Update 3.10-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.10-A!


Welcome to the 3.10-A Portal Quest update! This update features new content for Server 9, and more refreshes for the Diamond Shop for Server 1!

Server 1
Double your shopping fun! The Diamond Shop will now refresh at 9AM and 9PM!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 9

  • Chapter 22: It’s All Blockish To Me
  • Max Team Level 145
  • Red +1 Gear Rarity
  • 4th Epic Crystal

This update is scheduled to happen in Wednesday, August 21.

Server 1 will require a server restart. Watch for the announcement on Wednesday!
Server 9 will not require a restart, and will roll over at 5AM CT.

Not fixing the war matchmaking…? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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The team is looking into the matchmaking issue and we may have a fix ready to release on Tuesday.

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It is DISGRACEFUL how you have been notified of this issue, and tried to fix it.


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So, server 1 doesn’t need a server update for this one.

The update is complete!