Update 3.3.B Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.3.B!


Welcome to the 3.3.B Portal Quest update! We have a content update for servers 7-9.This will be a server update only, and will not require a client update.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 7

Server 8

Server 9

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So nice

So fast Turtle


We will be doing this update on Wednesday at the regular time (11AM CT).

Sounds nice
Polar Bear Polaris


What are you saying fast

Not sure why my comment was flagged. Didnt say anything inappropriate. The forum is for feedback. I gave it

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I didn’t flag it

But tbh, the comment is little bit rude against PB

Perhaps you could rephrase it, to make it more positive while still being angry about cap raises and stuff

No, it’s a little bit angry. Because all the hard work I keep doing to try to keep my players happy and keep them playing per blues game, keeps getting unraveled by per blue. It’s almost like they dont want us to play


Pls can you guys bring back the diamond for stamina deal??


A bit off topic :smirk:
They are still available (just randomly popping up), like the skill point consumables…
Just check the deals whenever you log in

geeeez I’m gonna buy you a perblue pajama set


Yes please :smiley:


Geeez cheese chess toaster


I was just thinking that… smh they hating bro .

You’re comment should definitely not be flagged. My guild is struggling to keep players after so many cap raises and were in the top 8.

I dont understand what the point is, other than it continues to drive straitification between the haves and have nots.

These cap raises every 2 weeks suck a$$. Used to be 6 to 8 weeks. That was reasonable.


The update is complete!

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