Update 3.10 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.10!


Welcome to the 3.10 Portal Quest update! This update features a new Chapter/Rarity, 2 new Heroes, and some big improvements to War and Hero Essence Management.

Chapter 30: Ember Castle

Our Heroes, along with Exiled Empress, arrive at Ember Castle and immediately have a lot of questions. Why is everything so pink? Why is the castle covered in images of capybaras? Why can’t Exiled Empress remember the way to the throne room? Luckily, the group runs into a little Drama Llama, who tells them where to find Princess Portal. It’s time for phase two of this side quest!

Cosmetics and Collections

New Collections and Cosmetic Items have been added!

  • Included in this release are 5 new special edition golden skins of your favorite heroes and 5 new awesome golden stamps. You can get this bling from Style Chests for a limited time.

With this update we are moving these cosmetics into the vault:

  • Gold Tempest
  • Golden Oasis
  • Golden Destruction
  • Golden Ice
  • Golden Stone Guardian
  • Gold Poop Stamp
  • Gold Bacon Stamp
  • Gold Popcorn Stamp
  • Golden Red Dot Stamp
  • Gold Eighth Note Stamp

After 3.11 these cosmetics will be going into the vault and will no longer be available in chests. Get them while you still can!! These items will still be available through contests, events, purchasing, and shop slots. They are just being retired from the Style Chests.

  • Golden Guardian
  • Golden Caster
  • Golden Owlbear
  • Golden Princess
  • Golden Dragon Heir
  • Gold Slow Stamp
  • Gold Critical Success Stamp
  • Gold HamburgerStamp
  • Golden Thumbs Up Stamp
  • Gold Thumbs Down Stamp

New Hero - Flint Lock!

As a young gunslinger samurai, Flint Lock received an invaluable piece of advice. Now that he’s retired, he roams throughout Ember, searching for the legendary swordsman who changed his life. He will not rest until he’s found Wandering Sword and thanked him.

Flint Lock is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be available in Gold Chests on servers 1 and 4.


Hand Cannon Special
Shoots the closest enemy, dealing damage. This Crits enemies every 3 times it is cast. Casting this skill will cost less than 100 energy.

This Hero has a chance to dodge an attack ever 3 seconds.

Weakening Shot
Shoots the closest enemy, dealing damage. The target has their Threat maxed and is marked Physical Weak for a few seconds.

Enemies marked with Physical Weakness take 25% increased damage from skills and attacks that deal Physical damage.

Life Steal
Has a chance to heal for 70% of damage dealt to enemies.

Epic Gear

Duty & Virtue
These pistols are old friends, loyal and bound to each other and the one that wields them.

Weakening Shot deals extra damage and now preps enemies for Execution if they ever fall below a percentage of their Max Health during its mark. Hand Cannon Special now prioritizes and Executes enemies marked in this way.

The Execution mark lasts for a few seconds and is removed if the enemy is healed above a percentage of its Max Health.

New Hero - Valkyrie!

Valkyrie loves stabbing enemies with her spear as much as she loves her eyeliner. Her motto: If you’re not gonna have fun while fighting, then get off the battlefield.

Valkyrie is a Back-Line Damage Fury Hero who will be available in the Elite Campaign on servers 1 and 4.


Stand Your Ground!
Grants a shield to all Backline allies that lasts for a few seconds. Shielded allies gain Knockback on basic attacks and increased Attack Speed for the duration.

This Hero does increased damage for every 1% Health they are missing.

Spear of Judgement
Throws a spear at the closest enemy which deals damage. The spear maxes the target’s Threat while Stunning them and rendering them Defenseless.

New Shared Skill! Spread Shot
This Hero’s basic attacks deal bonus damage and hit all Frontline enemies in combat. Once all Frontline enemies are dead, the bonus damage is removed and this Hero will basic attack as normal.

Epic Gear

True Strike Spear
When thrown, this spear sails true to its target.

The shield from Stand Your Ground! is increased and now adds bonus damage to basic attacks from affected allies. These allies also gain energy when the shield expires. Energy is not granted if the shield is specifically removed by a skill.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 30: Ember Castle
  • Max Team Level 185
  • Red +9 Gear Rarity

New Heroes:

  • Flint Lock will be in the Gold Chest
  • Valkyrie will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 4

New Heroes:

  • Flint Lock will be in the Gold Chest
  • Valkyrie will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 8

New Heroes:

  • Crystal Cleric will be in the Gold Chest
  • Hare Raiser will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 9

New Heroes:

  • Brutal Axe will be in the Gold Chest
  • Steam Stroller will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 10

New Heroes:

  • Serpent King will be in the Gold Chest
  • Tempest will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 11

New Heroes:

  • Salty Merc will be in the Gold Chest
  • Howling Claw will be in the Elite Campaign


  • We adjusted the way Weekly Quest Rewards work
    • Each tier now pulls from their own set of rewards
    • Added and removed some consumable items
    • Changed values of some rewards
      • The change is a different amount on every server
  • We added a Diamond Shop which can be found by navigating through the Merchants and Shops Screens
    • Players will be able to buy a mix of different items and resources through the shop
    • Please note that the prices and values of the shop contents are subject to change
    • The diamond shop will be available on Server 1 and will roll out to more servers at a later date
  • Added a “Max Essences” button to quickly level all Hero Essences equipped to a Hero
    • This button is located at the bottom of the Honor tab for Heroes that have an Honor Class selected
    • To use the button you need enough Hero XP to level each Hero Essence equipped by that Hero to Max Rarity
    • This is only a step towards bettering the Hero Essence management process In a future release we plan to add an “Equip All” button as well
  • We’ve adjusted the way Stuns stack on units to bring them inline with how most of our combat debuffs work
    • Stun durations used to get added together but now when multiple stuns are applied to a unit the one with the longer duration takes precedence
  • Improved how multiple Silences stack on one unit
    • The behavior remains unchanged but this will prevent their icons from overflowing under the health bar in combat
  • Added more information to Mystic Punk’s Trickle Down Energetics skill tooltip
    • Nothing about how the skill works has been changed
  • Changed the way Matchmaking works in New War
    • Matchmaking will now try to exclude the last 5 Guilds that a Guild has fought in War
    • Guilds can now be matched with Guilds from any Tier, using Crowns as the primary matching criteria
  • War attacks between Challenger guilds are now hidden in the War Log
  • Added new Guild Perks to change the visuals of War Towers
  • Veterans and Members can now claim leadership of Guild if the leader has been inactive long enough

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when entering the War screen
  • Fixed a bug where Rampaging units could be healed by the Fortification Regen War Mage Tower buff
  • Fixed a couple cases where Wandering Sword wouldn’t gain energy after successfully performing an Execute
  • Fixed an issue where units would be partially hidden in combat
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Twin Trackers from using their White Skill
  • Fixed a UI bug with War Records showing incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Auto Donate to be reset each War
  • Fixed a bug where the Honor Shop wouldn’t recognize Hero Essences in your inventory
  • Fixed an issue with Red Dots incorrectly showing on Heroes due to Honor Class Recipes
  • Fixed other popular crashes that happen in combat

can u please tell us the date for the update

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I certainly hope that we will have some control over the max essence button you’re adding because if there’s limited supply of hero xp I don’t want it to fill the xp bar of current max tier essences. Just bring them up to current max tier.
Regarding the changes to the stun debuff I take it that if a stun is applied part way through an existing stun the new stun time will start from application provided the new stun duration is longer than the time remaining on the existing one. Just looking for a little more clarity on it if possible please. Because these changes may have a negative impact on certain creative crowd control lines.


Probably the same time as always. This Wed 5am Cst or 12pm Cst.


Maybe it’s just me, but rotating those golden skins out so quickly leaves basically no chance for people to get them, we get like what 47 style chests/month for free, and with the style chest offer (which is really bad value for your money btw) only rotating around like once a week, even the whales only have about 240 chests to open monthly. Now idk if my odds are anywhere near average but about 75% of my opened chests are duplicates(tokens) even with the new cosmetics being added. so the odds of getting all of the golden skins+stamps are super duper low and now they’re being rotated out on a monthly basis? What’s the point of having them in collections if only the people that spend bricks of money on a weekly basis have a chance (yes a chance, there’s not even a guarantee you can get all of them with the limited availability of chests even if you buy every offer) at getting all of them?


The update is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14. This will need a server restart and a game update, so watch the announcements for the exact time.


How many hours is it gonna take this time, you know I get withdrawals?

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I’ve heard that PQ players have an odd fascination with Merge Dragons.


Can they still be obtained from Cosmetic chests? The Cosmetic chests offered from the packs. These past few Fridays? I’ve been doing all I can to get all the elements required to obtain cosmetics. Since the weekend before last PL, the contests 10 cosmetis chests, and weekend of Last PL event. When I had found out about the stamps/outfits retirement. My guild has placed first in that PL, received the cosmetic for top 1% guild contests, top 5%+ all solo contests for 10 chests and 3* outfits/Boarders/Stamps. I’ve only needed 5 of the Honor Packs cosmetics. Gentleman Hunter, Poison, Soccer Ball, Flemingo Stamps, and a 3* new boarder. Purchased 5 cosmetic pack offers. 150 total chests. Received a total of 34 outfits, 18 Stamps. Since that weekend right before last PL. I got 3 boarders and 2 skins from my last cosmetic pack. (30 chests). 20 older stamps and 10 newer, 80 outfits left now. Still didn’t manage even one of the two older golden skins or either of the older golden stamps ,(Mass Destruction and Oasis, Poop and Music Note). Does that seem right? I always open 10 cosmetic chests at a time. I opened x50 simultaneously from a $49.99 pack. And received 13/50 cosmetics. I did receive x2 golden skins though. So are they not available in the cosmetic chests from pack offers, or they are, but just not from style chests rewarded from contests/PL?. I won’t buy the cosmetic packs if they aren’t.

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It’s oddly true…

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The update is complete!