return for R+1 when they removed them originally. Something that people will have to put up with now I guess.


@Polaris @OhRlyeh I went and red agaut the level essences part. What are the benefits of leveling or expending xp to fill this.bar.

It will be only one level?

This part really need a little more explanation. For the rest totally cool and onboard. Excellent job.

Thanks for your feedback


I understood levelling essence as explained here:


I’m trying to figure out if R1 hero promo only creates R1 essence, how will we get honor skills on other heroes without having to canibalize existing honor class heroes. I hope basic red essence will still be available to obtain somehow.


Yeah - the notes say R1 promotion creates R1 essence. The only way I can see us obtaining R0 essence is to keep promoting “less used” heroes to R0, or buying essence with diamonds in daily deals now, or spending all your resources at the gamble you could rank high enough in a contest to score an essence in your rewards, or perhaps they will be in War season rewards now (though that is like a 3 month wait per season).

Perhaps it is time essence became available in the guild shops?


Perhaps R1 essence can still be applied to R0 heroes?


More birds!!!


When will there be more guild perks levels for server 9?


If I read this right…

I need 4 essence per hero to get to next honor skills lvl. Good thing price rised to 3k diamonds for an essence over the weekend.

And I will need a billion more crystal potions. Of course the new one will be double cost…



EDIT: I’m changing my verbage to clear up confusion.

Revised Explanation as to how Essence will work:

All essences will start at level 0. You can spend 50k hero experience to upgrade an essence to level 1. No matter what level a particular essence is, it can be attached to any slot for which it fulfills the requirements. If you need a finesse-damage essence, then you can attach whatever level finesse kitty that you want.

Like the levels of heroes, the levels of essences will never decrease. It doesn’t matter whether it’s attached or not attached.

The only thing that the essence level does is affect the bonus associated with attaching the essence. It doesn’t interact with any other part of honor classes.

Honor Class Tiers and Skill levels:

At r+0 you can access tier 0 of the honor skill by attaching 2 essences; this allows you to raise the skill to level 10. The essences attached to a class within this tier cost nothing to attach and remove.

At r+1 you can access tier 1 of the honor class by attaching two additional essences; this allows you to raise the skill to level 20. The essences attached to a class within this tier cost 125k hero XP and 80k gold to attach and remove.

(Remember, the level of essences has nothing to do with the cost to attach or remove)

Let’s say you’ve leveled up a hero’s skill to level 20, but you want to use those essences somewhere else. If you detach one or both tier 1 essences then the hero’s skill drops to level 10. If you detach both tier 1 essences and one or both tier 0 essences then the hero’s skill drops to 0. As long as you don’t abandon the class, the game will remember the level of your honor skill when you reattach your essences.

If you have any other questions please reply somewhere.


Nothing explains the benefit of leveling an essence. What is the purpose of leveling an essence?




Yeah well, you know, that’s just like your opinion man.

Can I get 2 essence per red+1 hero?


Ermmmm…it literally says that in the patch notes.NPyHgTkMStCXC