Update 3.15.1-B Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.15.1-B!


Welcome to the 3.15.1-B Portal Quest update! This update features new content for servers 1 and 11!

Chapter 35: Flashback!

Once upon a time, Elder Mohawk had an axe named Axey McGee. He loved this axe more than anything in the world…that is, until his cousin, Brogue Rowman, swooped in and stole it. The truth behind Elder’s resentment towards Brogue and the fate of poor Axey will be revealed in this chapter of Portal Quest!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 1

  • Chapter 35: Flashback
  • Max Team Level 210
  • Red+14 Gear Rarity

Server 11

  • Chapter 16: Down in the Depths
  • Max Team Level 115
  • Orange +4 Gear Rarity

This update will be on Wednesday, January 8.

Well at least there isn’t another hero too :sunglasses:

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No des ideas…jajajjaja

Wait for next week (or two at the very latest!) with the S8 and S10 updates

No des ideas jajajaja

The update is server only and will not need an update. The changes will apply automatically with the 5AM reset on January 8.


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Yes, dear.
We know you are from the future.

Polaris should have learned to say USA Central Time by now, to be faiiiir

Then again, they didn’t even update the A to a B in the copy paste message

Trying to get s11 to same level as s8 and 10 to merge by looks of things to me. Game dying fast

I see why you closed the discord channel now, per blue.

Colour palette swap “old time” items?


But, seriously @Polaris

Unless it went a little like…

“S#!t, we need so many new items before Christmas, and the icon developer is on holiday”

“Hold my beer”

Curious minds, without a discord server or a new forum way to speak to you, want to know…

Why always the most negative possibility? Maybe the team has a sense of humor, and our writers are having a creative time poking fun at conventional content ‘recycling’?

Also, Suey, if it’s already August 1, you’ve got bigger problems than this one content update. :crazy_face:


Oh it’s ironic time saving…

Well then

That better?

I don’t really care what the gear looks like. I just enjoy reading the witty captions… :((

But saying that, the border looks damn good.

Also Suey, do report on the new colour after r16. I’m intrigued. Heck, they might even recycle the heroes and start with white again