Update 3.14 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.14!


Welcome to the 3.14 Portal Quest update! This update features a new chapter, one baaaaaad new Hero, and some major bug fixes and quality of life improvements!

Chapter 33: King Quest

Determined to right wrongs, Elder Mohawk and Our Heroes venture to the dwarven city of Under. There, they locate Ginger Beard and try to convince him to rule over the kingdom. But not all things are muffins and sweets. Someone from Elder’s past shows up and things…go a little rogue-ish.

New Hero - Baa-Zooka!

Baa-Zooka is always first to a fight, second to figure out what’s going on, and third to do anything about it. When he isn’t frollicking around with his rocket, he can be found making baa-d small talk and even baa-der jokes.

Baa-Zooka is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be available in the Gold Chest on Server 1.


Count This!
Baa-Zooka launches a cannonball at the enemy with the highest Attack, dealing damage to them and all nearby enemies. As the smoke settles, all enemies hit are Blinded.

Detonate Protection
Any source of damage from this Hero breaks enemy shields. Attacks deal extra damage when breaking a shield.

Protect The Herd
Baa-Zooka launches a cannonball at the closest enemy, dealing damage to them and all nearby enemies.

Natural 20
Basic attacks and skills have a chance to Crit.

Epic Gear

Medal of Participation
This medal is only awarded to those with perfect battle attendance.

Baa-Zooka’s basic attacks now deal area of effect damage around their target.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Any Heroes that move out of Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 33: King Quest
  • Max Team Level 200
  • Red +12 Gear Rarity

New Hero: Baa-Zooka will be available in the Gold Chest

Server 8

New Hero: Tubby Traveler will be available in the Gold Chest

Server 10

New Hero: Wandering Sword will be available in the Gold Chest

Server 11

New Hero: Ice Berg will be available in the Gold Chest

Gold Cosmetic Rotations:

As we’ve stated before, we’ll be keeping to a regular schedule with Gold Cosmetic rotations for future updates. Each major update will see new Gold Cosmetics being added to the chests and older ones being rotated out. Expect to see the following changes take effect once the update goes live!

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Wandering Sword
    • Golden Noob Hero
    • Golden Pesky Pixie
    • Golden Ginger Beard
    • Golden Rogue Bowman
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Shield
    • Gold Cupcake
    • Gold Flower
    • Gold Dragon
    • Gold Pizza

Gold Cosmetics being removed from the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Guardian
    • Golden Caster
    • Golden Owl Bear
    • Golden Princess
    • Golden Dragon Heir
    • Golden Jelly Cube
    • Golden Light Warden
    • Golden Sparkle Pony
    • Golden Satry Fox
    • Golden Shiny Spiny
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Whale
    • Gold Beetle
    • Gold Llama
    • Gold Turtle
    • Gold Fluffy Pffft
    • Gold Slow
    • Gold Critical Success
    • Gold Hamburger
    • Gold Thumbs Up
    • Gold Thumbs Down
    • Gold Cake
    • Gold Curse
    • Gold Apple
    • Gold Top Hat
    • Gold Squid

This is the last update where these Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Skull Buster
    • Golden Brutal Axe
    • Golden Forgotten Champion
    • Golden War Blade
    • Golden Serpent King
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Umbrella
    • Gold Critical Failure
    • Gold Hot
    • Gold Soccer
    • Gold Anchor

Offerwall Adjustments:

We will be removing AdGem and Fyber from the iOS version of the game. This is required by Apple due to their updated rules about offerwalls in games.


  • Any leftover Attack Credits on Guild members or in the Guild bank will now be added to your Guild’s total score for that War
    • This only happens once the entire enemy battlefield has been defeated
    • This change is tied to the release of the 3.14 client. Any Wars that end on the 3.14 client (regardless of if the War was started on 3.12) will use this new system.
  • Added a Max Promote button to the Hero Screen
    • This button will promote a single Hero as high as possible given the amount of gear and resources available on the account
  • The cap has been raised for many resources in the game
  • Improved the way that contests handle ties
  • Portal Lords Tier Rewards are now scaled per server
    • All servers except for server 11 will see an increase in their tier rewards
    • Rewards will be scaled more for older servers
    • The following rewards types are affected by the per server scaling:
      • Diamonds
      • Stamina
      • Torches
      • Raid Tickets
      • Strength and Vitality vials
      • Hero XP
      • Gold Nuggets
      • Skill Point Consumables
      • Gold Chest 1x rolls
      • All Mode Tokens
  • Cosmetics that are not in the Style Chests will now continue to show their rarity
    • This means that there will now be Cosmetics that show their rarity but will not be available in the Style Chests
      • These mainly include recent Portal Lord Exclusive Cosmetics and Gold Cosmetics that have been rotated out of the Style Chests
    • We realize this makes it a bit harder to know what exactly is available in the chests so we’ll be adding a new filter to the Cosmetics screen to remedy this in the next client update
  • Added a Guild Perk that removes any Raid Ticket costs across the game
    • This requires Guild Level 6 and will cost 1 million Guild Influence
    • Raid Tickets can still be gained
    • Leaving a Guild with this Perk will reapply the Raid Ticket cost

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Content Download Loops to occur
  • Fixed an interaction with the Twin Trackers in War that caused battles to not be recorded correctly
    • Their White Skill will be re-enabled with this release
  • Fixed a crash with Short Stack in the Dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where the Tenacious skill was blocking Short Stack’s Syrup Stasis skill
  • Fixed an issue that caused the timer on the Weekly Quest Rewards to display incorrectly
  • Fixed a display issue that caused end of season war rankings to be shown differently between various sections of the game
  • Players in Non-Challenger Guilds should no longer be shown empty rewards at the end of the War Season
  • Fixed an issue with Damage quests in Portal Lords where it was possible to go over the cap of the amount needed to complete the quest
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We are planning to release this update on Wednesday, November 6, but that may be delayed due to app approvals. I’ll keep you posted here with any changes.


@Polaris I am still waiting to see how I am supposed to get the “old” gold cosmetics like gold skin oasis or gold bacon stamps… They are out of the chests from a long time ago and I havent had the chance to get them with tokens or Diamonds since…
I know its a Strategy to make people Buy deals with cosmetics chests but it would be fun to complete the collections at some point :roll_eyes:
Besides that the rest of the update is OK.

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“The cap has been raised for many resources”. Safe to say we are in dire need of an increased boost in hero XP values in-game. Could that possibly be one of 'em?:sweat_smile:

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Given that raid tickets are given out in fights, and that lots of deals have raid tickets attached to them…

Are you going to make a trading shop for raid tickets?
So that they actually have a use?

Even (at the very very very very worst, and please don’t do just this) putting them in the “donate to guild shop” option to swap one ticket for a few scrip.

I hate that idea, would much rather have them as their own currency and shop where you can use them like the token shops.

For shards and epic scraps and gear.
Or for consumables.

Use 1x (fixed amount of tickets) to open a cosmetic chest.
Use 10 / 20 x (fixed amount of tickets) to open a guaranteed new cosmetics chest.

Please :slight_smile:

Using them for cosmetics is probably best, as it won’t flood the other currencies


Good idea with the cosmetics. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. And trying to look for what items I need when deciding on rewards from PL

So, its been 22 days since the last level cap announcement… … … I really hope this is for next Wednesday and not tomorrow. These level cap updates are coming kinda quicker lately, too quick actually.
I guess its time to send more toons to the low gear graveyard. RIP my red 9 hero friends, at least they have a decent number of orange toons to keep them company, and purple to make fun of

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Ya you ever going to upgrade tower it’s been like a year since it’s been updated, it’s almost pointless know to even do tower, what I mean by this is you update trials and towers so that we can get more rewards please

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We will not be releasing 3.14 on Wednesday. Once I have more details on the plan, I’ll let you know.

I asked about this in PB discord for you…since they seemed to not have acknowledged here.


lol! no update today huh…
thats the same a… i want a deal now… i will pay u later!

Whoops wrong gif


Any word on update timing?

Could you please elaborate on this? It would be extremely helpful to know what the new caps are.

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I don’t have anything else yet :frowning:


The update is approved and we will be releasing it on Friday, November 8.


Which hour can we expect the patch update? If it’s pushed to Friday it’s understandable.

Our goal is to have it be just after war matchmaking, but it will depend on how long the app takes to propagate to stores once we release it.