Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes


10 charact


What’s going on with the update??


Relax. There was an issue with a DH update, so that had to be delayed a day, which pushed PQ back a day. Forcing the team to do two updates in a day wouldn’t be fair to them and we would potentially experience twice the delay on patch day.


Sheriff, are you over 13?
Probably not
but did you read the ToUA?
It says "people under 13 shall cease Portal Quest immediately"
Bye bye :slight_smile:

If you’re over 13
Then behave that way

Cheeky still relevant to the post
Good update :slight_smile:
New hero, ok nice xD :slight_smile:


Relax forsenW


Perfect comment :smirk:


Is there a rough time when updates will be made? Need to plan my day


It’s normally around 12pm - 1pm. Wisconsin time. Central time, maybe probably I think


ok around 5pm gmt. Thanks, i have enough time to explore endless


What about the red dot not showing on pm messages? No fix for that?


Yea another one


And what about those of us on other servers that arent 1 or 4… pur last 2 heroes on s8 were finesse and today we get dragoon… yet our “last chance to prepare for the patch update” was 100 fury chests for 19.99… how is that helpfuls here? And most of us are stilllllll sitting on thousands of focus chests because it’s been forever since we got a focus hero…


People on later servers than 1 and 4 don’t count.

Did you miss the memo…? :wink:

I would love to be in your position.
I have no chests :frowning:


So many boots


How long does it take like I want to play the game


Hero chests on sale for gems…cant get in… Cheers​:rofl::rofl:
Never usually this long for a minor update…

I’ve got a keep hit to make too… Chop chop :innocent::sweat_smile:


Truth hurts…


Let’s hope it’s still available after the update is done :rofl:


Probably a technical problem with the red dot


Or the new hero’s won’t stay in the gold chests