Update 3.2 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.2!


Welcome to the 3.2 Portal Quest update! We have a new chapter, some hero balances and improvements, and many, many bug fixes.

Chapter 23: Troubling Translation

After stealing a book from the Oracle’s library, our heroes have all they need to continue their quest to save Ember! That is, they would, if Storm Wizard could hurry up and translate the thing! Will our heroes find their way through this lexical slough, or will they be lost in translation forever?

The answers will shock and amaze on the thrilling new installment of the Portal Quest saga!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

  • Chapter 23: Troubling Translation
  • Max Team Level 150
  • New Rarity Red + 2
    • Heroes give 2 essences when reaching Red +2
    • One Red+2 and one Red
    • Essence is the combination of a Hero’s Aspect, Role and new Rarity
  • Essence of a Higher Rarity provides a bigger stat bonus
  • Adept Tier Honor skill recipe requires 3 essences
    • Only Red+2 Rarity or higher Essences can be placed in this tier

Server 4:

  • 4th Epic Crystal
  • New Hero: Knight Errant will be in the Gold Chest

Server 7:

  • 3rd Epic Crystal
  • New Hero: Wandering Sword will be in the Gold Chest
  • Ancient Siren will replace Shield Maiden in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8:

  • 2nd Epic Crystal
  • New Hero: Owl Bear will be in the Gold Chest

Server 9:


Android Gets AdGem offer wall


  • When items are purchased for Gold in the Merchant, Dragon Shop or Trade Ship they will be replaced with another item costing Diamonds

Daily Quests

  • A new Daily Quest “Fuel for the Fire” has been added
    • To complete, you must “Use the Buy Stamina system to make 1 Stamina purchase”
    • This quest rewards Team Level XP, Guild Influence and Gold


  • Twin Trackers
    • Stronger systematic solutions for Twin Tracker’s being untargetable during Cast Freeze
    • Improvements to swapping between Twin Tracker twins
  • Knight Errant
    • Now Blesses himself and all allies healed with his Epic Skill for a short time.
  • Swashbuckler and Whirling Dagger
    • These heroes are moving from front line to back line! These two heroes have not been able to achieve the star status we would like in Portal Quest combat. One major reason for this is that you have to sacrifice a valuable Tank front line slot to use them. Well, no longer!! Keep an eye on these sneaky assassins as they stealth to your back line and commence to stabbing!! :crossed_swords:
    • Important Note: If you have these heroes in your defensive lineups they will not automatically be moved to the back line. Make sure to remove them from your lineups before the update to avoid any issues.
    • If you face a lineup with these heroes that has not been changed you will receive an “Invalid Combat” error. Don’t pay it much mind. The battle will proceed correctly.
  • Spark Phoenix’s Blue skill now uses the aspect of the ally who is buffed

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect gold charge when crafting items after tapping “promote” on a hero
  • Fixed a bug where Epic Gear Crystal was missing for the portrait borders in guild war
  • Chat silences now correctly apply to portal lords chats as well
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash with tapping on “Edit Guild”
  • Fixed a bug that caused guild listing for daily check-ins to reset daily.
  • Fix issues with claiming Weekly Quest Rewards

Royal Tournament

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash


  • Charm no longer breaks Noob Hero out of his White Skill
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ancient Siren’s tentacle to not attack
  • Fixed timing issues on Wandering Sword’s blue skill

nice one mate

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Any plans to make changes to Swash and Dagger’s skills or will they still play the same just in the backline rather than the front?

Any plans to make changes to two old heroes skills (i.e. release their epics) or will they still play the same, just in the forgotten hero pile rather than the exciting rejuvenated hero meta?


58 heros to red 2 gives 116 essence to use
Need 3 per hero for next stage adept tier
That’s nearly 20 heros that can be upgraded to that level.

I think that’s a decent amount given for the task at hand. Stamina outlay for red(max gear) to red 1 (max gear) was around 3400 stam packs providing players had the orange gear required.
Whatever the cost to red 2 amounts to we have to look at it as lets say 4000+ stam packs to earn 118 essences. Quite the saving considering they’ve been sold for 2-3k gems
May have to strip a few heros honours to utilise the best set for war arena and tournaments but tbh I like the way this pans out.

Looking forward to testing out adept totem in endless (if only he was epic capable) :wink:

How is it that s1 gets 2 new heroes with the latter being available in tournament shop and then you release same said hero on s4 and make it gold chest only. There still seems to be some disparity between s1 & s4.

Knight errant is currently focus chest, silver chest gold chest and tournament for s1

Not sure why it’s different for s4

My guess is they are releasing him early and when they bring out Archer in the next update, Knight gets moved to tournament shop.

Per blue has to make money right?


There is only one gold chest exclusive hero at a time.
S1 Is currently twilight archer

Was this today or am I confusing smth?

It will be 11am CST on Wednesday 23rd January

Probably, maybe, possibly

Wednesday, yes. 11 AM CT is the plan - we’ll post an update when we get closer!


The additions were made to the patch notes:

  • Server 4 - 4th Epic Crystal
  • Server 7 - 3rd Epic Crystal
  • Server 8 - 2nd Epic Crystal

Nice one, Polar Bear

There was no server merge information added to the patch notes…

One could only wish… Hopefully the pesky red dot bug will be fixed too. Kept changing honors and essence like a mad woman trying to get it to fix. Insane

Unlocking Mo’s epic anytime soon?


I’d love it if this happened :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Server 4 already had Archer released in the last update (gold chest only)