Update 3.1 Patch Notes




What’s taking so long? Addicts need their fix, even if just to login, make sure there are no red dots, then log out.


My skill points have been full for almost an hour now aaarggghhh


I really need to check in on highway man… i think he’s having an affair with Siren…


You guys are silly. You’ll be able to access the game again


Getting bored over here


Yo whats the hold up devs :triumph:


Sorry for the longer than normal downtime. We have some database issues we’re working to resolve before we open the game to players. We will be sending compensation once the servers are back up.


How much longer???


Updates are coming too quickly. And right now we are close to holidays when we waNT to take a break from everything. Including grinding equipment for O+8/R+0/R+1. Expensive essences. Without money we are stuck for few weeks but when we almost catch up BOOM new update. I hope R+3 will be added after Valentines Day in February.
Please STOP updating. I want to play calm game without worried about not having in off Gold for things or stamina packs for cap rise


Do we each get 1 gold chest for compensation?


Thanks for keeping us updated, much appreciated


Delerium Tremors settttttting In…


This update is complete and the servers are open. Thank you for being patient!