Update 3.2.B Patch Notes


Yes, you basically stated what happened. Now all of us have to pay for their inability to read skills.


Yup. I’m about to quit. Make Skull & Mass useless again for what? Only decent thing I see is Channel skills being activated at 50%… Good for Arena… Stop smokin ya lunch weirdos.


Honestly just get me a job there STAT. My weekends are open, and can be the real voice of reason with the numbers for buffs and nerfs.

Protip: everyone has more fun when ALL TOONS are strong in their own right, not just a handful.


Indeed! Last war was the most fun we had in a long time. Took planning, thinking and teamwork to get us where we were at the end. This nerf is an insult to anyone trying to think of line ups and taking a challenge. Well done PerBlue! #sarcasmoff


Here is a little more context to explain the large numbers you are seeing for these nerfs. We had received a decent amount of feedback in regards to Skull Buster’s Epic Skill when coupled with the Guardian Honor Class. After taking a closer look we did find that in some cases he was overkilling his enemies by a large amount. Much of this 70% nerf to his Epic Skill’s damage is just removing this overkill damage. Effectively you should only see a small reduction in Skull Buster’s competitiveness as a result. It is also important to keep in mind that only the damage from his Epic Skill was adjusted, his effectiveness in other areas of combat remain intact.

Mass Destruction fell into a similar bucket here, just not to the extreme of Skull Buster. As with all balance changes we will continue to monitor them and will not hesitate to make adjustments where they seem fit.


The debuff on Skull and Mass is to high. Practical made then not useful any more. Let’s sit then right beside our follow Hex.
At the same time the upgrade on Mo not make any difference until he is epic (again why you guy make changes before real test).
And the buff on noob look insane high. Even without him epic. So you probably not thought very well this changes too.

I really don’t know which are the player that are given you feedback about debuff on skull or Mass.

Actually was making wars very interesting lately.


Can we see who this feedback was from?


Very useful info :wink: