Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.3.2!


Welcome to the 3.3 Portal Quest update! We have a pesky new hero, some bug fixes, and a few improvements to help make your game time more efficient.

New Hero!

Pesky Pixie

Pesky Pixie enjoys causing mischief to any foes who dare come across her path. Even her skirt has been known to cause redness, itchy eyes, and a runny nose.

Pesky Pixie is a 2 star Back-line Support Fury Hero who will be causing mischief in the Gold Chest on Servers 1 & 4.


Pixie Dust
Pesky Pixie sprinkles her pixie dust over the entire enemy team, causing them to take damage and become Fatigued for a time.

New Debuff - Fatigued
Enemies can’t gain energy from any source while Fatigued.

Dodges one attack every few seconds.

Not So Tough Now!
Pesky Pixie shrinks the enemy with the most Attack. The enemy takes damage and has their Attack reduced to 1 for the duration.

Grants all allies Attack at the start of combat.

Epic Gear

Power Flower
If she offers you this flower, take it. You might just live.

Pixie Dust now deals extra damage, it also shrinks the whole enemy team and reduces their Attack stat for a duration.

New Epic Gear

War Blade

It’s a blade. No, a pistol. It’s a blastol!

Bolster from the Clouds now grants additional Attack to allies. Casting this skill also heals War Blade and grants her damage mitigation for a time. Additionally, she gains energy whenever a Bolstered ally kills an enemy.

The Birdbarian

Aves Armor
This armor can withstand extreme wind, thunderstorms, and really angry squirrels.

The ally buffed from I Choose You has their Attack Speed increased for the rest of the wave and all shields gained from the buff are also increased.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Hero: Pesky Pixie will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 4

New Hero: Pesky Pixie will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 7

New Hero: Steam Stroller will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 8

New Hero: Dragoon will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 9

New Hero: Ember Wisp will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 10

New Hero: Stone Guard will be in the Gold Chest.


  • Base star changes. We want to provide more hero shards for players who find these heroes in chests. The following heroes will now unlock at 2 stars rather than 1:
    • Mass Destruction
    • Warp Mage
    • Brutal Axe
  • Craft Max Button
    • This new Equip Items button will attempt to Construct and Equip items required for the Hero
    • This includes a Gold Cost for constructing the Item(s)
    • Additionally, Hero XP can be charged if the Hero needs to be Leveled Up in order to equip an Item
    • Your Team Level still must be equal to or greater than the Item you’re attempting to equip
  • Reworked Rampage Skill:
    • This skill was released with Owl Bear quite a while ago and the combat in Portal Quest has seen a lot of changes since then. Some of these additions have led to undesirable behaviors specifically with the Rampage skill. This rework is aimed at fixing those behaviors while keeping what makes this skill a great fit with Owl Bear’s kit intact.
    • New Rampage behavior: When this Hero reaches 0 health for the first time it begins to Rampage. It regains a percentage of its Max Health and reduces incoming damage by an amount. It also gains the Rage buff and its basic attacks deal bonus damage. This hero will continue to Rampage for the rest of the wave or until it reaches 0 health again, at which point it dies as normal. The hero still cannot use its White skill or be targeted by allied skills while Rampaging.
    • These changes will now prevent Owl Bear from causing infinite Cast Freeze loops due to being invincible while Rampaging. Reviving at low health with damage mitigation allows Owl Bear to still fulfill his current role in combat and then some. The bonus damage on basic attacks has also been buffed so you should see Owl Bear getting more use out of those giant claws.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the red dot was persistent in the Trials, even after all the daily chances were used
  • Fixed an issue with Portal Lords rewards not displaying correctly
  • Improved Fortress Matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue where Sizzle Phoenix could cause Noob Hero to take damage rather than reflect it.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Spiritmancer Damage orbs to die in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the game to crash when using the slider to open event chests

Server Update: 11:00 CT 3/7
Update 3.4 Patch Notes

We are planning to release this update on Wednesday.


Another fury hero?!


Another gold chest fury hero??? Come on!!! Why…


Since the previous Fury Heroes (along with this one) have been mostly Support I think they realized Fury was lacking in that Role and wanted to even it out


Fantastic epic skill for birdbarian. He will be so much better I cant wait to start using him now…


They might want to add some decent deals for fury chests if that is the case. This is not our bad that they released so many fury support heroes. Fury chests were saved and used. Deal I saw yesterday included finesse and focus chests but no fury chests. Curious isn’t it…


It’s annoying… 4 fury in a row with saber forced in between them…
Where’s the focus toons


Truly is pretty suspicious.
Must be a mistake.
I’m sure they are frantically testing the new hero as a finesse toon as we speak.


Not to mention brutal axe being changed to 2 stars… 2-3 days after everyone opened all their fury chests. Grrrr.


Yeah a little too late to change him considering most of the servers spenders had him maxxed out and the rest of the players already had him half way ish…

At least 1 positive from it is I’ll be able to add to the thousands of mass shards I already have… Eurghhh



Needs to be some balance regarding heros release and the “slowing down” was just a pipe dream.





She should be finesse, to be faiiiir.
Other than that…
Can’t wait for pesky pixie mici to be this season’s must have meta :wink:


Since mass and warp are so old, I’d wager that most people have enough shards for them. There are two recent non-signin heroes that, in addition to Brutal Axe, frustrated people due to their being 1* - Errant Knight (RT in s1, gold box in s4 and s7) and Steam Stroller (gold box in s1 and s4, soon to be gold box in s7). Why not fix the whole trio?


There was an imbalance in the number of heroes in each role/aspect. Pesky Pixie is the last of the heroes planned to event these out for Hero Essences.


My only confusion over that statement , is the stock of hero essences we now have…

Either we have too many fury heroes.
We have too few fury essences in our recipes.

We certainly have either not enough focus heroes, orrrrrrrrr too many focus essences needed in them …


Every time we cap raise, I have to play hunt the wild essences


Thus pixie going to start as a two stars heroes, following this upgrade to two stars on the heroes that drop on chest. It will be fair. In my believe. This will be the 3 or 4 consecutive Fury hero. So we have many chest of focus and finesse and very low or non fury chest. @Polaris


Wow show some love to not to use heroes and add then some essences. First tier is free any way.


Every single hero is honoured.

Except silver saber.

Who will be after the school run