Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes


Then we will see who else can make full journeyman / adept / advanced levels.

After I get a red pesky pixie of course :wink:


Mici is always right- Yes to essences being wonky! Good to know this is the last fury hero for awhile- but please consider moving her to somewhere other than gold chests. Heroes in shops are so overdue for a change. @Polaris


Essence imbalance sucks tbh… Have to be on the constant look out for a focus damage one or like you say wild ones
I have 5 heros needing that one just to get adept…


Hehehe I have a few heros no honour… Can you guess the unlucky ones I don’t bother with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Nice I was just wondering. Amazing job.


The Pokemon crew. The three penguin. Guys. Lol

Or our lost friends Hex, void, willow. Maybe claw Also in the list. Lol


Update: This release will be on Thursday. Sorry for the delay!


That means Friday :sob:
What’s the delay? Apple again?


Thursday means Thursday.



2 of the penguins and hex
Void I have done up cause he’s fricking cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm I bet it’s Friday for me


Yes, for you crazy people who insist on living in the future, it may end up happening in the wee hours of Friday morning. :crazy_face:



I also heard it delayed due to DH update at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s school run?


Added the changes to the wiki! I could use a transparent image for Fatigued though…and Silence, and Penetrating, …and Execute. :slight_smile:


I think you should actually attach those essences to some heroes.


In a lot of fantasy games where magic is involved pixies, sprites, and such are usually mischievous and red, and play with fire elements. Although in this case because this is now the fourth fury hero, the fury chests are definitely depleted. Which then brings me to question what’s up with that devs?


Be fantastic if noob was downgraded a bit. The hero has suddenly gone from not used to most used due to overpowered abilities which need a review to level the playing field a bit more.


Did you not read my follow up post?

Waiting for saber and pixie to be here and red+3 so I can at least honour class them one level.

Then I’ll upgrade the less used heroes to adept.

Trust me, my war lines are all level 30 or 40 :wink:


Is this update today?