Update 3.2 Patch Notes


I May be wrong, but isn’t it “adapt” instead of “adept”?


It’s definitely meant to be adept.


meh idk English is not my main language

Just rarely heard adept instead of adapt

ty Cotton


No worries. English sucks even for those whose mother tongue it is :joy::joy:


Please tell me why you are giving Server 9 worthless Toons first?


You didn’t have to quote the whole topic


Hahahah I just opened this up like what the deuce is going on… Comments above patch notes… Then realised the error made :joy::joy:


Server 9:
New Hero: Noob Hero will be in the Gold Chest


Also… Noob isnt useless.
I find him too situational normally.

But given salty Merc has created an unbeatable arena meta currently…

This might not be the hero that we want…
But it might just be the hero that server 9 needs :wink:


Seeing as how noobs skill reflects damage back, might be the only current counter to salty.


What I do? :joy:


Hence my mangled batman Gotham quote lol


You take you cursor/finger and select a specific part of the topic
Then a option will come that says Quote
Click it
Then it will only Quote that part

Like this :slight_smile:


Last minute update - Server 9 is getting the Dragon Heir Boss Dungeon!


Dragon heir to S9, what a beautiful idea :grin:


Poor salty Merc meta going to get wrecked


Noob isn’t a useless hero


Thank you. I was wondering why we didnt have him on 9


Fyrs on S9?
I learn something new every day


The update is now complete.