Update 3.12-B Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.12-B!


Welcome to the 3.12-B Portal Quest update! This update features new heroes for Servers 8 and 9!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Any Heroes that move out of the Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 8 & 9

New Hero: Drama Llama will be available in the Gold Chest

Server 9

New Hero: Prize Fighter will be in the Elite Campaign

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This update will be on Wednesday, October 23.

Perhaps a new server please. Cap too high for new players

The merge is soon

The update won’t require a server restart, so the new heroes will roll over at 5AM CT automatically.

No announcement of server 12.
I doubt there will be any more now.

They were always released at cap level 95.

Server 1-7 is set now.
8+9 sorted next week.

So I guess we post random theories whether 10 merges with 8+9 or 11 first.
Before they all merge , as the numbers fall.

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This isn’t entirely true. S6 was born merely a month after s5 and our cap was raised to 70 in the same patch. S3 was raised to 85 in the same patch.

And S2 didn’t come for ages after the game started either.

I amend my initial statement
Per blue refined the introduction of new servers, so that in recent times the new server was introduced as the latest server received the epic dungeon, perhaps as it was felt that this was too much of an initial roadblock / complexity / clear definition of how much grinding was required that it would turn people off that were just starting.

Given this process (I’m not checking and I’m just going to ignore any dissenting voices) appears to have been the way forward since the introduction of server 7, up until now…

I stand by my second statement
Server 1-7 is fixed , and the others are all slowly coalescing into a second server as the numbers dwindle , made up of all the servers that missed the original orange gear grind / great stamina crash of last year.

I doubt that there will ever be one server of everyone in the game.
If the numbers ever fell that far, the game would be announced as closing.

I appreciate this statement is harder to argue against.
We will just have to wait and see.

Given this thread will be locked by then…
I’ll just say “I told you so” now :wink:

Never bet against The Pix, it’s bad policy to lose money…maybe I shouldn’t have stated the last :wink:

Disney heroes
Puzzle force
The next game

I think they’ll have enough
PQ is already dwarfed by how much DH makes.
When puzzle force gets some new content and comes out of soft launch, it will start earning more money.

A brand new game mode for PQ and supposed to be released back in August was delayed / now scrapped?
As developers work on new things for PF and goodness knows what else.

Per blue has a finite amount of resources for coding and developing.
They spend their time and money where they will receive the most return.

As the numbers dwindle, the total income will drop.
Yes, players that stay will keep spending

But soon enough, there won’t be enough profit margin to justify the monetary and time cost of creating the next set of resources.

At that point , the team will be reassigned to producing content for the newer games.

Don’t believe me, go look at the PQ games page.
See all those great games that now say “X was retired in MONTH / YEAR”

one day, that will be PQ.

Someone said it much better than I ever could:
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8