Update 3.10-B Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.10-B!


Welcome to the 3.10-B Portal Quest update! This update features new chapters and heroes for Servers 4, 9 and 11!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 4

  • Chapter 30: Ember Castle
  • Max Team Level 185
  • Red +9 Gear Rarity

Server 9

Server 11

  • Chapter 10: Hollow Theories
  • Max Team Level 80
  • Purple +3 Gear Rarity
  • Guild level 4

This update will happen on Wednesday, August 28. It will not need a server restart or new client, and the new content will roll over automatically at 5AM CT.


What’s up with the cap raise so soon? I just spent 15k stam packs on the last one not counting the gold and xp… and the wasted enchantment!.. seriously I understand you need to generate money faster cause you lost tons of players but it seems to me that you are trying to milk the remaining one and will lose even more players


Last update was 3 weeks ago. This is getting ridiculous


I have put up with cap raises every 2 weeks for a while when you were merging s4 with s7 but what is the purpose of being so annoying and giving us a cap raise after 3 weeks now


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3 weeks between cap raises for server 4 is truly disappointing and not welcome at all.
Unless they plan to merge server 1 and 4 slowly :smirk:

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OK, just to put it out there, I was in a top guild, that’s now folded, and now the guild I’m in is folding and people are quitting the game left, right and centre. The thing is the cap raise is not the actual issue it’s the cost… The stamina expense… The gold and the XP along with 2 to 3 new heroes a month, and a broken war… Its not good enough for people spending to stay at the top… I for one have probably just made my last ever purchase and if I can’t finish my hero’s with it I’ll give up and quit along with my friends who have played for so long. Such a sad thing to see as I have enjoyed playing this game with such great people and there all going now because of desperation to suck peoples money from them :cry:


There’s only ever one reason for speeded up cap raises @activius

See you all in server 1 soon :slight_smile:

Mega merged Mici, and alt amnesty for @Kizzy


R.I.P Portal Quest. It was lit.


It is taking the proverbial a bit… 3 weeks is not an update once a month!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Oh so a year and a half ago when I was complaining about a cap raise every 21 days everyone wanted to shut me down… but now everyone is suddenly acting like a cap raise every 3 weeks is something new. Lol where you guys been? This is pq. Cap increases are every 21 days. You should be used to it unless your server is prepping for a merge.

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DragonSoul 2.0. Hurry and burn that hoarded stuff. Nuff said.

Most of the time its a cap raise with 4 weeks between them (at least in red rarity and the last orange). Its true some have been with only 3 weeks with no explanation so I think its normal people are concerned and surprised when it happens :sweat_smile:
Especially with the amount of heroes we have right now and the ressources needed to upgrade them.
And im not even talking about enchanting…

It just makes enchanting so not attractive lol

Gasp!!! Another sell out…ohhh nooooo

See you on S1 next month :sweat_smile:

That is so annoying when the gild is going good and some dive have to qwit are you still in one as I am looking for a good one and I am ste by the way nice to meet you x

When are you predicting it?

At this rate …
Four weeks,
Three weeks,
Two weeks…

Hmmmm, we would be ready in the middle of September.