Update 3.2.B Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.2.B!
This update has hero balancing. We’ve heard some feedback on the strength of particular Epic Skills when coupled with Honor Classes, as well as other aspects of combat in Portal Quest. In this small update we’ll be addressing some of that feedback and buffing some of our older Heroes to bring them more in line with the current roster.

  • Channel skills now trigger at 50% max energy when on Auto

Elder Mohawk

  • Base Health increased from 667 to 700
  • Base Attack increased from 27 to 40

Noob Hero

  • Base Health increased from 490 to 625
  • Energy generation per 5 seconds increased from 25 to 35
  • Skill 1 duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
  • Skill 2 stats increased:
    • Base heal per second increased from 24 to 250
    • Base attack increased from 20 to 200
    • Buff duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds

Skull Buster

  • Epic Skill damage reduced by about 70%

Mass Destruction

  • Epic skill damage reduced by about 75%
  • Stun duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds

Knight Errant

  • Epic skill now targets 2 allies instead of 3



Mo and noob “balanced” just before this month’s epic announced.

Half-life 3 confirmed?
Orrrrrrrrr… Just this month’s epics…? :wink:


Mo will rise again!


Loving the 50% trigger.
Finally useful war defence lines…


So finally Skull and Mass become more meta, and then they get nerfed to insanity and its called “balancing”? Classic PB. :joy:


Skull nerf is ridiculous, ‘about 70%’, anywhere near 70 is just insane. mass nerf is dumb. Nerf punk he’s out of control, I really think he’s the only hero that needs real balancing as far as a nerf goes and yet he’s totally ignored. This is crazy. </3 everyone is taking crazy pills.

*Also, lower the epic forge, especially if you’re going to hand out epic scraps like they’re candy. Only real advantage ftp players have is their dungeon grinding and now everyone can have scraps for nothing, at least have lower spending players have the ability to forge too. Even vip 10 would be way more reasonable.


Por que? They are not game breaking. Who’s feedback is all this based on anyway? Don’t see any posts complaining about MD and Knight Errant being overtuned.


Sad face¨;(


Another nerf. Please no more. Mass didn’t seem like she was doing any damage to be honest

And Mici only I am on s9. @Pixie_Mici


II Sorry but where the heck do you get your feedback?

This is completely ridiculous. Nerfing mass and skull…
you know, dealing with them is called knowledge, if ppl complained about that…well maybe explain the game instead of this nonsense.

There are easier ways to kill the game.

That explanation is just not a bit of thought through. When does skull or mass overkill?
If you run a ww line against him, or other blessed toons???
That’s what he is supposed to do!!!

Honestly I’m so f… pissed about this crap you pulled there.

Btw I just see ppl telling you it’s bs, not one! One! Answer like, “thank you,they were way too strong.” Why is this stuff not given out in the discord channel, that way you would get real feedback by a lot of guilds and not just that of ppl not able to read skills…


These numbers are not “balancing” heroes. Most are still completely useless and others are great. The only thing you changed is war defense setups.


Wow people crying about skull and mass made you destroy them. Very pathetic!!!


Please do not do this to mass and skull. They are now finally powerful as they should be.nerfing them only makes then useless again. They are necessary to counter certain teams and they are also counter able just the way they are so nerfing them just makes it so other heros will now be out of control.thanks


You are breaking toons that make the game interesting end game. You buffed toons that no one uses and have no epics. Skull, mass and errant (one of the newest toons) are making wars and arena and tourney interesting again. You guys were on a roll with brilliance. You’ve now shot urself in foot and royally angered a lot of ppl. I think u should recheck the data and feedback and reconsider this “nerf” because u definitely didn’t balance anything out, you just destroyed 3 fun toons that we have all poured money and time into. Horrible update


Why do you do this during Portal Lords?!? The updating makes it so I can’t finish my quests with short time frames. It is really awful.


Yeah, soooo I spent time on MD because he was strong, now he will be weak? Did I read that right? Have I wasted time upgrading him? Poor Mass, he will be bummed.


Definitely agreed :rage:


Mass and skull are in my starting lineup skull is my second strongest front line hero and mass is my strongest back line hero and know I’m guessing I can’t even have them in the starting lineup, plus how long this update going to be I have a quest I’m doing right know


I so agree with this, this war we’re in right now has been one of the most interesting we’ve had in forever and without skull it would have been :woman_shrugging:t3: Just another war, like every other war. Same ish all the time


Let me take a guess… Some noobs who don’t bother reading what the epic skills actually do marched into combat ( best described with WW against SB ) & were shocked that they were smashed in one go :joy: