Update 3.2.1 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.2.1!

Welcome to the 3.2.1 Portal Quest update! This update has new heroes and Epic Gear for Elder Mohawk and Noob Hero, as well as some important bug fixes!

New Hero [Servers 1 & 4]

Brutal Axe

Brutal Axe was born in fire, rage, and a sick guitar lick. Despite appearances - and his brutal power in battle - Brutal Axe’s true passion in life is tea.

Brutal Axe is a Front-Line Damage Fury hero who will be in the Gold Chest on Server 1 & 4.


Slam Strike
Brutal Axe performs a huge overhead swing to deal damage and Stun his closest enemy. The target’s Threat is also maxed.

Relentless Warrior
Brutal Axe feeds on the savagery of combat, when allies or enemies die he will collect their Soul Shards to gain Attacks for the rest of the wave.

Brutal Axe is also able to cheat death in the face of his adversaries. When Brutal Axe would normally die, he instead removes all debuffs and becomes untargetable to regain his strength before returning to combat. During this state he regenerates a percentage of his max health overtime. He is able to Cheat Death a number of times per wave, regenerating health each time.

Basic attacks now deal extra damage to other nearby enemies. The primary target does not take this bonus damage.

Life Steal
Receives a percentage of damage done as healing.

Epic Gear

Mask of the Slayer
A dark helm wrought of the heaviest metal. Even the spikes have spikes!

Slam Strike now deals bonus damage and renders the enemy Defenseless. Brutal Axe also gains Haste and increased Attack Speed for the rest for the wave each time he cheats death.

New Epic Gear

Crafted by the greatest dwarven blacksmiths and imbued with arcane energy from the infamous wizard of house Tero, this mighty battleaxe is surely on every dwarf’s wizh list.

Come At Me! now heals Elder Mohawk. It also deals damage and Stuns nearby enemies. While his Threat is high, he also gains damage mitigation and generates extra energy per second.

Scared Sword
Swords reforged with gold are twice as strong as they were before. Also, twice as shiny!

Noob Hero now deals additional damage per attack to enemies while casting Did I Do That?. He also heals a portion of the damage from each attack. Any amount that is healed while at full health is stored and given out as a shield to himself and all allies once the skill ends.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Servers 1 & 4:
New Hero: Brutal Axe will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 7:
New Hero: Twilight Archer will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 8:
Serpent King will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 9:
New Hero: Whirling Dagger will be in the Gold Chest.


iOS Gets AdGem offer wall

  • The AdGem offer wall will be available to iOS users.
  • Similar to Fyber, AdGem rewards Diamonds for completing various offerings

Bug Fixes

  • Restored the Daily Quest for making 5 Fortress attacks
  • Fixed an issue with the Fortress Red Dot being persistent
  • Fixed an error with the Merchant, Dragon Shop or Trade Ship replacing items purchased with gold.
  • Fixed an issue where the Diamond cost for Hero Shards was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with Brutal Axe that was causing iOS users to crash when facing him in combat.

Update 3.4.B Patch Notes

This update is currently planned for Wednesday.


So will Brutal Axe be a one star hero only found in gold chests, or have you upped him to at least two star?


No change to Brutal Axe (other than fixing the crash bug).


Why do you keep him as a 1 Star hero when he can only be found in chests… that’s crZy


So people buy more chests?


This update is now complete!