Update 3.1 Patch Notes


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Thanks @SueyJitSu. But the question, was also oriente to know if we level any Enssense, and the remove it from the hero and attached to other this Enssense will need to level up spend. Xp on it.

Not that this really matters for big spender but, this is not mentioned.


I think it would be mighty insane if removing a R+1 essence from a hero, made it become a R0 essence.
But yes - only the PQ gods would be able to confirm that.


Stone is female???



Yes lol… Nice pic :joy:

I feel like all these questions and stuff could be better answered if… Oh I dunno… There was a discord server that PB would open up to the public.


When is this planed to go live? This week or after new years?


Within 24 hours possibly.
They did say update on the 19th.
Wait… That’s the centre of the planet timezones… So maybe within 48 hours


Big fan of the honor system, essences, classes etc as its made the game more deep n varied.

But… I am gonna address the elephant in the room…

80k on 4th crystal?!

And from what i hear 5th crystal next month or two will be added, at current doubling rate is 160k per crystal.

Hope PB will address this as f2p and budget player base will dwindle into the ether.

Edit : Posted today in the vain hope PB will amend values before the go live date for tomorrow, or reply saying nowhere is it stated 80k and they keep it 40k!!


Per blue have always argued that crystals are negligible boosts, that are mainly for completionists and whales to aim for, to be slightly ahead.

So, no… sadly those n numbers aren’t changing any time soon.

Like with the essence, and epic skills…

Free to play people will be able to unlock the skills and attach one Crystal per hero comfortably, and still stay kind of viable

People that spend money can pay diamonds to get more, faster.


Realistically the crystals should be
1st 10k
2nd 20k
3rd 30k
4th 40k
5th and so on 40k cap
There is maybe 5 or 6 on s1 that could actually cap out as soon as the update hits. I’m not 1 of them. 400k strength 0 vitality :disappointed:


I only need crystals for Sizzle… Thing is… That’s cost me an arm and a leg in gems to even get to that stage… Have no vials left at all since removing all Purples and reclaim 50% back…
Making the 4th gonna put me right off even bothering
Red 1 and honor I’ll be doing steadily but it seems the divide is about to go turbo between whales/moderate spenders/Freeplayers

You’ll see when there are players with 2.2million total power compared to everyone else below 1.9 million


I would hardly call a +22, 000 health perk ( +44,000 with 5th) a negligible difference :joy:


I am not saying it is or it isn’t.
I’m quoting O’rlyeh.


They didn’t increase price at all

A purple essence that fits a multitude of slots is 3000 gems
A blue red or green one is 2000 gems as has always been the case.



Per blue is in Madison Wisconsin so allways assume there talking cst


The purple wild can go into any color of the given type. For example purple turtle can go into any color shield. However red butterfly can go into any type of red slot (shield, cross, or sword). Purple butterfly is the special one that can be used for anything.

But here is a screenshot of a purple turtle which should cost same as a red butterfly.

Lastly I never saw a wild-wild for sale for diamonds yet.


Hmm then we need some Perblue clarification on those costs

@OhRlyeh @Etesian

Can we have a rundown of why the costs are all over the place?


Does anyone know how long servers will be down?


Ack! My flock of bird toons are starting to miss me!!